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[The roleplay starts at the airport, and despite being early in the morning, the wide hallways are densly packed with travelers.]

[The gate where the winners are to be picked up by their five-star airplane is completely vacant, until someone walks in.]

Taking Flight

Miyuki had a small bag slung over her should, holding nearly everything she needed in it. The gate was so empty, the small fox felt extremely uncomfortable. She tapped her foot softly and looked around, waiting for the rest of the winners.

James carries his backpack, containing everything he needs; especially his favorite laptop. He sees Miyuki at the gate. He sits down beside her, as the 2 foxes waits for the others.

Solomon arrives with a large camo backpack with more pockets than one could count. He sees the two foxes and sits across from them, his backpack next to him. He nods at the two and takes out a few random pieces of metal and begins to tinker with them.

Tina enters the gate with her handbag around her shoulder. She sat beside Solomon and looks curiously on what he is doing.

Jenni, Saddie, and Midnight enter. They sit on the vacant seats beside Tina. Midnight put on earbuds and listens to music, Saddie reads a comic book, and Jenni twiddles her thumbs.

Frostbite walks in with his bag and sits alone in the back row. "I don't know why I let Firaga convince me to do this... I should be training right now instead of playing in some silly game" he thought to himself.

"Does anyone here have a rubber band?" Solomon asked, still looking down at the pieces of metal. "I seem to have forgotten mine."

Frostbite takes some rubber off the bottom of the seat and freezes it into a band shape. "Just warm it up and there you go" he says as he hands it to Solomon

Solomon takes the frozen band and rubs it in his hands until it is thawed. He then applied it to his little contraption. "Thanks, and by the way, this plane is definitely taking its time..."

"Hmmm what time did it say the plane would depart?" Frostbite asks while looking at his watch

Jenni looks at the boys, and says, "Hi, I'm Jenni. These are my roommates, Midnight and Saddie. And we are defantlly LATE."

"I can tell" says Frostbie. "So NOW can we get moving?"

Yvonne staggered into the gate holding a large drawstring bag around her shoulder. She walked over to the one of the seats next to James, and laid back.

After a few minutes, she lifted her head up and immediately flinched to the announcer at the gate. "Gate 66 is now boarding! Gate 66 is now boarding! We will depart in fifteen minutes!" the announcer rang.

Immediately, Yvonne got up, and walked into the plane with her drawstring bag at hand, and she quickly took one of the seats in the very back, next to a window.

Solomon put the metal gadget in his pocket and followed Yvonne, sitting on the other window seat across from Yvonne's. He put his army backpack on the seat next to him and looked out the window.

"Finally!" Frostbite shouts as he walked into the plane, He accidentally steps on a stair to the plane too hard so it freezes into ice and Frostbite falls down the stair "Doh!"

"Hey, wait up!" a voice called out, and it would be revealed that an arctic wolf wearing a long red coat and carrying a suitcase was running towards the plane. He eagerly went to board it, stopping when he saw Frostbite fall down.

"You okay, man?" the wolf inquired. Looks like he slipped. He extended his hand towards the hedgehog.

"Yeah thanks" Frostbite says as he takes thw wolf's hand. "You know how those ice powers are right hehe, get too excited and they go all crazy"

Miyuki watched Frostbite slip and refrained from reacting, simply giving a small look before slipping by the pair and onto the plane, sitting in a seat far in the back, trying to hide from others.

"Uhhhh......." Frostbite said as she walked by. "Hmm she looks like an Ice user as well heheh game on" he thought.

Two figures walked aboard the plane and moved to the farthest back seats. They sat across from each other and said nothing.

When everyone is seated in the plane, the pilot starts to speak in a manner that almost sounds like gibberish. The plane begins to start and slowly goes down the runway, speeding up until it finally makes it off of the ground, and soaring above the clouds.

At this point, the flight attendants come around with drinks and snacks, made by General Cereals, they give each person their favorite snack and a glass of their favorite (non-alchaholic) beverage.

"Sweet!" Blitz cried as he took the food. Automatically he began to chow down, then slowed down to check his phone. 11:46 AM, read the clock on the screen.

"Oh my God!" Solomon cried as he saw the food. "They have my favorite cereal, PotatOs! I thought they were discontinued!" Solomon then grabbed two bowls of the cereal and another with just milk in it. He moved back to his seat, obviously satisfied with the food.

"Thank you.." Miyuki mumbled to the flight attendant as she took her food lightly. She moved her bag to the seat beside her and began to eat.

Yvonne sat in the back with her cereal, picking out the fruity colorful pieces, rather than the dull whole-wheat pieces of the cereal.

A cat is asleep on the airplane.

Yvonne pokes the cat. "Hello Kitty-Kitty!"

"As a cat myself, I can assure you poking one is not an excellent idea." Solomon stated as he looked at the odd cat.

"I wonder why the cat is here." Tina feels wondered as she gently rub its fur.

James watches them as he eats his cereal. 

Tina purrs on the cat. "Awww... who's a good kitty..." She continues to rub its fur on the head.

"I can assure you I didn't smuggle him on." Solomon said as he gulped down his milk. "I can't tell if he's mobian or not....odd."

The cat looks up "owww..."

Miyuki watched a few of the members fawn over this cat, she tucked her legs under herself and sat on them to see it better, wanting to watch who this cat was, and why there were here.

"Oh um uhh well I'm pretty sleepy."says the cat "and my name's sico the cat."

Blitz turned his head to glance at the commotion and noticed the cat being fawned over. Huh. How'd that get in here? he wondered.

sico says to everyone "im a 18 year old cat and i came for the trip."

Frostbite notices Miyuki by herself and kind of felt bad that she was sitting alone. "Uhhh Hi there" He nervously said to her.

Miyuki gave a light glare at him before sighing and softening her gaze. "What.." She mumbled.

"Not much of a people person, eh?" Solomon asked from no where. Apparently, he found the luggage shelf more comfortable than the seats below, and was now laying down on someone's bags just above Miyuki. "You'll come to like us, I'm sure."

She glared at the newcomer to this 'conversation before pulling her bag up infront of her face, intent on just not talking.

Frostbite got chills down his spine "Sheesh I thought she was just shy but I guess she just hates people" he thought as he turned back around in his chair with a nervous look on his face.

Sico closes his eyes and relaxes"ahhh."

Yvonne looked at the other people, "I just realized that we didn't get to know each other's names! My name is Yvonne."

"I'm Blitz," the wolf replied, putting his arms behind his head.

"I'm sico."the cat says and falls asleep.

"Solomon, and may I say it is a pleasure meeting you all." Solomon said as he laid down on the luggage shelf. He then went back to pretending to nap.

"I'm Trinitro, but you can call me James if you want." James replied as he relaxes on his seat.

"I'm Tina." Tina said "Although, I'm not sure what kind of game that we're going to face."

Jenni goes to sleep.

Frostbite forms his name in the air with ice. "Okay I know I'm showing off but you have to admit, that was pretty cool" he chuckled

James mimicks him using his Technopath ability, and forming his name using metal scraps.

Frostbite sees this as a contest, so he forms a chaos emerald made of ice. (This emerald has no power whatsover it just looks like a shiny emerald)

"I'm impressed. I haven't seen mobians with powers like these since the cival war on my homeland." Solomon mused. "But my ingenuity makes up for my lack of telekinesis, icekinesis, or whateverkinesis. For example." Solomon then extended his hand, and out of his sleeve came a small grapple hook which latched on to a bagel. He brought the hook back and in turn launched the bagel into his mouth, which he wolfed down.

"Nice!" Frostbite exclaimed, "I would make one of those out of ice but y;know ice isn't very flexible haha"

Miyuki watched Frostbite mess with ice and sighed, knowing she'd have to introduce herself. "Miyuki..." She mumbled. As she spun her hand, snowflakes lightly littered the ground. "Cyrokinesis is the proper term.." She muttered to Solomon.

Frostbite chuckled and Miyuki correcting Solomon. "So I know this is probably personal biz, but you don't say much do you?" he asks Miyuki

"Doesn't seem so." Solomon said with a mouthful of bagel. "But I have this gut feeling that by the end of the game, we will all be different mobians than from the ones that flew in. Who knows, Miyuki might become a chatterbox, Chaos willing." Solomon smiled as he said this, as if he was remembering a funny joke and trying not to laugh.

Frostbite freezes Solomons mouth. "Don't talk with your mouth full" he chuckles.

"How long is our arrival?" James replied.

"I dunno man, but it better not take much longer or I'm gonna be air sick" Frostbite says as he grabs a barf bag.

A loud beep is heard, and then the captain begins to speak.

"This is your captain speaking, we will begin arrival in a matter of a few minutes, please head back into your seats."

Immediatelly, the plane begins to shake, small popping sounds are heard, most likely due to small amounts of turbulence.

"Yikes!" shouts Frostbite as he drops the baf "I'm too scared to vomit now!"

"What in the hell?" Blitz uttered as he gripped his seat's arms.

Sico wakes up "WHAT IS HAPPENING!!!"

Solomon headbutted the floor of the luggage shelf, shattering the ice. "I don't think this is supposed to happen. And that is why I always come prepared." Solomon said as he took out the small trinket. "Here's hoping I won't have to use this."

A loud crash is heard, and a large tree branch crashes through the wall, nearly hitting Yvonne.

"Holy s***!" Yvonne yelled.

"We're going down! Everyone huddle!!!" Frostbite shouts as he begins to form an ice shield around everyone.

"CRAP!!!!!!!!!!!"sico yells.

Frostbite begins to speak "I know we've all only known each other for a few hours on this plane ride but I  just want you to know that.... I..... don't think this ice barrier will protect us, I mean it's made of ice and it shatters easily.... yeah we'r all gonna die"

"Oh ye of little faith..." Solomon smirked as he opened the emergency door. He holds out his small gadget. "This will be our salvation, I hope. Take my hand, form a chain. We use our abilities to make it off this junk heap! I can't do this alone!" [Tell me if this edit is a little too bold]

Sico looks at everyone "come on let's do this."

A passenger previously unseen is the first to emerge from the back of the plane, and joins hands with Sico. He glances a trustful look without speaking and motions for the next person to hold on. He is calm even though there is so much commotion. 

"Alright," said the swordsman gruffly as he got out of his seat and carefully made his way to the unknown passenger. If we're gonna jump, might as well follow through.

"and if we fall to our doom I can fill the ground with snow so we won't get hurt" replied Frostbite

"Yeah. Good idea" said the unnamed Echidna, who now had white knuckles, and was a little shaken.

Upon hearing the commotion, one of the two figures in the back threw herself onto the other one in some form of protection?

Crash Landing

The plane crashed into the ground, forcing a flight attendent into the cockpit, and Yvonne flying out of her seat and hitting herself against the branch, pushing her aside and onto the ground, knocking her unconsious with a branch impaled in her shoulder, and a bruise on her head.

Suddenly, an explosion blasted the cockpit door open, and inside where the burning bodies of the pilot, co-pilot, and flight attendant.

