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For centuries, the bottom of the sea beneath Angel Island has been shrouded in mystery and superstition. Some say it's a hostile place, inhabited by the strangest creatures, while others say it's a prison, for the universes most dangerous outcasts. Fables fortell that the only hope of ever getting out of there is a magical pearl, that every deep-sea creature has been craving and searching for years. This pearl, the stories say, is what everyone is prepared to fight for to reclaim a new life.

But the only way of ever finding out, is to go there, and see for yourself.

GUN has begun the construction of their new underwater bases. These bases would provide laboratories, barracks, housings, business, and tourist attractions for the people of Mobius. After over a decade of construction, the undersea city of Tethys has been successfully built, where people from all over the world come and go each day.

One of the greatest fears of building Tethys was whether or not she could withstand the pressure, so she was built in shallow waters, but as structural engineering becomes better and better, submarines begin to prospect the areas below in an effort to expand the city to allow space for future generations.

The only problem is that those submarines went missing in waters deeper than the bottom of the Mariana Trench.

With civiliians hearing these failed voyages, fears have uprised, and impending doom may be coming. Alarmists point their fingers at Eggman, others at the fables of the sea, and some even blame Knuckles the Echidna. People claiming to work for GUN say that the attacks where orchistated, and others simply state their opinions on the world wide web.

It's become such a problem that it was decided by GUN that they will hire anyone, including enemies of their organization, with the courage to stand up and conquer the deep and dangerous seas, and find a reason why the submarines continue to sink. Look away not now, fellow reader, because GUN is willing to pay lots of money, and if money's no concern, you can always do it for the adventure.


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[All of the characters are sitting inside of a submarine. Thanks to the modern structural design, the submarine almost looks like a moving bubble with high quality furniture, comfort, and food inside.]

Jibril: [Picks apart a piece of candy, having only tasted it just a dozen times in his life.]

Leon: (is listening to his music and relaxing on the floor of the submarine) Such sweet comfort

Raidus: [reading a book on famous scientists and their exploits, muttering facts about them that aren't in the book.]

Dante: *is standing with his arms folded, wearing his armor with his carbine strapped to his back. Under his helmet, he's frowning* ...

[The bubble immediately tints itself, and the sound of straining metal is heard. A loud pop is heard, and the creaking stops. The glass goes back to normal, and it approaches what looks like tons of giant bubbles on the ocean floor. This is the city of Tethys.]

[As soon as it hits the ocean floor, the bubble grows legs and crawls towards a large hanger door, and it accesses it, going into a large chamber that empties the water. In this instant, everyone is advised to exhale as hard as possible, or their lungs could potentially damage.]

Dante: *dismisses part of his helmet so he can exhale as hard as he can, expression blank*

Raidus *activates his dermal armor, turning him into what is known as living mercury and as such, will not need to exhale as he will have no lungs. His face set in his regular neutral expression.*

Nearby, a tall (compared to average mobians) purple being sits with a vague smile on his face. Next to him are a tall gray humanoid in chef's clothing and a mobian cactus girl sit. All three exhale as instructed, though only the cactus girl seems to be paying any attention to the other people she will have to work with.

[The hanger door opens, and the characters may walk out as they please. They are greeted by a tall human wearing a GUN uniform.]

Soldier: Hello recruits! How was your trip to Tethys?

Dante: It was... eh. *shrugs, his helmet closing back up as he walks out*

Raidus: .... *follows Dante*

The group was made suddenly apparent to the presence of a gray deal with green hair and a brown jacket. "Hello. I was informed of a monetary reward. When do I get my monetary reward?" asked the seal, somewhat annoyed towards the soldier.

Soldier: We'll need to get the task done before you are paid, but, take note, the longer the task will take, the more each of you will be paid, and GUN will cover all compensation and expenses. We will leave tomorrow, for now, feel free to make yourself at home, we will pay you an entry deposit of 10,000 dollars.

