Emerald Trophy Voted Best Roleplay for Summer 2014!

This roleplay has been reset in hopes that new people will join and make it fun again! You may view the old roleplay here.


Your character wakes up one morning and opens up their favorite box of cereal to find a small piece of paper sticking out of the bowl. Unless they eat paper, it would seem almost instinct to grab that little paper and read it, and read what it says...


Congratulations, you have been accepted into the game show, Survival of the Sturdy, where you can win up to 1,000,000 rings!

To sign up, go to our website, right now and type in the code below, and answer our survey!


So now the moment comes when your character races to the computer and types in that code, in that website, and answered that survey it was talking about. Maybe your character dislikes surveys? Like me? Well, here are your questions, bear with me now, there are only 5!


  1. Would you rather be stranded in an island, a jungle, or a desert?
  2. Would you rather be eaten by a shark, a dinosaur, or a cannibal tribe?
  3. Do you even want to participate in this game?
  4. If you are, are you just doing it for the rings?
  5. What is your favorite General Cereals cereal?


Now that your character has gotten that over with, it is time to read the next page, and as you read it, it mentions a certain date, and as you check through your calenders you realize that very date is taking place tomorrow! Now where are they picking you up?

You pack as much as you can, since they never mentioned you can't bring your stuff, and get prepared for your ride to the airport tomorrow, where you will be picked up tomorrow morning by a five star airplane being fed nothing but five star cereals.

Sucks if you're not a fan of cereal, I will tell you that...


Let me be clear on the roleplay rules in here, because we have some.

  • No swearing, all swearing must be censored, and even then, take it easy, this isn't South Park.
  • No sexual scene, this isn't some creepy pornographic...
  • When characters die, they will come back into the game as spectators and can change small parts of the game.
  • Please don't god-mod or powerplay if you really want to fight.
  • The roleplay will start when at least eight people join, if there is a two day pause before that time, then the roleplay will proceed.
  • When the roleplay is going on, people can still join, think of it as a job that never stops hiring, you got newbies and veterans.
  • Any roleplay style is permitted, and please use parenthesis '()' or brackets '[]' when going out of character.


Enter your characters name and your name next to it, if I see an anonymous character, they will be removed.



[The roleplay starts at the airport, and despite being early in the morning, the hallways between each terminal is densly packed with travelers.]'

[The gate where our winners are to wait for their private jet is completely vacant, until the first one slowly walks in.]

Yvonne walked into the gate, pulling around her suitcase and carry-on. She sat in the first chair closest to her, and opened her carry-on and pulled out a small MacBook computer. She plugged in her mobile hotspot and proceeded to browse the internet, watching her favorite drama while the other winners walk into the gate.

A hedgedragon walked in carrying a ipod, listining to Linkin park, reading How to survuive in a jungle. 

"Sup?" said the hedgedragon.

Yvonne perked up and looked at him, and she smiled. "I'm doing good, you?" she listened quietly and heard the hedgedragon's iPod. "Is that Linkin Park I hear?"

"Yeah. I'm lis'ning to Faint. Best song they made. My names MC. Whats your name?"

Yvonne put her computer to the side, "Name's Yvonne, but you can call me Violet." she smiled and reached her hand out expecting them to shake hands.

"Nice to meet you" "This had better not be like the hunger games. No one would last a minute against me." "What are you scared of encountering on that island?"

A young white fox came walking through also. "I guess this is the place, right?" She asked herself and turned to the others. "Are you guys winners too?" She asked them.

"Yeah. You are?"

She pointed to herself. "My name is Kita Lovefight, but you can call me Kit if you want." She said and gave a small smile.

"Nice to meet ya'. Names MC"

Kita turned her head slightly. "Nice to meet you too MC.....I wonder where everyone else is?" She thought out loud.

"I know... It's like there too afraid to come. Eh, but that's just me."

Kita shrugged and grinned a little. "Oh, I'm sure they are getting ready, can't wait to meet them though." She said.

"I hope no soul eating monsters are on the island." "So this is where we get on?", said a white, blonde haired peahen with semi-revealing clothes and giant feathers walking towards the terminal.  "I believe so.", a small peahen with slightly darker blonde hair and brown feathering follows behind her. She's wearing an air freshner around her neck.

"Who are you two?"