Nothing. Blurriness. Nothing. Clear. Slade regained conciousness, and looked to his left. There was a dead pilot, charred so bad he wanted to gag. To his right was a girl he recognized from the ride. He believed her name was Yvonne. He noticed that she was impaled on a branch. That was his priority, getting her safe before she dies. She lost a lot of blood, and was unconcious. Slade knew this would wake her, but it was the only way. He slowly tried pulling Yvonne off of the branch, but it was no use. He tried one last time, pulling her up another inch. 

Frostbite finally gets Tina back into the cave. "That was close..." he thought as he rushed back out to help the others. "Need a hand?" He asked Slade and he began to freeze the branch so it would be easier to break and get Yvonne off.

It was dark and he couldn't see anything. That was bad... for Blitz, anyhow. Aw crap, what happened...

Groaning, he sat up... or tried to. He noticed that he couldn't get up for some reason, and with his blurry vision, he had no idea what was sitting on his chest. Body? Luggage? Chair? he questioned, thinking he might be wrong on either of those guesses.

Sico is on the ground passed out with a rock on his head.

Slade set Yvonne down and looked around. He saw nothing but wreckage. Suddenly, something fell out of a tree and hit his head with a clunk. K.O'd 

"Well I guess I'm the only one still awake" Says Frostbite when suddenly a chunk of metal fom the crash falls on top of him. "Ack nevermind!" he shouts as he passes out

Solomon woke up with a terrible pain on his right shoulder, forcing him to clutch it with his free hand. "My hand copter..." He breathed, "It worked...for me at least. Where the hell are the others?" His limp became a hurried shambling as he looked throughout the wreckage until he found Blitz under a chair. He rushed towards him.

Slade woke with a jolt. He looked over and saw a wolf pinned under a chair, and a bobcat helping. He rushed over to help. He reached into his boot to look at his lucky sheet of paper before he helped. He won't ever forget those numbers. 4,8,15,16,23,42. He helped the bobcat pull the wheelchair off of the wolf. "Phew."

The swordsman grunted and let a sigh escape him as the chair was removed. Finally...

He slowly sat up and put his hand against the nearest wall, placing the other on his stomach as he coughed slightly. "Thanks..." he said to the two as he looked up at them. He sat there for a moment, trying to get his bearings.

"Don't mention it," Solomon sighed. "and thank you, echidna. I couldn't have gotten that off of him by myself. My arm popped out of its socket. Come on. Let's see if we can't find one of the ice-heads to help us out."

Frostbite is slowly regaining consiousness "Woah pixies come back! I miss you!" he shouts in a confused tone.

"Wait, bobcat.  This girl, Yvonna is badly hurt. May you please help me get her to safety? I have a hurt leg. By the way, I'm Slade."

"Solomon. Now let's find that girl, and I could've sworn I heard Frosty." Solomon said as he followed Slade to wherever this girl was.

"I'm not Frosty" shouts Frostbite. "Frosty is a snowman hahahahahaha frosty the snowduck is a jolly funky dude!" he sings still in a insane state from being hit on the head.

"Here" Slade said as he pick Yvonna's head up. 

Frostbite finally snaps out of it. "Ugh what the... Hey has anyone seen that girl? Miyuki I think her name was."

Eventually, the wolf managed to stand up fully, and proceeded to walk towards the others, his hand still on his gut.

Overhearing Frostibte's question, Blitz looked around for Miyuki. Where is she?

"I have been wondering the same thing. Chaos, I hope she made it." Solomon muttered. "Frostbite, can you freeze my right shoulder back into its socket? Just give me a cold shoulder. I don't give a d*** how painful it will be."

"I'm not a doctor but i'll try" says Frostbite. Frostbite pulls back his arm and thrusts it foward towars Solomons shoulder and freezes it. "Alright get ready, here comes the painful part!" Frostbite jumps up and roundhouse kicks the ice on Solomons shoulder, shattering the ice and shifting Solomons shoulder back into place with a loud cracking noise.

Solomon screamed at the top of his lungs in pain that has never been felt before. He makes small circles with his shoulder, wincing with each rotation. "Thanks." Solomon finally said. "While the others care for that one girl, we should see if we can find the other Cryopath. Your choice if you want to follow, but I'm not going to stop looking until she and every other person on that plane is found. My plan must have worked!"

"What plan? and yes I'm following" replied Frostbite

Miyuki groaned, she had fallen into a tree, her bag's contents littering the ground below. She stayed quiet, unsure of both her surroundings and if anyone else was there.

Someone is screaming near the plane. James is seen in the wreckage trying to help Tina as she got stuck on the wings of the plane, slowly heating up from the flaming turbines.

Tina screams as she is covered of oil.

James tries to magnetize the wings in order to lift it up. However, he is not strong enough to carry it, shouting for help desperately.

Frostbite runs over to James and Tina. "I can't pu tout the fires because they're way too hot but i'll try and cool them down!" Frostbite shouts as her blows a huge snow wind on the fire

Sico wakes up and he can not see anything "HELP ME!!!!!!!!"he screamed.

Solomon had his hands tied. He saw rustling on some trees nearby and heard an ear splitting scream. It was either I investigate one of those two, which one of them could lead him to survivors, probably in danger, or help free Tina. "D*** it!" he cursed. He shot his two grapple hooks, one out of each wrist, at the wreckage. Her grabbed on to the wires and started to pull with all his strength, praying his right arm stayed in place this time. "We need another pair of hands NOW!"

"Grrr... Solomon I got Tina! Hurry get the others" Frostbite shouted as he added his icy wind power to try to lift the wings "COME ON LIFT!!!! LIFT!!!!!"

sico fells abadoned as he tries to squeeze out from under the rock "help any one someone HELP PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!"

Frostbite notices the trapped Sico. "Grrr come on!!!!!" He forces icy wind with all his might and finally gets the plane wing off. He carries Tina somewhere safer and rushes over to the rock. whee Sico is trapped.

sico hears footsteps "i-is that someone."

"Yeah I'm here!" Frostbite shouts as he freezes the rock. "This one will be easy" Frostbite kicks the froen rock and shatters it into pieces. "You're lucky I still had some juice left..." Frostbite pants as he falls to the ground in exhaustion

"OK." Solomon announced. "Frostbite, I cannot thank you enough for your aid. Get rest. I think only Miyuki is left." Solomon just had a thought cross into his head. "Someone, make sure that girl, Yvonne, is alright. No one is going to die here, I promise!" Solomon shouted as he jumped up to the treeline to get a better view.

After a moment, the two people from the back of the plane emerged from the reckage. Miraculously, they were unharmed. Not even a scratch, only some small bruisings.

"yeah we cant let anyone die!"sico runs off to a hill to look too.

Frostbite forces himself to get up "I'm not stopping until everyone is found" Frostbite slowly walks around searching for Miyuki"

It would seem that Blitz had disappeared - to go searching for Miyuki with Frost, of course. "I hope my sword's alright..." the wolf commented, looking wistfully at the wreckage of the plane.

Solomon sighed. He would have to stay close to Yvonne while the others searched. The best he could do was make sure she was still breathing (she was, at the moment) and keep watch.

"So what do you think we're gonna do once we find everyone and make sure they're okay?" Frostbite asks as he walks right into the tree where Miyuki landed "Oof!, hey.... someone's been here!"

"Dunno. May-" Blitz started, right as Frost walked into the tree. " we could watch where we're going for starters?"

As soon as Frostbite mentioned somebody having been here, the swordsman's ears pricked up. "Huh. What makes ya say that?"

"Well one thing..." Frostbite begins to say as he picks up clothing off the ground "Someone spilled their luggage, and there are footprints right there.... but why do they fade away? It's as if the person walking just stopped and decided to fly. Hmmm"

"That is wierd," the wolf remarked as he surveyed the evidence. Maybe something took her?

A loud roar rocked the air, followed by a series of loud footsteps, and before the crashed plane was an enormous Tyrannosaurus, jaws gaping, showing all of it's long, sharp teeth.

The dinosaur ran towards the plane, focused straight on the passengers who were just starting to leave, but thankfully, the Tyrannosaurus was big, heavy, and slow, granting the survivors enough time to run away.

"Well crap." was Solomon's reaction to the gigantic reptile. He slid down the tree to grab Yvonne and run into the jungle. When Solomon saw her, pale and bloody, but alive, he had no idea how to get her separated from the tree. "Wake up, Yvonne. Wake up!" He shouted as he tried to get her away.

Frostbite turned around and saw the massive beast. "Hey! aren't those things supposed to be y'know.... EXTINCT?" he shouted as her ran towards the dinosaur. "There's no way I can beat that thing... It's huge" he thought. He ran to where he put Tina and picked her up. "We need to find shelter! Get to a cave or something where the dino can't fit!" he shouted

"...great," Blitz remarked upon seeing the giant dinosaur. Automatically, he went to help Frostbite get Tina up, before dashing off away from the beast.

James replied "We can find shelter somewhere nearby or we can use the parts of the plane as it."

Tina coughs and slowly gets up. "Where are we?"

Miyuki saw the huge dinosaur, WHICH WERE MEANT TO BE EXTINCT, and freaked out. And by freaked out, she screamed. Jumping from the tree, she tried to find something to hide behind, finding the first thing, another person, and hiding. "Oh my chaos aren't they meant to be extinct!" She yelled, her surprisingly high pitched voice at a volume that she looked like she'd never use.

"She's lost it" James said and sighed.

Frostbite facepalmed when he saw Miyuki flipping out, he grabs her and pulls her into a nerby cave. "Are you nuts? Hiding there was not a good idea" he chuckled. Frostbite then goes out of the cave to help more people. "Everyone in here!!! It's too small for the dinosaur to fit in!"

Blitz had already been running in the direction of the cave Frostbite went into, diving inside.

Solomon made his way into the cave, using his grapple hooks to swing from tree to tree. At the mouth of the cave, he stopped swinging, slowly lumbering into the cave, face covered in a shadow. He sat on a nearby rock in the cave, hiring his head to his hands, weeping.

Frostbite notices Tina still outside the cave. "Darn! Solomon make sure everyone is here! I'll go get Tina!" he said as he ran out of the cave. "Please don't let me get eaten, please don't let me get eaten: he whispered to himself while crossing his fingers.

Solomon stared at Frostbite blankly, make sure everyone is here Solomon thought. Why did he have to say that? Solomon got up and kept watch to make sure Frostbite didn't become a T-Rex sundae

The dinosaur gets to the plane, and steps on it, a scream shakes through it, and it turns out that it was Yvonne, still trapped, being crushed inside of the plane, her desperate cries suddenly sound muffled, as if she is screaming out blood.

The scream pierced Solomon's ears. "She's still alive!" He shouted. He looked throughout the cave for something to aid him. He remembered he brought a flare gun with him. That plus all the burning fuel...Solomon grabbed the flare gun and sprinted to the crashed plane.

Blitz decided to stay within the cave at first, but when he heard the scream, he automatically followed Solomon out. Great, what's going on now?

The dinosaur tore through pieces of torn metal, spitting them out, trying to get to Yvonne, until finally, a loud crunch of was heard, followed by another scream. The dinosaur lifted it's head, blood dripping down from it, then it lifted it's head at the moment the flare hit the gasoline, scaring the dinosaur off.