[With that said, he handed each person a very thick envelope full of a large sum of money, and walked away.]

Dante: *takes the envelope and stares at it* ...wonder if I can transfer this to Mary...

Raidus: *takes the envelopd and walks away, presumably to go find a place to take a nap.*

Remnant:(Stares at the envelope dumbfoundedly before he begins sniffing it and affectionately rubbing it) Oh cash, you've been gone from papa a long time girl...

Dante: *looks at Remnant like he's lost his mind* ...'kay.

Jibril: [Looks at the money, and wonders what he should do with it.] Alkra almquidish, this is too much money...

Remnant:(Scoots near him with a smile) I can take it off your hands.

The violet man and the two women beside him look on at their checks. The cactus girl appears ecstatic about how much she's been given, while both the violet man and the gray humanoid seem to not care as much. The pale woman gives her check to the man, who then swallows both his own and the one she gave him.

Three people enter the area, a stoic looking purple echidna in all black, a muscular rabbit and a shy looking, slightly-chubby frog. The three salute and the rabbit speaks.

Frederick:(Confidentky)Team Krinkinko, agent Frederick reporting for duty.

Droget: (Salutes and mumbles meekly) Team Krinkinko, agent Droget reporting to duty.

Fa-La-Stu:(Salutes and speaks in monotone) Team Krinkinko, agent Fa-La-Stu reporting for duty.

The violet man stands up to greet them. "Jared Infiern, leader of the global corporation EQuartz Industries." He then points to his two assistants. "The green one on the left is Frida, and the taller one on the right is Éloise."

The cactus girl tips her hat upwards, while the gray woman does nothing.

Raidus walks back in and decides to introduce himself.

Raidus: I am Raidus, now if you would be so kind to point me in the direction of the nearest library and or place of residency we will be staying at then that would be swell. *Monotone voice with signs of exhaustion*

Frederick: It's a pleasure to meet you. We'll be working to solve the mystery of the disappearing ships.

Droget:Actually, that's their job.

Frederick: (Grabs the frog causing him to gulp) WE'RE the GUN agents, thus WE'LL handle this.

Droget:(Voice cracking) But Frederick-

Fa-La-Stu: Droget, you like exploring this place doing nothing, show Raidus to his destination.

Droget:(Sighs before moving towards him) Would you like me to show you to the library?

Dante: I'm Dante. That's all you're getting from me.

Remnant:(Laughs) You all sound like you would make wonderful servants.


Raidus: (turns to remnant) Imbecile... No one would ever serve you willingly, you couldn't even make me bend to your whim. (turns back to Droget) Yeah.. That would be very nice. Thank you.

Dante: *looks at Remnant* ...great, just what we needed. If you'll excuse me, I'm gonna be aaaaalll the way over there. *points to the other side of the room before going there*


[The next day, the soldier stands at the far end of Tethys, where it faces an endless expanse of blue, and then a dark abyss below. Several ships are ready for use.]

Soldier: This is it, this is what you're all going to get paid for. We have a high quality military exploration vessel, capable of holding large amounts of people at once, and it has all the life support you'll ever need. I'll be joining with you, to co-pilot and give you all tips. Remember, we'll be going over 7 miles underwater, and that's not even the sea floor yet. Any questions before we depart?

[The submarine is ready. It looks more like an actual submarine, with the hatch on top and the cylindrical shape.]

(Droget yawns loudly as Frederick folds his arms and frowns)

Frederick:Not so much of a question as a comment. Me, Droget and Fa-La-Stu are all GUN soldiers and as a result, it is our duty to locate and terminate this threat. Compensation will not be necessary as a result.

Dante: *rolls out the kink in his shoulder* I'm ready. Just give me something to shoot.