Kita went ahead and answered their question. "Ummm, yes, this is the place. I'm just waiting for the plane." She answered shyly.

The announcer by the door opened it, and a young pale yellow fox stood in formal clothing. She smiled, and walked out in her high heels, trying to seem fancy. She nearly fell over, trying desperately to regain balance on her high heels and then looked at the winners.

"Hello, winners! I am Maybelline, I will be your lead flight attendant, if you need any help, just give me a call."

"How long till we get in?" said MC.

"I'd give it about an hour before we depart." Maybelline said, smiling.

"All right."

"Awwww YEAH!" An orange and yellow kangaroo zipped up as she nearly tripped forward, lugging a medium sized carry on behind her, "This is gonna be way to MUCH FUN!!!" She wore a purple and red t-shirt with matching shorts. It seemed that her legs and feet were so bit, she didn't even bother with shoes, but she did wear what looked like a pair of leg warmers.

"And you are?"

"The names Megan!! Nice to meet ya!"

"My names MC." "I had better not get killed by a soul eating monster..."

James enters the gate as well, carrying a medium sized backpack, feeling a bit nervous. "Am I late for it?" He sees them as he goes on. He tries to greet them but he seems to be shy on doing so.

Maybelline walked over to James and smiled, "Hello there! Just sit down and relax, the plane will be here in about 15 minutes."

James sighed happily "Thank you" He sits down along with everybody, tries to contact his robot friend Giz from his communicator. "Hey Giz... " The fox began to discuss as he waits.

Kita sat down on the ground and got out her mp4 player, though she kept it turned down so she could hear. She smiled down at her mp4 player. She couldn't wait to get started, though she was sure , that She was the youngest one there. She hoped no one would look down at her that way.

"Sooooo... How old is everyone? I'm 30."

Kita cringed when he asked for ages. She kept silent and decided to be the last one to tell.

By now MC had listened to Hybrid theory and half of Meteora. He was starting to get bored, so he got out his book for the 5th time.

Kita shook her head at everyone's rudeness. "Uhm.......Ages?" She asked, Since no one answered.

"Darn it, I forgot my backpack!" Said MC. He returned, carrying a VERY, VERY big backpack. "Always gotta be prepared!"

Kita looked at him with a confused smile. "Heavy much?" She asked with a giggle in between.

"Why are you talking to my ghost?" said the real MC, coming up behind the ghost. He just touched it, and it was absorbed into him.

Kita had awkward face. She took a deep breath and held it. "Uhmm........" She said with a puzzled face.

[A loud ding is heard, and the announcer says that it is now time to board the plane.]

"Well, looks like it's time to board." "After a fight with a sorceror 9 years ago I discoverd I can summon my spirit to do things. I basically can't die normally except for my soul being destroyed. So I am basically undead!"

"Oh....." She said in response. Kita jumped up exitedly and stuffed her mp4 player back into her small bag of things that She brought after hearing the ding. She ran and got on the plane. She took a seat next to a window and sighed. She was exited, but also curious to see what the others would say if they knew her age.

"I swear, when I get them rings I will buy a army and destroy GUN..."

"I don't think you can 'buy' and army." Kita laughed, looking at him. "I think I know someone who works for GUN......I wouldn't want them to get hurt." She said, remembering of a certain black hedgehog.

A young orange raccoon wearing some yellow headphones walks through the gate towards the plane. He is wearing an orange t-shirt and some blue jeans. He also has some white trainers on and is dragging behind him a medium sized suitcase and wearing a red backpack on his back. "Nice jet...." he said to no one in particular as he dragged his suitcase onto the plane.

Kita decided to be friendly. She looked up at him and smiled. "Hello!" She greeted. "My name is Kita.....but you can call me Kit if you like." She introduced herself.

"Hi Kita, nice to meet you. I'm Cassidy," the orange raccoon replied to her. He then chose to sit down on a seat across the aisle from qhere she's sitting. ", where are you from?"

Yvonne sat alone in a seat in the far back. This was her first time on and airplane, and she had the weirdest feeling ever, as if the plane was starting to shake, which, it was, since it was now starting to take off.


[The plane is now taking off, any participants who haven't gotten on yet are automatically on the plane, this includes future participants.]