"Ha ha! Nice one!" Blitz commented as he watched the giant reptile flee from the fire.

"Help! It just caught on fire!" Yvonne screamed, she crawled towards the emergency exit. A piece of metal was caught in her foot, and multiple cuts and bruises where on her, including the twig stuck in her shoulder. She was going to die, she knew it, and she blacked out in front of the emergency exit, hoping someone would find her before either blood loss or smoke did.

"Wait, crap," the wolf said dourly.

"D*** it!" Solomon cursed. He was being to brash, but at least now he might be able to save Yvonne. Solomon shot his grapple hooks into the emergency door and pulled it open, revealing a mortally wounded Yvonne. Solomon grabbed her and ran from the flames. My fault. All my fault. He silently prayed the dinosaur died in agony.

Blitz proceeded to follow Solomon and Yvonne, making sure the way was clear of any giant lizards.

Yvonne's eyes twitched open, she began to look around her surroundings. Then she closed them and went back to unconsciousness.

Slade was taking a moment to meditate so he could calm down when he heard all the commotion. He vaguely heard shouts about a fire. He rushed to the scene and what he saw was gruesome. Yvonne, the poor girl he had helped save previously, was in a critical condition, and was surrounded by the others. "Hey!" he shouted, "What's going on? I heard some shouts and a loud roar. What in the name of Chaos was that? And how severe are Yvonne's wounds?"

"A lot of cuts!" Solomon answered, carrying Yvonne towards the cave. "Then there's severe head trauma, and some burns." And I burned her. "This girl deserves a siesta more than anyone I know."

"Bloody hell," Blitz said as he overheard Solomon's answer. She's in really bad shape then.


"I'm back!" Frostbite said as he made it back into the cave. "That was rough"

Solomon runs into the cave with Yvonne hanging over his shoulder. He sets her down gently against the cave wall. "Rough? ROUGH!?" Solomon yelled. "Yvonne has been a pin cushion to metal and branches! I shot a Tyrannosaurus Rex with a flare gun!" And nearly burned her to death.

"Take it easy dude" Frostbite says as he stands up and backs away from Solomon. "We're all here, we're all safe, she's gonna be fine just chill"

Solomon inhales, trying to calm himself down. He knew what Frostbite was capable of. He didn't need an enemy that can freeze him where he stands. "I'm sorry. It's just's my fault. The condition she is in. If my plan worked we would've escaped that plane and not have any mortally wounded."

"Oh come on, it isn't anyones fault,It was just some freak accident" Frostbite replied. "The only thing we need to figure out is... What do we do now?" he thought to himself

Yvonne coughed several times, flecks of blood spraying from her house as she did so. She began wheezing, coughing rapidly, blood spraying from her coughs.

She managed to stutter one word, "G-G-Goodbye..." With that, she reclined her head back, her breath suddenly halted, becoming extremely shallow as she escalated into unconsciousness.

Solomon rushed to Yvonne's side. "No no no no NO!" he repeated. "NO ONE DIES!  No one can die....please." After he saw that his rambling was pointless, he bowed his head and cried once more, tears rolling down onto the cold hard ground.

Frostbite felt bad as he had just said earlier that she would be fine. "Darn.... Is there a doctor here!? Anyone!!!???" He shouted.

Blitz hung his head upon seeing Yvonne expire. Damn... not even a half-hour and we already have a casualty, he thought morosely. I could have done something to scare the dino away faster with my guns, but... he halted that train as he realized there wasn't anything he could have done. Even if he could have gotten his guns, what could he do? That dinosaur looked like it had a very tough hide, and his bullets were too small to seem like they could penetrate. And for all he knew, his weapons were either destroyed in the wreckage or flung someplace else.

He banged his fist against the wall of the cave. "Dammit," he said softly, hoping nobody else noticed.

A fish and a dingo entered the cave, then sat down near the wall. They had gotten separated from the group, but managed to get back safely. The fish looked around and got up, moving over towards the mouse, "Is she okay?" He asked, concerned.

"No" Solomon muttered, still beside Yvonne. "She isn't. And it was all because I acted too brashly. Maybe if I didn't start the fire, she would be alive. Now who the hell are you two?" He asked as he turned to the newcomers.

The dingo walked over, "I'm Dodger." She replied, then walked over to Yvonne and placed a hand on her chest. "She's not dead, just in a coma... I think." She commented.

"El-Dor." The fish piped in, saying his name. He looked around the cave trying to take note of everyone else there.

"You think?" Blitz inquired to Dodger, looking up expectantly. Huh. Maybe she just passed out after all?

"Wait just a second, how can you tell someones physical condition just by placing a hand on their chest?" Frostbite asked

"By feeling a heartbeat. She obviously isn't awake, and isn't waking up, so she's unconscious or dead. I think I feel a heartbeat, and if her heart is still beating she can't be dead, right?" Dodger replied.

"What with the what now?" Frostbite thought to himself as he sat down against the wall of the cave.

Miyuki sighed, calmed down and realised what she had done and hid her face, embarassed. "I'm so sorry for that.. you..just... aren't they meant to be extinct?" She asked. "Maybe I'm wrong and they're still alive in this timeline..." She mumbled to herself. She noticed to two new people and nodded,  and then girl on the ground who's condition nobody knew and sighed.

Frostbite looked over at Miyuki and remembered that he left a piece of clothing outside from Miyuki's bag when she landed in the tree. "Darn it, Uh guys I'l be riiiiiiight back!" he says as he runs out of the cave.

Yvonne was wheezing, she was in a coma, but her mind was still running wild. "Help... Fire... Plane... Thank... You..." She whispered in her sleep. It was at that point that her mind drifted away from her body, and opened it's eyes, looking down at her own unconscious body. Yvonne continued to search, her ghost floating through the cave.

"What is this... What is happened! Help!" Her ghost moaned, her voice cold be vaguely heard by the most vigilent. "Help! Get me out!"

Solomon perked up after hearing a familiar voice. "Everyone, be silent. Listen. I can't be the only one."

"Help! I'm dreaming! Help! Get me out!" Yvonne shouted, she started going back into her body, screaming at the top her lungs until, she suddenly breathed in for more air. Yvonne lifted her head, and coughed up blood, fighting for air. She lays her head back, opening her eyes and looking around. Yvonne rolls over to get up, but she screams in pain as she places more pressure on her leg. She falls back, groping the piece of metal stuck in it.

Yvonne laid her head back and sighed. "Help..."

Frostbite comes running back in the cave panting... "I got it!". He then notices Yvonne.

Yvonne put her head down and vomited, a mix of her cereal and blood. She then laid her head back and breathed heavily.

"What happened? All I remember is eating cereal and sitting at the airport!" She said, fingering the twig stuck in her shoulder.

She doesn't remember. Solomon thought, hoping that she wont ever seek revenge if she recollected her memory. "Are you all right? Would you like me to tell you what happened?"

"I just remember sitting at the airport, waiting for something, and then I was eating cereal, and then I just woke up here..." Yvonne said, trying to recollect the events.

Blitz watched Yvonne speak, and sighed in relief. Good, she's awake and well... okay, not well, but she's alive.

Solomon took in a deep breath, knowing he will regret lying to Yvonne. "We boarded the plane. Cereal was served, in case you were wondering. The plane crashed, but we contestants made it out alive. We were all injured, but you took a beating no sane mobian would ever want. Your burns, scratches, internal damage, all because of that crash. Frostbite found this cave and I saw you knocked out, almost dying, so I brought you here with the rest of us to recover."

The mouse remembered now, and she got up, her leg shaking rapidly, until she fell over. "My leg is broken, that shrapnel is stuck in the bone, and there is a twig in my shoulder, and I'm covered in so many cuts." Yvonne dragged herself to a pile of rocks, and began hitting the piece of metal with them. Sparks began to fly off, and then grabbed that rock and dragged herself to the middle of the cave.

"We need something to burn, leaves, firewood, charcoal, this place is going to get really cold." Yvonne demanded.

"I take it our cryomancers like the cold." Solomon stated. "So they won't willingly start fires. I'll go get some firewood. Stay put and find something to start a fire." Solomon then ran out to find anything flammable, glad he can now stretch his legs more.

Blitz decided to go out as well, in search of firewood. The more, the better.

"I don't do well with fire, but I'll help." Frostbite says. He then walks over to Miyuki and returns the clothing she dropped. "Ummm hey! I think this uh... belongs to you."

Slade silently approached the twigs that were going to be the fire. They don't know what they're doing. Slade took a small piece of metal from the cuff of his glove. It was flint and steel. The ultimate fire starter. Am I really the only one to bring something relating to night survival and warmth? He sighed as he lit the existing twigs, then watched as the flames rose up. "There," he said gruffly, "I'll go get Blitz." The people around the fire were silent. As Slade looked for Blitz, he came across a creature so groutesque he couldn't move. His throat closed in, but he managed to scream. 

Minutes later, Blitz had gathered a rather sizable pile of wood, and turned to leave when he heard the scream. "...wait a sec... that's..." he started as realizating dawned on him. He couldn't remember the guy's name, but he knew his voice for sure. Automatically, he dropped the firewood and took off towards the source of the scream.

Solomon, instead of searching for wood, climbed up a durable branch and laid down on it, gazing at the stars. He didn't tell Yvonne about the T Rex or the origins of the fire that nearly ended her life. He stopped blaming himself a while ago, noticing how pathetic he sounded, but he could never come to tell her the truth. He showed weakness to complete strangers, people who could stab him in the back, freeze him to oblivion, or telekinetically crush him. Solomon's only goal now was to get home, to people he knew and loved. That was when he heard a scream coming from deeper on the forest. Solomon suddenly regained his sentimentality and ran from tree to tree toward the origin of the cry for help.

Yvonne was extremely bored. Her leg was broken, and she waited for the boys to return with her firewood, but nothing seemed to happen. Using her arms to push her forward, Yvonne crawled outside and grabbed several vines, sticks, and leaves. Using the rocks from the cave, and the metal stuck in her leg, she made a fire with the leaves, and hung a long stick over it. She then tore the stick out of her shoulder, screaming once from the shear pain, and burnt the end, placing it on her shoulder with a loud scream, but hopefully sterilizing it. She then went to grab her stick, tying it to her leg with the vines, and she fashioned herself a brace. She stood up, limping outside, letting the blood flow to her feet.

"It feels nice to walk again..." Yvonne mumbled to herself.

Frostbite walks outside the cave and notices the sun is setting. "Hey guys, we should sleep here tonight and tomorrow we can build shelters or something" he suggests as he walks back into the cave.

Miyuki took the article of clothing back and put it in her bag, sighing. When they brought up fire she smiled. "Actually, it wont bother me to much. Go right ahead." As Frostbite spoke she nodded. "Sleeping would be nice, but I'm worried about Yvonne's leg still.."

Frostbie replies "As long as it doesn't get infected her leg will be fine."

At a lake sico was relaxing "okay is that a lake finally  but I hope I can get in without any one seeing me transform into a girl."Sico gets in and transforms into a girl version of sico.

The sun finishes setting as the bright beautiful moon hangs in the sky.