Raidus: *looks at Frederick, Droget, and Fa-La-Stu* Not to sound doubtful of your abilities, but tell me, agents of G.U.N. Can any of you survive the pressure that comes with being at the bottom of the ocean or the extreme pressure? What about oxygen? Can you three live without it? *Raidus still had his dermal armor activated, meaning he is literaly made out of mercury, which means he has no organs, thus he would be able to survive at the bottom of the ocean*

Frederick:(Stares at Radius intensely a bit before he begins laughing loudly and he sits down, unable to stand) You ask ME if I can survive the lack of oxygen and high pressure of the ocean?! It's dreadfully apparent you're ignorant of who you're dealing with. To conserve my own energy for more taxing ordeals, I use G.U.N.'s state of the art water to oxygen converter and the pressure is next to nothing. I've trained in far worse my sad, sad friend. My comerades are perfectly capable of surviving in the deep ocean environment as well. (Folds his arms and turns to his partners) Aren't you.

Fa-La-Stu:(Monotonously) I use the Chaos energy in my body to substitute for the oxygen that I will lack and if need be I can either use the aforementioned converter or work up an external solution using chaos energy. The pressure is next to nothing for me as well but for the off-chance that I do have difficulty than I will strengthen my body with my chaos powers.

Droget:(Turns away bash fully) Well, I actually control water and that usually eliminates the adverse affects of being underwater. Not to mention that I was aquatic as a young child.

The cactus girl finally speaks up. "Can we please go now? I'm starting to get tired of this place already."

Soldier: We use an adaptive liquid steel to adapt to the pressure, and we disperse the dissolved oxygen, and engage in active hydrolysis to allow the air to be breathable. At the same time, we have a genetically modified algae that uses the spare carbon dioxide, and at the same time, provides a food source when quantities are low. We also incorporated this technology in specially made bio-suits.

[He boards the submarine, and gets into the cockpit, preparing to start. He waits for the rest of them to board the submarine.]

Dante: *enters the submarine and overhears the part about suits* ...will we need to wear those? Because I don't feel like ditching what I'm wearing right now.

(Team Krinkinko enters the submarine with Frederick still chuckling)

Remant:(Smiles as he enters the submarine with his hands behind his head)

Raidus: Whatever... The foolishness and incompetance of most G.U.N agents never ceases to amaze me, I guess thats why they blamed a certain hedgehog for the actions of another lookalike, could never really do anything about a certain rotund doctor, or let an entire swarm of aliens almost conquer the bloody planet. G.U.N, what a pathetic excuse of an enforcement agency *enters the submarine and starts reading a book*

Frederick:(Growls as he steps towards) Raidus menacingly) Don't you dare disrespect GUN mutt. At least we make a valid attempt to stop injustice while others do nothing! I find it funny that you only mention the few bad things we've done and not the good. You make me sick! (Fire envelopes his fist)

Fa-La-Stu:(Cocks her head) It amazes me how so many people use the same excuses to validate their irrational hatred of their guardians. If it wasn't for us this planet would have been destroyed long ago.

Ezra: (A black and white badger, wearing G.U.N attire and a flak jacket covered in who-knows-what and night vision goggles resting on his forehead, enters the submarine with everyone else. He is holding a standard assault rifle with both hands, like something was about to crawl out the walls and try to kill him.) "I certainly hope we'll be departing soon. I have too many jobs on hold for this."

Raidus: I would suggest backing down. *looks at Frederick with a bland expression*  Fire doesn't scare me and you don't have the strengths nor the abilities that are required to take me down. *Raidus's fingers started sharpening into claws with blades as thin and sharp as an X-acto knife* G.U.N upholds the laws you say. It's more like uphold the wills of those with money in this world so stop being so naive and wake up. *stares unflinchingly at Frederick* Your arrogance is sickening.

Dante: ... *notices what's going on* Are you two seriously gonna fight each other?

Ezra: *To Radius* It is not. I have witnessed his arrogant behavior and I feel quite healthy. I think you have a medical condition. I do agree with the money part. They gave me quite the payment for just agreeing for the job.