Megan looked around for a seat, puckering her lips as she thought to herself "Who should I sit next to??" She soon shrugged and just decided to sit by herself. Taking out a bag big enough for a small laptop, she sat it down next to her as she sat in her random seat, before putting a pair of massive purple Skull Candy head phones on and then folding her arms behind her head as she crossed her legs.

Kita looked down at the seat in front of her. "No where really......." She said truthfully. "How old are you?" She asked looking up and towards him.

The Peahens sat in the seats in the middle of the jet.The elder Peahen looked a bit lonely while the younger pulled out a book and started to read.

Solomon was laying down on some luggage and using his large backpack as a pillow. His eyes blinked open when the shaking of the plane woke him up. "Heh...what? Did we take off?" he murmured, rubbing his eyes.

Kita looked back at Solomon. "Yes, how long have you been here?" She asked.

"Quite a while, actually." Solomon said, shuffling through luggage. "My name is Solomon by the way." The bobcat smirked. "Say, You wouldn't happen to have any food on you,right?"

Several flight attendants came out and proceeded to pass out bowls of everyone's favorite cereal, even the ones that they discontinued like, a decade ago. "Would you like a bowl of cereal?" they asked everyone as the cart came to their seat.

Kita frowned and shook her head. "No, sorry. Nice to meet you though, my name is Kita." She said to him, and turned to the carts. "Uhmm.....sure....." She said.

"Errrr, I just open cereal packets for the prizes, so I think I'll just have some milk." said MC

"Yeah!" Megan nods happily to one of the flight attendants.

"No, I'm good, thanks for the offer though," Cassidy said to the flight attendants. He then turned back to Kita in order to answer her question. "I actually 17, how old are you?"

Kita realized he was talking to her. She paused for a moment, but he seemed nice enough, so she gave him a straight answer. "I-I'm 10........" She said, knowing they Would say she was to young. She suddenly gave a slight smile. "Don't judge me by my age......I pack a punch." She said and fistpalmed, showing she could handle anything.

"Ten years old? I guess you're right you do look pretty young. However, if you accepted going on to this show you must have quite lot pf guts, I kinda respect that, " he replied to Kita.

"Why is my milk warm?" said MC. "I specifically asked for COLD milk!"

Maybelline looked at it, "You sure it didn't warm in your lap? Because nobody here said that they liked warm milk, so we didn't prepare any."

"Yeah guy! Don't be a Divaaa~" Megan reached to him and lightly patted him on the head.

James asked Maybelline for some beverage "C-can I have an orange juice, please?" He wags his tail in a exciting manner.

"Ooopps, sorry, it must just be me then. Now let me check if I have everything I need..." MC checked in his backpack. "Alright, pistol, check, food, check, scythe, check, sleeping bag, check. Everything is in order!"

James waits for her to respond and sits down playing with his Ipod

Kita looked at MC with a suprised and confused face. "Pistol and Scythe?! This is just a little game! I don't think we will get into THAT kind of trouble if any." She said, though she was worried a little bit, she didn't know what kind of things they would be doing. Best to just wait and see.

"I see someone came prepared," Cassidy commented as he stared at MC's backpack. "I did bring my pistols just in case but it seems like you have enough stuff to play real life Minecraft."

"I never take any chances. Plus, it said 'What would you prefer to be eaten by?' or something along those lines."

Kita shrugged and nodded. "Hmm, you got a point." She said agreed. "I didn't really bring anything.......when will we get there though?!" She asked, getting impatient.

"Think of it as Jurassic park. There will probably be some massive thing that kills one of us in front of the others eyes, and then we will be rescued by a helicopter. And also hide in a kitchen."

Kita smirked. "I don't know about that. What would we be eaten by? Dinosaurs are dead, everyone knows that, and this is not Jurassic Park. I don't think anyone will die, this is just a silly cereal thing......" Kita said.

"Come on Kita, that question on the form was pretty suspcious. If anything they'll definitely have a beast out there," Cassidy said.

"Thinking about it now, maybe a soul eating monster won't be so bad after all..."

Kita shrugged. "Hmm, well, if I HAVE to be eaten, I chose Cannibal Tribe....I don't know, at least it would be something of my own kind." She said with an awkward face.

MC replied "Ah, but a cannibal tribe will probably make you suffer before they eat you. Your soul being ripped out? Happens to me all the time."