Yvonne laid back, her shoulder had some minor burn marks, and her leg was successfully braced so she can walk with ease. "Did anyone get my stuff? I want to call up my girlfriend." She looked at the sky with a sad expression on her face.

Solomon looked up at the moon, his favorite thing in the sky, but not today. Ususally , darkness meant nothing to him with his cat eyes, but now he had to worry about Chaos knows how many monsters. He gave up his search for the scream and decided to report it and form a search party at the sunrise. As he was swinging towards the cave, he saw a beautiful lake, but there seemed to be someone in it. Another survivor? Solomon thought to himself as he moved closer. He noticed now that the person was a girl. Solomon's face turned red. "Excuse me!" Solomon called, making sure he wasn't looking directly at the girl. "Are you another crash survivor. I don't remember seeing you on the plane." Chaos, I hope I don't look like a pervert.

Frostbite replied to Yvonne. "I don't know if your tuff made it through the crash but we can search through the wreckage tomorrow to see if we can find it. By the way, do you want me to help with those burn marks? They look like they hurt"

Siconia looks at  Solmon "I guess you could say that."Siconia thinks *Crap I'm a boy but if I have hot water I can turn back*

Solomon thought something odd about her cryptic words. "Well, whoever you are, it's dangerous to be out here alone, especially when you're...ummm....bathing. I can take you there if you like. Then you will have plenty of time to tell is who you are. Make yourself decent." Solomon said. He noticed that he was starting to sweat. Get a grip, man. You arn't that kind of cat​. Dont show weakness. Dont show weakness.. he thought to himself.

Siconia puts on her clothes "well then let's go!"sico thinks to herself again *I might find hot water too!*

Solomon starts leading this girl towards the cave where everyone else was. He decided to make some small talk. "Yeah, after we all got settled in the cave, we have been using our abilities to survive. We have two cryomancers, a telepath, weapons expert, and me. Then there is this one cat, Sico , I think. He is an odd character, and a bit annoying. So...what's your story? Were you on the plane, too?"

Yvonne managed to make a pair of crutches to help her walking. "My mom wanted me to get a boyfriend, so I dressed as a boy and went to the boy clubs when I was in middle school. I think at that point I realized I wasn't really into boys..." Yvonne said, trying to break the awkward silence in the cave.

"You know I think I'll go on ahead see us there!" Siconia runs to the cave.

At the crashed plane, a young lady walks through the halls, looking at the gaping hole in the cieling where Yvonne was. The fire was out, but the pilot and her friend was dead, and it seemed like all of the contestants had left. "This was never supposed to happen!" she said. "Is there anyone out there? ANYONE!" she shouted. The flight attendant then opened her mouth and screamed, her fox tail curled around her legs.

"I must figure out a way to get out!" she stepped on Yvonne's seat, and grabbed the injured mouse's bag, using the strap to grapple herself out. She then got out, standing on top of the plane. At that point, the flight attendant saw a light coming from a cave, and ran towards it. She waved her hands in the air, Yvonne's bag strapped to her back. "Help! Help! Our plane crashed and I'm the only survivor!" she shouted throughout the night.

Siconia trips and falls into water and turns back to sico and walks in the cave  he sees the flight attendant "you're wrong we're all in the cave."

The flight attendant looked at Sico. "Oh, good. I assume we've gotten G.U.N. on the way to rescue us! Wonderful, this will all play out." She smiled, and walked past Sico and into the cave. "Hello everyone! We are sorry about the accident, it was not staged at all."

Yvonne was sleeping on front of the fire, snoring slightly.

"Well that's good to know! How long do you think until rescue arrives?" asks Frostbite

"Come on, where are ya..." Blitz said, to the air. Dammit, where was the guy who screamed? And was he lost? If I am... crud.

The attendant looked at Frostbite with a surprised look, "You mean you didn't contact G.U.N.?"

"We have nothing to contact them with." Solomon said, walking into the cave. "Now we have two matters I would like to address. First, Blitz and Slade vanished. I heard a scream earlier tonight. We should probably search for them. Second, I direct to Sico. Who are you really?"

"SICO THE CAT."Sico replied.

The flight attendant collapsed, "We are stuck on an island just off the southern coast of Downunda, I assume we are on a mesa, which explains the fact that a Tyrannosaurus Rex tore through the plane, so we are on the Dinosaur Isles, a small island chain that is sandwiched between two extremely harsh storm-bearing jet streams, which means it is hard to get in and out." She immediately fell asleep after saying that.

Solomon pulled Sico off to the side, out of earshot of anybody else. "Don't take me for a fool." Solomon whispered. "I won't ell anyone else your dirty little secret. I'm no fink." Solomon walked away, but stopped and looked back at Sick, smiling. "To be blunt, I like your female form better." He murmured.

Sico just stands there "...thanks I guess."

Solomon joined the rest of the group. "So," Solomon started. "I'm not one for long term plans. Anyone have any suggestion about getting off this Chaos-forsaken island?"

Slade didn't dare draw this creature towards the camp, that would be a risk to everyone. Instead, he allowed these creatures, commonly referred to as velociraptors, away from the camp. He may die, but one is better than ten. That's when he saw a certain wolf running towards him. "Run while you can; please." Slade didn't look back to see Blitz's reply, he just endede up running, until he was at the edge of a cliff. "Come at me!" he shouted at the raptors. The first one lunged, and he grabbed the sides of it's head, and in a swift move, snapped it's neck. The next two charged. He grabbed the first one's head, but this time used it's momentum to throw it over the cliff-face. The last one was already lunging at him, scratching. The scratch connected, and Slade received a huge gash across his chest. As he screamed in agony, the raptor charged at him again, jumping. As he started to collapse to the ground, the raptor missed him completely and flung itself onto a lower ledge by the cliff face. Dammit. I am so screwed. Slade started to black out.

Blitz blinked as he saw Slade flee. "Oy! I'm trying to RESCUE you, don't run-" he started, and watched as the raptors appeared. "...away?" he finished as he saw them dash past him for some reason.

He shook his head and began to run again towards Slade, noticing the scuffle between one raptor and Slade himself. As he saw the raptor fly over the cliff face, the wolf continued towards Slade. "Come on, come on, don't you die on me!" he said to himself as he tried to figure out if he could carry the guy back to the cave.

Solomon took a break from the conversation to think. He had no idea where two of his allies ran off to. Why is he still sitting there, doing nothing? "Cmon, guys," he whispered to the air. "Whatever is there, pulling you into the dark, strike it down." Solomon had no idea why he was talking like this to no one near him. It just felt like it needed to be spoken.

Frostbite could tell something was bothering Solomon but he figured it was too personal so he left Solomon alone. "Well I'm getting some shut eye... Need some rest after today am I right guys?" he yawned as he slowly drifted off to sleep.

Miyuki nodded and sighed, lying her head on her bag and began to slip into sleep.

We Will Survive

The cold crisp breeze came blowing in through the cave that put out the fire that they had started earlier.

Solomon, for the first time in years, had no idea what to do. Too much was happenening. Two allies that can be possibly KIA, the appearance of the flight attendant, and Sico's power. The cold breeze woke Solomon up. He looked around the room to see if anyone else was awake. The best thing he can do now is get to know one or few of his allies better.

Miyuki sat up with surprise by the chilling wind, both surprised by the feel and enjoying it, due to being a Cyro and not being very used to it. She yawned and tucked her legs up to her chest and stared at her knees. She was worried about many of the surviviors, as a lot of them were injured and two of them could have been killed. She was quite good at hiding this worry though, as she kept a blank, empty stare and pushed some of her blonde tinted brown bangs from her face.

Solomon heard Miyuki waking up. "Couldn't sleep either?" He asked her. "There is something off about this island, not just the dinosaurs, but the whole thing. Oh, I heard you scream earlier. You have a hatred for large reptiles, eh?"

She dug her face into her knees. "It's...more of a dislike for...large things in general... that....are living. They frighten me..." She mumbled. "The island is...suspicious." Miyuki sighed and pulled her bag towards her and dug through it for something.

"Well, one way or another, we ARE getting off this rock." Solomon said. "By the way, you need to learn to speak up. Don't think of me as a giant. People are only larger than you if you either shrink yourself, or if you make them large. By the way, what are you looking for?"

Digging through her bag she pulled at a small, blue chaolike doll. It was tattered and torn. "Aoba." She said simply. Miyuki seemed to ignore everything he had said before that.

Solomon raised his eyebrow. Be happy, kid. Solomon thought. I never had that child like innocence. Then again... Solomon looked at the medallion on his necklace. A gold piece with the shape of a cat engraved into it. He clutched it in his hands and held it to his head. "I'm not dying like this, mom. I will survive." Solomon noticed that he spoke aloud.

Several raptors looked down at Slade and Blitz, they appeared more Mobian-like, kind of like the T-Rex that salvaged their airplane. One turned around and walked away, the others proceeded to mark their territory, and then they turned around, walking straight towards where the cave was.

"Don't worry, I'll get ya outta here," Blitz said to Slade as he hoisted the unconscious guy over his shoulder, then proceeded to carry him out of the area. Though, he got the strange feeling he was being watched, and looked around till he spotted the raptors in the distance watching him and Slade before they left.

"...what?" he said perfectly deadpan. Odd. Why didn't they attack? Unless...

Gah, who cares, this guy's out like a light. I gotta head back, he thought, and proceeded to carry Slade out of the place, trying to remember where the cave was.

Miyuki blinked with surprise, both at Solomon's speaking outloud and the new noise, of loud feet approaching. "What's that!" She immediately stood up, and stumbled due to just waking, but caught herself.

Solomon's silent prayer was interrupted by sounds of movement coming from out side. He jumped into a nearby tree and got into a stalking position, ready to pounce on anything coming his way.

Five silver skinned raptors stood in front of the cave, their faces and body had been painted with stripes and circles, and down feathers covered their arms, head, and tail. In their hands with assorted items, one held a spear, and a quiver was strapped to it's back, others held fish and meat, suggesting they had just went out hunting.

One stepped in the cave, it's dew claw tapping the stone ground in disappointment. "Overlanders, kavtul lisadin?" It looked at the others, it's tail sweeped to the side, telling the other raptors to come in. They took out their weapons, mostly javelins, and braced for a possible attack. Raptors are known for their cunning, but they needed to test the waters since they were outnumbered by over half.

Frostbite tried to wake up because he knew something was going on but he had done so much earlier that day that his body could handle waking up until it was fully rested.

Solomon watched the raptors enter the cave, surprised that they were armed. He kept observing them, waiting for one to separate from the rest. Until then, he would eavesdrop on their conversations.

Miyuki breathed heavily and pulled her bag into a dark corner of the room and tried to hide, watching the Raptors, somewhat afraid for the sleeping people.

One raptor looked at the flight attendant, it pointed it's spear at her, another one looked at Yvonne and stared at her leg. "Kesuk! Devorntul gavensechi!" The raptor shouted. The other raptors ran to her, inspecting her leg, their hostility immediately fading away. One of them stood up, and closed it's eyes, attempted to grab a memory. "Is gavensechi injure?" It said, trying to remember it's skills of English.

Sico looks at the raptors and stands there "........."