Frederick:(Growls loudly) Don't blame people just because your poor! GUN defends everyone regardless of economic background. I am not naïve, you are simply an idiot but don't worry, I think I may be able to beat some sense into you.

Droget:(Observes nervously)

Remnant:(Steps between the two and pushes Frederick away with a yawn) Ladies, ladies, your both beautiful so let's not fight hmmm? I feel it's a bit too early for the smell of charred fur, whether it's carrot-top's hair or yours. Let's just leave this alone for now or nothing will get done.

Frederick:(Exhales loudly before turning from Radius) You WILL pay for insulting GUN you lowly mutt.

Tenant:(Sighs with a smile) Atta' boy...

Frederick:Quiet you!

Raidus: Oh, this 'medical condition' is a blessing, it's just another weapon in my arsenal against hotheaded apes and rediculous organizations like that one *points to frederick* and G.U.N. *turns to Remnant and whispers* If anything he would be killing himself and everyone here by trying to burn me. Afterall, mercury is poisonous. Lethal even at the right amounts. *chuckles*

Remnant:(Folds his arms) That I know all too well. Many of my ancestors fell to Mercury poisoining due to their never ending quests for immortality, believing it to be the elixir to unending life.

Jibril: [Gets in between the two about to fight.] As-salamu alaykum, brothers! Do not fight on this journey! To solve the problem, we must work as a team to find out who keeps destroying these ships!

Droget:(Smiles) That I agree with. You sound like a reasonable person.

Fa-La-Stu: And you sound like a kiss a**.

Dante: *Watches the scene, sighing and muttering* This is going to be fantastic...

Raidus: *decides not to comment in the effort to save what is left of his oatience by reading a book*

[The submarine begins to lock itself and dive. It starts moving at a high rate of speed, and the outside can be viewed through the windows. They first go through the ocean floor, at roughly a mile deep of water. Coral reefs are everywhere, fish swim around, and several run ins with sharks. Eventually, the water gets darker and darker, and fish become more and more scarce.]

While waiting, the violet man looks out of the window, seemingly intruiged by the many bizarre creatures that inhabit the deeper waters. "Interesting how such strange things can exist in the unknown areas of the world. As if the planet itself doesn't want us and these creatures to ever meet. What do you think, Ms. Dalmung?" He then turns his attention towards the pale-skinned woman accompanying him.

The gray woman continues to say and do nothing, and the cactus girl seems to be starting to regret her decisions, with a look of worry and uncertainty in her eyes. "Wh-why did I think this would be a good idea?" she asks herself.

Ezra: Most likely the money. It is more than worth a trip to a dark watery abyss. To think there is only a couple inches of metal between us and being crushed by immense pressure...

After hearing how close they could be to death, Frida begins to worry even more, having now begun to wrap her arms around herself.

"Don't worry about her," the violet man says. "She's always like this. Never really thinking about what she's doing, but simply doing it."

Jibril: [Pulls out a prayer rug and places it on the ground, kneels down and begins to pray silently.]

Dante: *leans against a wall and tosses his combat knife up and down in his hand in a bored fashion*

Raidus: *finishes the last few pages in his book*

Remnant was in a corner, sleeping with eastern music blaring from his large headphones.

Frederick was smiling softly as he spoke to someone on his iPhone. The voice on the other line was high pitched and female sounding. He spoke in a warm tone which no doubt shocked anyone ego was witness to the ordeal earlier. Fa-La-Stu, who was sitting next to the rabbit with her arms folded never took her eyes off him. Fa-La-Stu never showed any emotions but if she did, it would have been annoyance.

"Bye Momo. I'll be home soon." said Frederick before he ended the call. He was in the verge of saying "I love you" but he wasn't sure that it would be right to say that. He wasn't even sure if he loved Momo, he just knew he felt...fuzzy when she was near.