"Oh oh oh!!" Megan bounced, "Maybe it'll be like Alien VS Predator and we'll all be caught in the middle of a war between two completely unknown alien LIFEFORMS!!!"

"Uhhhhh... Yeah."

"What?" Megan stopped, "It could happen ya know!" Megan shrugged with a small grin.

"So true so true my friend. Well, I hope I last at least 4 days. Also, a soul being ripped out is not that painful. Thats how I use my ghost power."

"Ohh! Reminds me of Danny Phantom~" Megan said happily.

Kita looked out the window. "Well, like I said, it was just a silly survey, we shouldn't take it so seriously." She said.

A flight attendant gave James his orange juice.

[Guys, feel free to control the flight attendants, just don't control Maybelline.​]

Yvonne was sleeping in her chair, her face smeared across the window. A loud beep rang the plane, and then the pilot because to speak. "This is the pilot speaking, we are nearing the game field, please fasten your belts, their may be turbulence."

With that said, Maybelline and the others left, and a popping sound was heard outside, and occaisonal rocking of the plane to accompy it.

"Awesooome! It's like a roller coaster!" Megan said happily as she put on her seatbelt.

"Turbulence, right." Solomon said with a mouthful of cereal. "I have a hunch it's more than that. Well, at least I brought a couple of things just in case this all goes to hell." He patted his camo backpack, which looked like it was filled to the brim.

Suddenly, a loud pop was heard, and the lights went out, the smell of smoke began to flood of the chamber, and alarms went off. Maybelline was the first one out of the attendant's area.

"We have a problem! Some friction from the turbulence has popped a circuit and the cabin is starting to depressurize!" Oxygen masks fell from the ceiling, filling with oxygen. Maybelline began foraging through the closet, and then heard the pilot cough violently. She cursed loudly, and ran into the cockpit.

"aaaaaaand I jinx us all...crap." Solomon sighed. "Let's hope the pilot is in the condition to land safely...or that someone else knows how to fly a paasenger jet."


The coughing continued, and then it stopped, a loud crash was heard and then Maybelline continued to swear. She walked up to the door and opened it.

"So... Does anyone know how to fly a plane? Because the pilot is totally not dead..."

"Well.....seems like my last album might actually be my last album at this rate," Cassidy commented.

Kita shook her head, frightened from what had happened. "No.....I have a friend who can....unfortunalty I never got around to ask him......" She looked down. "What do we do now?" She asked.

Solomon facepalmed. "Oh not again." he murmured.

Immediately, the plane flipped over and spun upside down, Maybelline was flung into the air and knocked out, her limp body rocking alongside the plane's. The plane continued flipping in midair until an explosion rocked the cockpit, splitting the fuselag in half, and saving the passengers from the gigantic column of fire that shot from the cockpit.

Kita looked at it all with her mouth hanging open. "Oh Man......Now we are stranded, WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO?!" She yelled and started yelling and running around going crazy.

The plane crashed on the border of a desert and a jungle, the transition between the two biomes was almost abrupt. Maybelline was slumped on one of the chairs, her forehead bleeding, reddening her white attendant outfit.

Kita suddenly stopped running and stood in front of the jungle. "Hmmm, does anyone feel like they are going to be eaten by whatever they chose in the survey? Cuz I do......" She said. She ran over to Maybelline. "Oh my gosh!! Are you ok?! Are you alive?! Does is hurt?!" She asked quickly.

"WHOAA!!!" Megan panicked a bit, as she ran over as well, "Crap, crap, crap, crap! Hey! Say something!"

"*groannn* Uhhh. I think my carving knife is in my leg." said MC. "Why did I think bringing a carving knife was such a good idea?". MC yanked it out, stifling a scream. "I need disinfectent!"

Kita looked like she might puke. "Now I wish I had brought something! Oh, Bleh!! That's disgusting! I don't have the stomach for this!" She yelled and turned away.

"Out of everything I bring, disinfectent is the only thing that is not here! I only have anaesthetic, which would have been useful a minute ago. Why must my bag be so messed up?" said MC, looking for mud.

"You are telling me! You have to have brought disinfectant! Grrr.....perhaps this survey WILL bE the death of us?!" She yelled over her shoulder so she didn't have to look,

"Wait, here it is. Darn, there's only a few milliliteres left. Ah well." Said MC, sparying the last bit of it into his leg. "It will stop the infection for an hour, but by then I need mud or need to burn it."