Solomon jumped from the tree and walked towards the cave slowly, mind racing. "Um...hi there, raptor people." He stated, ready to fight if needed. "Are you here to help us?"

The raptors can vaguely understand him, but the one that speaks English continues. "Heal gavensechi us do, injure are all?"

Miyuki came out of her corner. "Not all of us are injured, but quite a bit of us are." She smiled. "But you're going to help us, not hurt us, so that's a relief."

The English speaking raptor bowed his head, "Immotu, name is." The other raptors did the same, "Kaveku", "Dredu", "Sevu", "Trestu." They dropped their food on the ground, willing to share, and Immotu got up, his tail pointing up, telling the others to leave. "Food, supplies, people, we getting, Immotu stays." After saying that, Immotu immediately worked on the fire to cook the meat.

Frostbite opened his eyes for a split second to see the raptor. "Mommy dinosaurs are in our canned peas againb..." he yawned. He fell back asleep for 2 seconds then he bolted awake shouting "MORE DINOSAURS!?" He jumped up and backed up against the wall in fear.

"Woah there, brain freeze." Solomon called out to Frostbite while munching on some raw meat. "They brought us food. They are rather kind, for what you would expect to be ravenous beasts."

Immotu looked at Yvonne, quickly inspecting her for infections and major injuries. "Leg is broken, metal is keeping leg together." He didn't bother the piece of metal, and continued to cook some fish.

The other raptors returned, with many more with them. Several of them, most of them female, ran towards Yvonne and inspected her, they where obviously skilled in their medical knowledge, because one went outside and came back with some mud, covering Yvonne's burnt shoulder with it, to lock it away from infections. They checked the leg, and considered it in good condition for being broken. Several other raptors held tools and weapons, setting them aside and serving each other, including the plane survivors, with freshly cooked meat and vegetables.

Sico enjoys a piece of meat "soooo good." 

Frosbite chewed the meat "Mmmm what kind of meat is this? I've never tasted anything like it!"

Solomon just realized he had no idea what kind of meat raptors ate. He hurriedly spat the meat out and gagged. "What meat is this, raptor!?" Solomon demanded. He didn't want to touch any meat that had the slightest chance of being mobian.

Frostbite didn't care he just loved the taste and continued to eat. "Now this is a midnight snack" you thought to himself.

Immotu picked up a fish, and showed it to Solomon. "Issuchu."

Solomon wearily took the meat from Immotu. "Thanks." He took a bite out of it. "Immotu, do you anything about a Tyrannosaurus Rex? One attacked us earlier."

Immotu looked at Solomon with a curious look. "Tyrannosaurus Rex, what is that?"

Frostbie screamsn"T-REX? WHERE AH!!!!" as he runs and hides behind a rock

Solomon glanced at Frostbite, then looked back at Immotu. "He is like you, but larger, and he wants to kill us. Do you know him by another name?"

Immotu had a relieved look on his face, "Kreedokuns, stupid ones, only eat meat, hate fire."

Sevu looked at the flight attendant, shaking her awake.

She woke up, and immediately saw the raptor, "How did a Kirvannah come in here?"

Sevu gave her some meat, which quieted the flight attendant.

"Oh thanks, my name is Maybelline." The flight attendant said.

"Sevu!" said the tall, strong raptor.

"Kirvannah? You mean the raptors? And that means the Kreedokuns are T Rexes." Solomon assumed. "I have a personal vendetta with one of the Kreedokuns. Can you tell us where they live? So we...know where NOT to go." 

Immotu looked at Solomon with fearful eyes, "Flat place with big things for eat."

"Excellent now we know not where to go! So let's never go ther... EVER.... no T-rexes!" said Frostbite in a very nervous tone

"You're right, Frosty." Solomon said, grabbing the flare gun he used earlier. " I am not going there. " He then grabbed a small contains of kerosene. "We need to avoid that place at all costs." After that, he poured the kerosene in some empty glass bottles, then covered the top of each one with a bit of fabric. "You should not even think about going there." He checked his pocket for a lighter. It was still there. He started walking out, wondering who would be the one to stop him, if any.

Frostbite sighed and froze Solomons feet to the ground. "Where do you think you're going?" He asks as he walks up to Solomon.

Maybelline finished eating. She got up and left the cave, "I need to use the bathroom..." With that said, she ran into the woods, to do her business.

"Where do you think? The only way the prey can outlive the predator is by becoming the predator." Solomon told Frostbite. He used the match against the ice, melting it off his feet. He continued walking. "I am not letting anyone else die, get mortally wounded, or gain amnesia."

In the distance, Maybelline screamed at the top of her lungs, quickly followed by a loud roar. "Help! Help! Help!" Maybelline said, panting. She ran in from the trees, completely pantless, her pale fur standing out in the night. Following her was the Tyrannosaurus, it's long teeth inches from her head.

Frostbite thawed out Solomons legs, "nevermind we gotta go help someone!" he shouted as he ran towards the scream

Solomon saw the dinosaur and lit one of the cocktails. "I heard you hate fire! Here, have some!" He shouted at the monster.

The Tyrannosaurus winces at the fire, the bottle hitting it's head. It shook it's head, and then swung it down, swiping Maybelline over, knocking her on the ground.

Maybelline coughed up some blood, and then looked at the cave. "Help me! HELP ME!" she shouted, her voice straining.

The Tyrannosaurus extinguished the fire, and it went down and bit Maybelline's lower body, and she immediately paused, blood flooding out of her mouth. Her body becomes lifted in her jaws, the raptors staring in pure shock at what is happening.

It threw her body in the air, letting it land in her mouth, where it then swallowed her whole, it looked at the people in the cave, looking for it's next victim, blood dripping from it's mouth in anticipation.

"NO!" Solomon screamed. "I AM GOING TO BURN YOU ALIVE!" He stood out in the open, flare gun and cocktail in hand. "STILL HUNGRY?!"

The raptors took their spears and weapons, waiting for Solomon's command, they where going to kill this monstrosity with him.

The Tyrannosaurus ran towards the cave, mouth open, blood pooling around it's tongue, it was hungry.

Sico gets his thunder sword out "YOU DINOS GONNA PAY!"

The raptors tapped their dew claws on the ground, shouting at the Tyrannosaurus, raising their weapons as they did so, this pattern put the Tyrannosaurus into a trance, disorienting it.

Solomon noticed the raptors distracting the monster. He used his grapple hook on the T Rex's hard flesh. He swung around onto the back of the beast, his green eyes a bloody shade of red.

Another figure, a new combatant, saw an opening. They stamped their foot down on the ground, lunging toward the T Rex at high speeds and slashing at its large hind legs. She then withdrew her sword, an electromagnet launching it from the sheath into a large slash into its hips.

Meanwhile sico shocked the T Rex.

The raptors began to throw their spears, and while in midair, they began to combust, sinking into the Tyrannosaurus' flesh and burning it. In a matter of minutes, most of the dinosaur's body was on fire, it shook in terror, burning at all sides, vicious pains from the weapon's penetrating inside of it. It stepped back, unleashing one last roar, until it landed on it's left knee, fighting the urge to drop, and then releasing it's grip with a loud fading hiss.

It's body burnt, and all the raptors stared at it in triumph. Some began to tap the floors with their dew claw forming an upbeat rhythm, other chanting words in their native language.

The newcomer, who could now be seen was a fox, stabbed their blade into the falling T Rex, starting at the stomach. With a grunt of effort, she cleaved it across the body, slicing through every bit of matter that made up the dino until she reached the jaw.

Solomon stepped off the burning corpse, his sleeve on fire. He nonchalantly ripped it off and looked at the raptors. They have proven themselves beyond recognition. "Thank you." He said lightly. He looked at the rest of the survivors. "We are having a funeral for the flight attendant. Her death is not going unnoticed." He said in a raised voice.

The fox raised her blade above her head, whipping it down to shake the blood off of it. "I'm sorry... whether or not I would've made a difference, I wish I could've made it here in time..."

Sico  is sad "I g-guess we did let someone die........."

Yvonne woke up suddenly, "What just happe--- Holy smokes what is with all the raptor people?"

Solomon looked in disbelief. He then turned his eyes to Sico. "I am not filling her in again." He walked to the raptor leader. "You waited for me to attack before you did. Why?" He asked

Sico looks at Yvonne "basically some dinosaurs came and killed the plane attendant and we fought the dinos and won."

Immotu looked at Solomon, and pointed at his chest. "You have strong heart, strong soul. You are willing to lose your life for another, something not many can do." Immotu looked at the burning dinosaur, "Burning it is disgraceful, could have drowned it or buried it, bring it closer to Hell."

"Or we could of frozen it's head" Frostbite suggested

"Before you give a diner the meal, give him a free sample." Solomon stated. "But the next one I find will get a lung full of dirt or water."

While the others were talking, they would hear the rustling of some bushes, followed by the swordsman wolf carrying an unconscious Slade over his shoulder much like a firefighter.

"Damn bushes, they slowed me down..." he said irritably. Then he looked up to see everyone else including the raptor people. "...erm... what did I miss?" he inquired tentatively.

"Everything" replied Frostbite

The sky began to get brighter as the next day was about to begin

"Seriously?" said Frostbite "I barely got any sleep!"

"Really?" Blitz commented.

The Second Day

"Maybe I should call my friend Firaga to come get us or something..." said Frostbite.

"You mean you could've done that at anytime beforehand?" Solomon questioned. He didn't get a wink of sleep. He spent the very early morning digging a grave for the flight attendant. Because the new blademaster decided to gut it, he found her remains and buried them, using a large stone as the headstone. It was the only time in his life Solomon spent twenty four hours straight awake. "Do you even have something to call them with?"

"...I... also have people that I could call in... unfortunately ever since I've arrived, all I've been getting is static. I'm sorry." The fox said. (You do know Masako already gutted the thing, right? Unless that's who you're referring to.)

Sico stretches "I'm going out to that lake I'll be back soon."Sico walks out the cave to the lake.

At the lake, a large Tyrannosaurus is drinking, lapping up water from it's big tongue. The moment it sees Sico coming down, stands up high, and roars loudly, stomping into the water.

The fox's ears twitched. "Don't follow me, I'll make this one quick." she said, sheathing her blade and dashing off towards the lake.

Sico puts some water on himself and transforms into a girl version of sico "time to fight you fiend!!" Siconia throws some ice balls into the dinosaur's eyes.

The beast, shook it's head away, and walked back into the trees.

"Finally I can relax."Siconia says as she gets in the water.

The fox dashed towards the edge of the lake, skidding to a stop. She was expecting a fight, but the sight of Siconia was something her mind had absolutely no grasp on whatsoever. "Erm... nevermind." She turned and walked around towards the clearing the dinosaur made, confused and embarrassed.

Sokomon ran to the lake. "I heard some roars coming from here! Are you alri-" Solomon was interrupted by the sight of female Sico. Solomon's face once again turned red as he covered his nose and started walking away. "Youknowwhatisawthedinosaurgoingthisway." He blethered nervously. He headed towards the trail left by the beast, with flare gun and kerosene in hand.

"Okay guys I called Firaga she should be here any moment!" said Frostbite

Moments later a plane came above the island and Firaga jumped out using a parachute as the plane took off

Frostbite facepalmed "No.... we needed the plane Firaga come on!"