"Done talking to that little girl?" Asked Fa-La-Stu. "Obviously Fa-La-Stu. You're slipping." sighed Frederick as he folded his arms and closed his eyes in annoyance, slipping right back into his funk.

"Maybe you should be training for the mission instead of talking to some girl."

"If I didn't know any better I'd say you're jealous." chuckled Frederick.

Fa-La-Stu was silent for a bit. "You shouldn't be spending so much time with her." said Fa-La-Stu.

"You're honestly not jealous if a little girl are you."

Fa-La-Stu slowly turned away. "Of course not..."

"Where's Droget?" asked Frederick in annoyance more towards himself.

While Frederick was busy on the phone, Droget had managed to slip from his watchful gaze and was occupying the seat next to Raidus. He looked at all the fish and water in wonder. "Wow, the ocean sure is amazing isn't it?" asked Droget with a smile to Raidus.

Ezra: *to Frida* I see that you are tense. Don't worry, I hear that your body crushing due to pressure is quick...although extremely painful. You should be safe from such a demise for the time being.

[Immediately, the entire submarine shakes, and on the side of Ezra's window is a clawed white hand, followed by a pair of white and red tail fins. At the glass skylight, a strange mermaid-like creature with red and white skin swims above the submarine. The sound of gnawing metal is heard, and then the submarine shakes again.]

Dante: *hears the noise and stops, catching the knife* ....the hell was that?

Ezra: Not a good sound. *pulls out a trench pike*

Remnant:(Immediately wakes up and rises to his feet as he takes a two butterfly swords from his shoes)

Due to the violent shaking of the submarine, Frida falls to the floor, dropping several bullets which she then frantically tries to pick back up and load into her revolver. The violet man and the gray woman continue to just sit there, though a faint smile is across both of their faces. "Just when I was starting to get bored," the violet man says.

[The creature re-appears at Fa-La-Stu's window, it's face is red and white, with drops of pink where the colors mix. It's eyes are deep blue, and it's almost echidna-like, with the exception of a set of shark fins separating his eyes, and an entire mouth of shark teeth.]

Fa-La-Stu:(Looks at the creature curiously before she stands up and loads her pistol) We've got company Frederick.

Frederick:(Stands with an sngry expression and coats both his hands in flame)

Jibril: [Immediately slips on his bio-suit, and looks at the others.] I advised you all to do the same thing. Once that window blows, the ship will implode.

Ezra: *puts on a bio-suit* There is a lack of night vision goggles on this suit.

Jibril: [Reaches over and pushes a button on the side of Ezra's head, his vision would be brightened with thermophotosensors.]

Remnant:(Awkwardly puts in a suit then looks at Team Twerinka) So even if our bodies can handle the pressure, the collapsing submarine will do us in?

Dante: Eh, this is gonna be awkward... *mumbles obscenities as he awkwardly puts the suit on over his armor*

Jibril: You, uh... Frederick! Person with the flames, how hot do you think you can make those flames and can you make them melt through metal? I want to make a fault so when the ship implodes, we'll get catapulted out of here on a faulty piece of metal we melted.

Frederick: My flames can get extremely hot, rivaling the heat of the sun. Say the word and I'll do that of that's what we need to complete the mission.

Jibril: Everyone put on your biosuits! Now!

The violet man begins to chuckle to himself as this goes on, though the actions from outside leave his to be unnoticed.

[Assuming everyone's in their biosuits now, a small stream of water begins to break through the window.]

Jibril: [Looks at the wall, and then at Frederick] Frederick! Now!

Dante: *sees the water break through* Oh boy...


(After Frederick successfully melts the metal to make a small slab, the group is catapulted out of the impeding vessel into the deep sea)

Droget:(Shaking) Where...where is the creature?

[The soldier who piloted the ship is seen floating out with a gun. The creature approaches him, taking several bullets, but with moves as fast a lightning, pushes the soldier onto the submarine, and uses his claws and teeth to rip the man apart. In a cloud of blood, the creature disappears.]