"Oh oops" replied Firaga

Siconia just sits ".........uhhh..."

Blitz had set Slade down somewhere safe, then stood up, blinking. Dammit, my eyes hurt like a mother... he thought, rubbing his eyes. They truly did sting like hell, no doubt due to his staying awake for twenty four hours straight. He sighed in exhaustion. "Ah..."

He blinked as he heard a roar pass through the air, and growled as he remembered what caused it. For cryin' out loud!

Solomon kept up his search for the t rex, every roar bringing him closer. Solomon ran into a clearing where the roars were originating. Solomon stood with mouth agape as he loomed upon at least a half dozen more monsters treading throughout their land. THE CAMP. I have to warn the others! Solomon thought as he ran back to the cave.

The fox saw Solomon pass by her, turning around and keeping in step with him. "I'm not sure if I like the expression on your face right now, what'd you see?"

Frostbite notices Solomon running "Wow he's running pretty fast"

"Maybe he just has to use the bathroom really bad" Firaga added.

Solomon stopped in front of everyone. "A tyrannosaurus too far from here...east." He panted. After some breathing, he regained his composure. "We need a plan. I was thinking we lure them here. Have a fortress ready for them, but if anyone else has any ideas, I'm all ears."

"Fortress good plan! Anything to get rid of those dinosaurs!" he shouted as he began to build a castle out of ice. "Let it gooooo let it goooo" he quietly sung to himself

"We could build on that strategy... we need to be able to split them up and make it harder for them to move around so they can't regroup." The fox proposed.

"What's up with Frostibe" asked Firaga "He used to think dinosaurs were so cool."

"Perspective changes when something you idolize tries to kill you." Solomon mused. "The fox had a good point. Take them out one by one. Keep them alone." Solomon thought about Immotu's words. "Let's make pitfalls, surrounded by a slippery fence of ice... Keep piling up ideas."

"Fence of ice? Done!" Frostbite replied as he formed a huge fence before anyone even had time to think

"Perhaps we can find some poisonous ivy or something and use it to our advantage?" Blitz piped up. He had spotted a few dangerous-looking plants while he was lost earlier.

"Brilliant. All you guys!" Solomon said. He had really come to like these guys. "I'm going to talk to Immotu and the other raptors. They trust me, and we can't win without them." 

Frostbite was also glad he had made such good friend and he was very impressed with Solomons quick thinking.

Miyuki folded her arms, still not sure whether this was a good idea. She sighed, deciding not to cause a problem. "The easiest way to find something big is to go looking for it, as stupid as it sounds. Have someone patrol. I'll do it, I've done things like that before..."

"Maybe I should go with her hehehehehe" Frostbite suggested

"And why the heck would you want to?" replied Firaga "You're staying here."

Frostbite grumbled and got back to work.

A black, three headed dragon was flying around, turning his heads constantly. He appeared to be looking for something.

[This Dragon is Seethus, he went on the plane just like the rest of ya'll, but sneaked into the cargo pit to avoid interaction with other characters. Also, he didn't want to eat cereal for hours.)

Solomon came running back to the others. "The raptors will help us" [Sorry, Akrivus, if you didn't want them to help]. "Frostbite, help Miyuki patrol." Solomon smiled and nodded at Frostbite. Solomon looked up. "What in the name of Sam Hill is that?"

"That's a big... whatever the hell that is," Blitz commented upon sighting the dragon.

"Yes....." Frostbite whispered to himself.

"Why'd you let him go!" Firaga asks as she grabs Solomon

"How don't you see it?" Solomon asked Firaga. "I'm a cat, known for both curiosity and perception, a dangerous duo, but in this case, I noticed Frosty's heart isn't as cold as the rest of him, especially when it comes to a certain female cryomancer." Solomon lectured. "Besides, he finished his job lining the pits with ice."

"Are you saying he LIKES her!?" Firaga replied angrily

"Yes. Yes he is." Solomon clarified. "You seem mad. Are you the jealous type?" No one seems to like me, or be jealous of someone who likes me. Frostbite, you lucky dog. Solomon thought.

Firaga replies with "N-no I'm not jealous, It's just that he probably doesn't know her that well... What if she's secretly a serial killer! I wouldn't want him to get sliced up!"

Solomon couldn't help but chuckle. "Whatever you say. You can always spy on them. There is plenty of time before I decide to start the master plan. But I ask you this: what do you want more, his happiness, or yours?"

"Of course I care about his happiness but I've been his friend since we were young and we were really close. But there was something tragic that happened on our planet... Ever since then he's been Mr. serious... until he meets this chick and now he's all goo goo over her even though I've been trying to cheer him up for years..." replies Firaga in a depressed tone/

Suddenly a cat comes walking up "hi guys so....what's happening?"Sico asked.

Solomon ignores Sico for a second and put his hand on Firaga's shoulder. "I'm sorry I let him go to her. He probably didn't meet her yet. Talk to him. Tell him." Solomon said in a caring, yet serious tone. Sico, while they go do that, I have some questions, for curiosity's sake."

Firaga goes away and sits somewhere else.

Poor girl Solomon thought. Is she too scared, or is there something more? I'll talk to her after I'm done talking with Sico.

"y-yes?"Sico says.

"You are a strange one. Were you born male or female?  Solomon asked.

"70% male 30% female. And I was born male."Sico answers.

"Thanks. I don't have any of the powers the others have, so most of it I just can't comprehend. Yours especially" Solomon said. "So you transform by coming into contact with water?"

"That's right."sico says.

"Thanks, man." Solomon said. "For quenching my curiosity." Solomon walked towards to where Firaga was sitting. He sat next to her. "Are you alright?" Solomon asked her.

"Yeah I'll be all right..." Firaga replied "I'm just confused and trying to wrap my head around how I've been trying to make him happy for so long and then this lady shows up and he's good almost instantly"

Miyuki came running back to the others and grabbed her bag. "Not going patrolling in a dress.." She mumbled. She quickly ran toward somewhere secluded and changed, coming back in something rather boyish. "Alright, now I'll go patrolling~! Come on Frostbite!" She tied up her already short hair in a short, high ponytail and ran back off.

"Hohohohoooo MAMA!" Frostbite shouted as he drooled and then followed Miyuki.

"You're an idiot..." She sighed. "Yet you remind me of a blue wolf who likes to stab things...And has an unhealthy obession for cakes and tea..." She mumbled.

"I CAN BE YOUR IDIOT" he says as he smiles big and leans towards Miyuki. But of course he loses his balance and falls flat on his face like a clutz. "Gah stay focused... we have work to do..." Frostbite said to himself and he tried to regain his focus.

"Yes, can we continue our work." She sighed again, before continuing to walk.

The fox overheard Frostbite, facepalming.

"Look I'm sorry about being crazy about you..." Frostbite began.. "I don't know what's up with me... I just feel depressed all the time and I try to cover up my own emotions with love... But no matter how hard I try, I can't fool myself out of this annoying feeling!"

Solomon sighed. "Firaga, look. I admit i dont know much when it comes to things like this, but i do know he has no idea what he's missing. You're talented, smart, funny..." Solomon trailed off, his face becoming red.

"Ugh now you're doing the same thing Frostbite is doing. You've just met me!" Firaga replies. "Maybe all men are just pigs"

Solomon was taken aback "I'm sorry. I just don't want you to be moping about. And riddle me this: How is speaking the truth making me a 'pig'?"

The black dragon spotted Frostbite and Solomon, and came to a stop,

"Hm...I don't whether I should follow them, or kill them. Eh, I'll just follow them." The black dragon did a crazed smile.

Miyuki sighed. "I know how you feel.. I block out every emotion with a rough, hateful aura because I don't know how to handle social interact... But..." She smiled and snapped her fingers. "I got an idea~! Wait here!" She ran off towards Firaga. "Can I talk to you?" She asked lightly.

"Que?" Frostbite said in a confused tone. (Que is Spanish for "What?")

"What do you want?" Firaga replied in a grouchy depressed tone.

"Just~ a~ moment~ of~ your~ ti-ime~" She stated in a high, singsong voice. Without hearing Firaga's response she pulled her over to a spot where Solomon couldn't hear them. "You like Bite, right~?" She smiled. She may have been a tsundere, but she could tell when someone was in love. Must've been from hanging around Mana...

"Well yeah he's a good.... friend." Firaga replies as she blushes

"Then keep him close. Stop him from flirting with people! Love is War! You should fight if you have to, to stop the person you love from spliting away! Trust hurts..." Her voice trailed off before she smiled again. "This burning love is weighing down my soul~ I'm all on my own~ No place to go~!" She sung with a smile, deciding not to do the bit where she'd have to yell. "Right~? Don't let someone steal him or it's a war! I'm on your side~! Besides, I kinda am stuck in a triangle at the moment, I don't need this.." She mumbled the end to herself.

Firaga smiles and walks over to Frostbite. "I'm coming with you two!"

Frostbite nods and smiles "Yeah... sounds good!"

Miyuki smiled. Mana should give me her job, my singing would totally get couples to love eachother. "What are you guys gonna do once we get off this island~? First thing I'm doing is beating up the stupid idiot who put that video online of me singing! He'll pay!" She walked slightly ahead, feeling like she had made friends, something she never did.

Solomon sat there feeling like an idiot. "Good work, Solomon." he sarcastically told himself. "Now you are officially a jack***." Solomon walked in the opposite direction than the other three. Just wait till Firaga tells Frosty what I did. There go two of the extreme few friends I made here... Solomon punched a tree next to him, creating an incredibly loud crack and sending splinters of wood in every direction. He kept punching the tree with one hand until it started to fall. Solomon walked away as he heard the tree crumble behind him, hand bleeding.

While Solomon was punching the tree, Blitz happened to be gathering ivy near it when the splinters went flying. "What the hell?!" he blurted as he backed away. When the tree came down, he dived to the ground, narrowly avoiding being crushed.

He stood up and saw Solomon walking away, and immediately went after him. "Solomon, what's wrong?" he inquired, noticing the bobcat's bleeding hand.

"I was being a dumb***." Solomon answered. "Tried to get a girl off the rebound. I recommend never doing that. So, to occupy myself, I punched down a tree." Solomon said as he looked at his bleeding hand.

Blitz frowned. "Seems a little much..." he commented, glancing at the fallen tree.

"I didn't think so." Solomon remarked. "I just need something to punch, unless you want me punching people like that. It is a strange stress reliever, but it works."

"Yeahhhh, I'd rather not have everybody having black eyes..." Blitz agreed. Deciding to change the subject, he looked at the bushel of ivy in his arms. "Well, I got a good-sized amount of poison ivy for us. It was a b*tch to get into my arms without zapping myself with the poison and all.

"Once you put the ivy in strategic location, we will be just about ready to lure the monsters into or traps." Solomon remarked. "But I want to check the bloody crash site for anything we can use. As I recall, you lost your guns in the crash, correct?"

Blitz nodded. "I'm hoping they're still there and not broken. Same deal for my sword."

Frostbite comes running back "AAAAAHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! THEY'RE COMING!!!!!!!!!"

"Great. You know the plan, lead them to our defenses. Take them out one by one. Blitz and I have to look for stuff. We will join you in a sec." Solomon said as he ran into the wreckage.


"Come on Frostbite!" Firaga said as she was trying to pull him up.

"no more dinos mommy no more dinos" Frostbite whimpered to himself

"Where are you, you tricky son of a biscuit?" Solomon growled while searching the wreckage. He finally found his backpack under a lot of metal. He opened it up and smirked as he saw its contents. He grabbed the bag and ran to the cave.

"Come on, come on, where... aw yeah!" Blitz said as he fished his suitcase out from under a fallen seat. He opened it up, and let out a sigh of relief when he saw his guns and his sword were fairly undamaged. Taking them and sheathing them in their usual spots on his person, he dashed back to the cave, now fully armed and operational.

The fox appeared to be under stress now, her hand resting on the weapons module mounted at her left hip. "How many are we facing? I'm only asking because we shouldn't risk leaving this place underprotected."

Yvonne layed back, looking at a picture of a female rabbit. "When will the raptors get back from hunting? I'm freaking starving..."

Frostbite replied with "There's s-s-so many...."

Miyuki sighed as she walked back and sat down, Yvonne's complaining about food making her rather snappy. "Live with it. You don't know what it's like to feel hunted like this everyday." Her voice was harsh, and cold. [Miyu kinda has a heart of ice, she'll warm up to everyone eventually.]

Yvonne looked at Miyuki, "I am living with it, if I wasn't, then I'd be on the ground dead..."

Solomon came running into the cave with his backpack in tow. "Are the raptors here yet? Frostbite and Firaga are under attack by the T Rexes. I need their help to beat them all!"

A loud amount of roaring is head in the distance, and as they look to see what is going on, the raptors are attacking the T-Rex camp, jumping from dinosaur to dinosaur, slaughtering them with their weapons and claws in quick succession.

"I think that answers your question?" Blitz said, upon hearing the roaring.

"Good! We need a plan of attack now. Yvonne, Miyuki, Frostbite and I made pitfalls lined with ice. Bury them!" Solomon ordered, hoping he wasn't overdoing it. "Blitz, aid Firaga and Frostbite! I'll aid the raptors!" After saying all this, Solomon raced to where the raptors and T Rexes were fighting. "Time to use this!" He said to himself as he turned on his iPod to the a song by Dean Martin. "This is why I went back to the wreckage! This is what I LIVE FOR!" he raored, adrenaline coursing through his veins.

"I'll take up the fight with Blitz." The fox said, gripping her blade in its scabbard. "If you need my name... it's Masako."

"Got it!" Blitz said, smirking as he took his sword out. Looking at Masako, he smirked and nodded. "Nice to meetcha."

He then proceeded to take off towards where Firaga and Frostbite were, ready for action.

Masako nodded as her Augment Visor clapped over her face and she raced off alongside Blitz, keeping in pace with him.

A raptor roared at Frostbite

"AAAAAAHHH!!!!" Frostbite shouted as he closed it eyes and accidentally froze the mouth of the T-rex "Oh... HEY I DID IT!"

"There still dino tail to kick?" Blitz inquired as he arrived on the scene, his sword at the ready.

Solomon caught up to the raptors, who were attacking two T Rexes. They were struggling to hold their ground. Solomon used his grappled hooks and two trees to slingshot towards one of the giant beasts. He landed on the monsters head as he clawed at the eyes, pushing the first on back into one of the icy pits the group constructed, trapping the creature. "Time to bring you closer to hell." He remarked, throwing a lit Molotov cocktail into the pit, ending the beast. "That was easy." he thought aloud. Almost on cue, Solomon was slapped by a large tail and into a tree. "Or not"

Frostbite jumped and kicked the T-rex in the face. The T-rex smashed into a giant rock which shattered the ice on it's mouth as well as the mouth itself. The T-rex fell and died. "Did I just... kill one?" Frostbite asked in shock.

"Way to go, yo!" Blitz called to Frostbite, before turning to leap onto a different T-Rex. It roared and thrashed about as it tried to shake the wolf off, but the swordsman refused to loosen his grip. Instead, he rammed his sword into the side of the giant reptile, causing a wail of agony to emit from the dinosaur as the blade sunk into its side, slicing through flesh and bone.

"Now for my most powerful attack" Frostbite began charging up the cold air "Beware the Frozen Heart!" he shouts as he shoots a T-rex in the heart with an ice shard. At first nothing happens.

Masako spotted another Rex heading for them... she unsheathed her sword, and it gleamed as she hung it in the air for a second. She stabbed it into the ground, creating a pillar of ice that erupted under the dinosaur, injuring it and throwing it helplessly in the air. She shoved her blade forward, creating another pillar of ice that threw her straight to the dino's head, where she began to close in for a stab.

The rex Blitz was on continued to thrash about in order to dislodge the furry pest, but that proved fruitless as Blitz yanked his sword out and proceeded to run along the reptile's back, onto its head, and performing a backwards leap over it. As he descended, he whipped out his twin handguns and fired them directly into the beast's eyes.

The bullets sailed past the rex's sockets and into its brain, causing it to crash onto the ground with a dull THUD. Blitz later landed on his feet, grunting as he stood up. Smirking, he brought Ultra up to his lips and blew out the smoke emanating from the barrel. "Now that's how you bring a beasty down," he commented. He then turned around and proceed to attack another oncoming rex.

The T-rex that Frostbite hit was headed for Blitz when suddenly it stopped moving. It slowly froze into solid ice. It wasn't frozen in ice, it became ice itself.

Frostbite shouted with "HAHA I KNEW THAT WOULD WORK"

"You're so good at this!" Firaga replied as she hugged Frostbite

Masako struck the Rex straight in the head, flipping off and slashing it to ribbons. It seemed like time just slowed down for her...

Blitz turned to see the iced rex, then noticed Frostbite. "Nice one!" Blitz said, flashing the hedgehog thumbs up. Hehe, n'ice one...

"Yup I'm preeeeety tough" Frostbite gloated in a cocky tone. He flexes his tiny muscles then gets stepped on by a T-rex when he isn't paying attention "DOH!!!

Masako doubled back, her blade gleaming before she let loose a mighty slash with a gust of wind strong enough to knock the dino over, freeing Frostbite.

Frostbite struggles to get up but falls right back down when he does stand up. "That's what I get for showing off....." he said as Firaga carried him to a safer spot.

"Alright dinosaurs! Now you're gonna pay!" Firaga shouted as her entire body caught on fire.

Masako followed up her previous attack by running up the Rex's tail, hacking and slashing across its body as she dashed along it. (I'm not even sure if this is what we're supposed to be doing, I just don't want to make Masako look useless...)

Firaga flames up her feet to launch herself like a rocket as she flame kicks a T-Rex in the face!

One T-Rex got into the middle of the battle, he bore many scars, and vines draped him, he looked upon the battle and roared, until he finally uttered a single word, "Stop!" he stomped the ground and looked at the fighters as they stopped to stare at the talking dinosaur.

"What the....?" Firaga thought to herself while staring at the giant T-Rex

Blitz lowered his weapon upon seeing the talking reptile. "Whoa... it talked," he blurted.

"Why have you come to our land..." the T-Rex said, staring at it's dead brethren, "All you give us is death, we don't want death, you give us death we give you death, but this is too much death, we don't like death."

"Uh, not to sound mean, but technically you attacked us first," Blitz responded, referring to the dinosaur that attacked him and the others after the plane crashed.

Solomon woke up to his allies talking to the T Rex. He was extremely confused. They tried to kill them, yet here they were. Solomon heard Blitz's words to the beast. "Yeah." Solomon shouted. "You almost killed my alli- friends. Why trust you now?"

"Why kill all of us, you've had revenge." The wise T-Rex turned around and walked away, leaving the burning camp behind, young T-Rexes gently nudging their parents to get up, injured falling down and dying.

"Raptors are made to kill, it is sport to us, I guess we took it too far..." Immotu said, putting his hands on his temples in slight remorse.

"...wait. You mean... aw, dammit," Blitz said, sliding his palm over his face. "So we did all that for 'sport?' Some 'allies' you are..."

Solomon was now royally pissed. "You made us think that they were savage beasts, not as intelligent as you!" He shouted at Immotu. "A lesser feline would kill you, but no. I'm done with raptors, T rexes, and any other giant reptile on this damned island! I'm going to move camp back to the crash site. I suggest you all follow." he said to his friends.

Masako looked down, somewhat ashamed at what she'd done... she raised her blade above her head and whipped it down, flicking the blood off of it before returning it to its scabbard. "...When they murdered one of ours, they ensured that it would end in slaughter. I only fought because I was convinced that they meant to kill us all... I didn't realize that I was just being used."

Blitz nodded, throwing a death glare at the raptors. What a buncha tools... he thought, annoyed.

Several of the raptors stared angrily at them, hissing, Immotu yelled at them, but the large amount ran back to the cave. Immotu stayed.

"I guess this means goodbye?" Immotu said, looking remorseful.

Solomon looked back, also sad that he was leaving. "You betrayed my trust, Immotu, but you are the only one that seems remorseful. My final request is that you keep them at bay, or there will be nothing to stop me from killing them. I'm sorry."


Immediately, a scream is heard, it was Yvonne.

Immotu paused, a looked at the others, "They are attacking your friends!" His breathing accelerated, and he ran towards the cave, a loud bang rocking the air, a sonic boom, in an instant, Immotu came to the cave, seeing the raptors strangling Yvonne, preparing to kill her.

"Keskas!" Immotu shouted, preparing his weapons, "You know better than that, brothers..."

Sevu turned around and saw Immotu, "You don't understand, chief, the rules said to kill ALL trespassers, but you didn't, you let them in!"

"What are you getting at?"

Sevu snickered, "I think I will be the leader from now on, and I will take care of the intruders..." he pounced on Immotu, a knife pointing at his throat.

"Sevu! You don't know what you are doing! Everyone will turn on you!"

"No!" Sevu yelled, load enough for everyone to hear, "Everyone has turned on you! They agree with me! And now you will die!"

Immotu lifted his legs and pushed Sevu off, getting up and taking out his sword. They charged at each other, Sevu's knife hitting Immotu's sword.

"My battle skills are better than yours, Immotu, no dagger can stand up to a sword like this! But I defy that! Because I am better!" Sevu swung the knife and sliced Immotu's belly.

Immotu slammed his blade down, Sevu quickly dodging it, "If you wanted me to die! Why didn't you do it when I was destined to do this!?"

"It ruins the fun!" Sevu sweeped Immotu's feet, and grabbed a mace, and started to beat Immotu.

Immotu screamed, "Banish me! Banish me! I plea to be exiled!" He tried to kick, moving himself out of the way, but the rest of the raptors picked him up, pinning him to a wall, Sevu started to beat Immotu, blood rushing from the former leader's nose and mouth.

"..." Masako began to draw her blade from its scabbard. It glowed an odd shade of blue as the blade was bared. "My blade has already broken one society today... don't give me a reason to break yours as well."

Sevu looked at Masako, giving Immotu the time to grab his crossbow, and knocked it, and aimed at Sevu, "Sevu!"