Droget:(Mouth agape and shuddering since the whole process was so quick)

Dante: ...whoa.

Remnant:(Blinks once in shock) What, what just happened?

Ezra: (Checking every side aiming his assault rifle) Stay alert. Let us not share the same demise with the pilot.

Raidus: Such interesting forms of life, and to think we haven't even scratched the surface of what lies beneath the oceans... Still, the pilots death was gruesome. *offers a sort of prayer for the deceased pilot's soul to rest* 

Frederick:(Growls) He shall be avenged! (Looks around for a heat source) Show yourself coward!

[Everyone realizes that they are slowly sinking to the bottom, and the light above them is quickly dimming out.]

Dante: Let's stop screwing around and see about keeping us from sinking. Any ideas?

Jibril: We need to swim towards the shelf, and then we can probably climb it up or something. We'll need someone who can swim really well to help us defend. I doubt that that creature won't come back for more.

Droget:(Raised his hand limply) I can swim really well.

Remnant:And I can too.

Dante: I think I can use my armor's jump jet boots to boost myself around...

Jibril: Okay then, you'll be behind us, so you can push any stragglers ahead, or defend us. I'd predict we can make it to the shelf in about an hour, I don't know if this thing has limited oxygen, but if it does, then we might need to find a cave on the shelf.

Dante: Got it. *proceeds to activate his jump jet boots and manuever himself behind everybody, making sure to go slow so he doesn't fly all over the place*

Jibril: Everybody swim to the shelf! [Points towards the giant wall of smooth rock.] Dahaba!

Frida, horrified by the past events, quickly follows orders to ensure that she isn't next, while both Jared (who oddly enough isn't wearing one of the suits like everyone else, as he himself is an aquatic creature) and the gray woman go at an average pace.

Raidus just changes his body to look more aquatic so he can swim faster. "Mercury powers, so very useful."

Ezra: (Follows the group while looking everywhere for any trouble, using the night vision to see through the darkness.) I despise underwater combat. So many possibilities for an ambush...unless I'm the one doing the ambushing.


Jibril: [Grabs a part of the shelf, and starts to climb it.] There are plenty of ledges here, so if anyone wants to relax, feel free to just sit there. I see a couple caves we can stay in for the night too.

Dante: Hopefully they don't attract that... whatever that was. *following the others*

Raidus: [Grabs a shelf, actually thankful he remembered to get a suit, even though he ruined it a bit.] So.. Any idea just what that thing was?

Jibril: [Sees a large school of giant tuna swim by.] Those are the biggest fish I've ever seen.

[As he watches, a green tentacle wraps around Jibril's ankle, and pushes him down.]

Jibril: [Screaming as he flies down the shelf.]

Dante: *sees Jibril get yanked away* !!! *quickly turns around and ignites his Jump Jets to try and chase*

Jibril: [Gets drawn into pitch black waters, and turns on his lights. They eventually fade out.]

Dante: *unable to follow, he slows down to a stop as he watches Jibril disappear. he lets out a very obscene word before returning to the others*

Ezra: Our comrade is lost! Giving chase would be a waste of our time. Let us do as he suggested and find a cave!

As this is going on, Frida aims at and frantically tries to fire into the abyss with her revolver, but doesn't seem to work underwater. "Ach, why now?" she says to herself, to where she begins to smack her gun with her hand and it randomly fires into the vast emptiness below. Afterwards, Jared and the gray woman catch up to her, and begin to pull her upwards with them.

[The white shark creature reappears, and he is heading towards them.]

Raidus: I got this. [His fingers turn into very sharp claws made of mercury]  

[The creature turns and heads straight towards where Jibril went.]

Ezra: What is down there that these creatures find so welcoming?

[Jibril's voice appears on the communicators]

Jibri: Mirhaban? Hello? Does anyone hear me?

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