The distraction made Sevu turn his head, where an iron tipped arrow went into his nostril, the tip going straight through his head, the tip cut through the back of it, spraying blood all over the floor.

Immediately, the raptors jumped on Immotus, beating him with their maces, another arrow fired at the ceiling, and then a raptor took out a sword, cutting away the other raptors with brute strength, injuring at least three of them, the others backed away. It was Kekevu, he picked up the crossbow and fired at the three casualties, killing them, the other five raptors ran away, Kekevu firing at two, killing one of them.

He then looked down at Immotu, and shot him in the head, killing him instantly, then he looked at the others who just got in, looking around the blood-tainted walls and floor.

"We are sorry, I am sorry, all must go now." He pointed at them, and then turned the crossbow upside down, pointing it at his head. He began to chant, ignoring what is going on around him.

Masako shook her head. "Does it really have to be this way, now? The raptors that are still alive out there, they'll fall apart without someone to guide them. Are you saying you can't lead them in a better direction?"

Kekevu let go of the string, and an arrow flew straight threw his head. He groaned, still alive from the shot. "Kill me! Kill me!" He grabbed his knife and viciously hit his wrists, blood flying everywhere, painting the walls red. At last, he fell to the ground, and died, blood pooling the floors.

Yvonne was in shock, staring blankly at the cave entrance, unable to move.

"Right, what's going on in he- what the hell?" Blitz blurted as he arrived on the scene. His coat had been left behind, revealing him in only his tank top, pants, and boots. His sword and guns had also been left behind further inside the cave where he and the others had used as their temporary residence.

"What just happened...?" he inquired, hoping somebody could explain just what in Chaos's name was going on.

Yvonne fainted, laying directly in front of the fire.

"No...NO!" Solomon shouted as he ran to the scene. "My Chaos...So many dead. Yvonne. Yvonne! You alright? Chaos this is our fault. If we never came here, everything would be fine...." Solomon forgot his injury as he tried to run to Yvonne to make sure she was alive. He started to feel a few broken ribs he got earlier. "Damn it..." He said as he crumbled to the ground. "Tell Firaga...sorry..."

"Hey, hey!" Blitz said as he went to Solomon. "Let's calm down, alright? Calm down... we should probably figure out what exaclty happened here..." he added, noticing the way the bodies were scattered around the area.

Yvonne's eyes shot open, "Holy f***ing s***! Did you f***ing see that!? The raptors were f***ing slaughtering each other!" she got up, ignoring her broken leg, and looked at the bodies, "I'm f***ing mentally scarred now..."

"Good to see you're alive, Yvonne." Solomon said on the ground, flinching every time he took a breath. "What now? We lost our greatest allies. Raptors will be hunting us, and maybe T Rexes...I. AM. NOT. DYING. HERE." He said between painful breathes. He coughed out a little blood andtried to sit up against the all of the cave, making it just barely. "Anyone a doctor? My ribs are kind of broken..."

"I'm sorry, all I have are the medical supplies I brought with me." Masako said. "All I can do is reset them and use my supplies to help keep them in place."

"Just do what you need to do." Solomon groaned. "I'll think of a plan when the pain no longer persists."

"Alright, just relax... where are they broken?" Masako asked.

Solomon gestured at the area near his stomach. "I think a few are broken...just below the sternum." Solomon took off his jacket and T-shirt.  "Thanks for doing this, Masako."

"It's no problem." Masako said. "I'm going to apply some painkillers, I don't want you tensing up in case I need to make an incision."

"Geez man, what are we gonna do?" Frostbite asked

Blitz went to Yvonne and looked at her. "Hey, can you tell me what went down here? And what caused it?" he questioned, gesturing at the bodies of the raptors.

"Frostbite," Solomon called weakly. "I'll think of a plan once I recover. For now, make sure your girlfriend is safe, and tell her I'm sorry for what I said. She'll know." Solomon laid back and let Masako work.

Masako applied a special spray to his chest just below the sternum, causing it to go numb. She then made a very small incision where the broken ribs were, being careful not to tear the skin any further.

"But wait Firaga isnt my..." Frostbite decides to just forget it as he goes to check on Firaga and see if she's okay.

Solomon thought tha it would be a great idea to star a conversation while someone cut him open. "So," he started. "What is your opinion on our current situation? Are you as enthusiastic as I am?" He asked with a smirk. 

"After this, I'd rather not see any more blood shed for a while..." Masako said, preparing some sort of... putty. "I have to wonder what happened with the T-rex community. Why couldn't they have started their battle the way they ended it?"

"They were scared of us. To them, we were heathen descending upon their land in a ball of fire. I'm worried some of them and the raptors will try to take the cave, but that will be over my cold, dead hands." Solomon vowed. "Do you have anyone you are going home to?" He asked, changing the subject.

"Well... there's my sister..." Masako said. "She's not much of a fighter, but her powers as a medium are nothing to thumb your nose at. Then there's Ikiru... we're, uhhh, dating."

"That's cool. All I have waiting for me is an arch nemesis who decimated a whole army and a third of another. Then there's my friend, who recently went treasure hunting...but no girlfriend." Solomon chuckled. "It seems like everyone on this island is luckier than I am."

"I wouldn't quite say that... living the life of a super soldier isn't all it's cracked up to be either." Masako said. Still messing with the 'putty'. "This might tingle a bit, but it won't hurt. Also might feel a little weird for a while after I seal it up afterward."

"It's fine. I have dealt with material like this before. I think it was called biofoam. It seals most cuts and can even reattach severed limbs, if used fast enough. Unfortunately, it is military grade, so I don't have any of the stuff. But put the putty on me so I can think of a way off this rock, would you kindly?" Solomon hated using a commanding tone too much in fear of abusing it.

Masako put the broken ribs in place, coating them with the putty. Afterward, she took a special tool to seal the incision. "Your body will break it down into bone tissue pretty quickly. They should be fine after that, as if they were never broken."

"Thanks." Solomon said as he stood up, now with only a little struggle. "Now to think of something..."

Yvonne gulped, "They started trying to throw me into the fire, and then Immotu came in and said he was an idiot, and then they started fighting for dominance, and Immotu put an arrow through his head, and then they killed him, and some guy killed everyone, and then turned the bow to his head and killed himself."

Blitz was silent as he took this info in. Okay, so it seems like there might have been a power struggle which ended up in all of them dead... "Got any ideas why they'd do this?" he inquired of Yvonne.

Meanwhile... Frostbite and Firaga are talking.

"So you do know I can use my fire powers to like launch you and I out of here righ" Firaga asked

"Well yeah, but I don't want all these guys to get left behind..." replied Frostbie

"They'll be fine... they're all smart and strong. They can make it" added Firaga

"If you're sure then we'll go..." Frostbite replied

"It's best that we not tell them so they won't think we abandoned them.." said Firaga as Frostbite grabbed onto her and the bothe launched off when Firaga used flames on her feet to launch herself/

"Goodbye.... friends..." Frostbite said as they flew off

He heard what sounded like a rocket launching from outside. He looked out the cave and saw a red ball of fire ascending into the clouds. "Firaga..." he murmured. "And Frostbite, too, I bet. They found their way off the island. Now it is our turn to find a way off!" I hope I see those two day. Solomon thought.

Blitz had also heard the sound and turned to see the fireball in the sky. "They found a way off, huh... hopefully we'll catch up later," he murmured to himself.

"I think they've proven themselves today... I don't feel bad about them leaving." Masako said.

"Ok. Now is a good time to form a plan to get off, but for the first time on years...I'm stumped. Any ideas?" Solomon asked.

Yvonne got up, ignoring her broken leg, "We need to explore, Maybelline told me a while before she died, that close to every island here has intelligent tribes on it, never told me what species they where, just said they were intelligent."


"Intelligent does not mean that they won't kill us on sight," Solomon thought aloud. "But, as I said, I'm out of ideas. I guess we should pack up and find one of these tribes. Which way?"

Yvonne tied her hair back into a pony tail, "Everywhere, she said we should be on the volcanic island chain, since the raptors like the shiny objects that the volcanoes spit up, hence the reason they paint themselves silver and always hold diamond studded iron tools."

"So... What? We find some diamonds or something and use them as a peace offering?" Blitz piped up.

"I don't think so, depends on which tribe we find. Not many of them are hostile though."

"But there are hostile ones?" Solomon asked, checking his grapple hooks. "We can at least barter with the peaceful ones..."

Yvonne walked deeper into the cave, and looked inside of a large chamber, "Oh my god guys, look what I found!"

Inside was multiple gemstones, diamond, sapphire, ruby, gold, and more.

Masako walked up alongside Yvonne, looking all around. "Wow... how everything shines, it's like we just walked into the treasury..." She quickly shook her head. "Wait... all this has been unearthed... doesn't this look a little suspicious to any of you?"

"That's why I stayed outside." Solomon called out from the entrance of the cave. "Don't worry, I won't kill anyone that doesn't want me dead."

Miyuki sighed as she stood behind a rock. "Not going in either." (Sorry for not replying at all lately, school's kinda bad at the moment and I've been getting anxiety and depression, sorry..)

Siconia sat on a wood log "......."  (SCHOOL TOO!)

Solomon stood up. "Well, since we got all of us here, I'm going to go back and check if the plain crash has anything useful. See you all in a while." Solomon ran back to the direction of the crash. [See you all in a week! New York awaits!]

Slade walked into the cave, his wounds healed. "Guess who isn't dead! After my fight with the raptors and my disappearance, I ended up falling off of the cliff-face. I landed in the river below and floated downstream. I barely survived. Well here I am. What's new?" 

As the others spoke, the dead body of Immotu twitched. The arrow in his head slowly began to slide out, revealing it had only pierced his skull. Sweat beaded from the pores in his skin, and an unscathed Immotus staggered,  looking around the cave, his eyes began to water as he saw the dead bodies of his fellow brethren.

He looked at the others, and bowed to them, "Chieftain Immotu, at your service."

Solomon returned with a backpack full of things he found at the crash. He stopped and glared at Immotu. "'re dead...I saw you die!" He shouted with shock in his voice.

Immotu closed his eyes and prepared to speak. "I have a power... It makes me wake up without injury when asleep." He immediately got up and took the weapons of his brethren.

"These ones should be burnt, may the flames lift their spirits to the stars." Immotu turned and prayed to the dead raptors in his native language. 

"Everyone except me with their damn powers!" Solomon shouted at nothing."Fine. I'll help cremate your former allies." he said pouring a kerosene bttle on the corpses. he took out a disposable match, lit it, and tossed it on the pile of corpses. He bowed his head in respect, still clenching his fist in a sort of jealous anger.

Immotu got up, "You have the greatest gift,  Solomon, you have all powers, you can control fire, you and your people dig canal to move water, you dig to the center of the Earth, you grow plants, and you make power from everything." Immotu looks at the cave wall, "I truly dislike my powers, sometimes I wish I could just get knocked out and never wake up..."

Yvonne listened to the two talk, she held a diamond in her hand and threw it into the fire, watching it burn. She got up and lookes around, "Any clues about when everyone is coming back?"

The End... Or is it?

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