"BURN IT?!" Kita yelled and started hyperventilating.

"Yeah. Or slather mud on it. I'm only going for the former if I can't find the latter." said MC. "Wait a minute, didn't I pack a compact bow in my backpack? And where are my explosive arrows? Well ain't that great? Now I have no arrows except 5 regular one's! Oh, wait, the explosive arrows are here. My bad!"

"Oh Oh! I have some disinfectant stuff!" Megan scrambles for her bag, "I have a habit of over packin' some times..." She dragged the back over as she hopped about two spaces, digging through the bag.

"Thanks. Can you spray it on my leg? I have my hands full with stuff." Pointing towards the arrows and compact bow.

Kita facepalmed. "Well......what are we going to do now?" She asked. She hated being uncertain of what was going to come, but most often she had to.

"If I fire a explosive arrow into a monsters mouth, we will be eating either dino or shark burgers for a month! Can't do it to the cannibal tribe, cos' that will make us as bad as them."

Kita turned around with an annoyed face. "What are we a part of?! The re-enaction Swiss Family Robinson?! Well I'm not buying it!!" She said and crossed her arms angrily.

"Um, what do you mean? All I suggested was that we blow it up or just kill it the ol' fashioned way then eat it. My food will only last one day shared out amongst us. Also, where is everybody else?"

"I mean.....we are stuck on this stupid island with no way to get home!......if only I had two tails......." She said looking at her tail.

"Oh. And my wings are to weak. Can only glide, like that ugly red echidna thing with spikey knuckles. What his name? Fists? I have no idea."

Screaming was heard in the burning cockpit, it was the other flight attendants. Yvonne was at the end of the plane, looking around, surprisingly uninjured. She walked forward with a half empty bowl of cereal and dumped it in the jungle. She came back and took her bag.

"So, is this our graceful landing?" Yvonne said, the air around her extremely cold.

Maybelline got up, a large scab on her forehead, and a black eye. She looked at the burning cockpit, and sweared for several minutes straight.

Kita covered her ears When the scream came, "That's a horrific sound.......and his name is Knuckles......I tend to spend a lot of time around those guys." She said when it stopped.

"Right. I think we should find a fire extinguisher." MC got up, and smashed the door open.

"Is anyone going to go in and save them?"

"No way. Sorry, I HATE fire though! I absolutly hate it!" She said and backed away. "Someone has to go in though.......unless we want to clean up the bodies, I'm sure the cannibals will find out wreckage and do that for us.....Bleh." She said, thinking of the bodies.

"You know what's missing? Zombies. Loads of them. Hoards of th-" as MC is interrupted by his phone. *phone plays Lay Down by Priestess.* "What now? No, I do not want free leg-warmers, or enter a contest for a IPAD! Good day!"

It was thanks to that shout that Cassidy finally woke up. The orange raccoon was lying on his back and there was a gash on his forehead and a small scar on his face. The young raccoon looked around dazed. "Gosh, this reminds me of the plane crash in Jurassic Park III. Hopefully there's no dinosaur coming," he said.

"Hmmmmm, I wouldn't mind being part of a zombie apocalypse......sounds pretty cool to me. I'll go check for your "dinosaurs" ok? If I don't come back, I was eaten ok?" She said. She got up and started walking into the forest. She looked around. No one knew it, but she had a knife in her back pocket, she kept it there just in case. "Come on out dinos! We want to eat you!" She joked to herself. She was sure there was nothing dangerous in there, but still.......

"Yeah, I'll go look for somewhere for us to sleep. I think we need someone to scout ahead and find the cannibal tribe. Do not attack them until we are with you. You will be destroyed." shouted MC.

Cassidy looked around as everyone decided what they were going to do. "Ok lf you guys are leaving then I'll be on the lookout around here, some of us are probably too injured to move," the ringtailed rapper suggested. He then climbed out of the window of the crashed plane and climbed up a nearby tree. He perched on a branch and kept a lookout for any predators or cannibals or whatever they where going to encounter.

"Whoo HOOO! ADVENTURE!" Megan jumped up high after spraying the disinfectant.

Solomon woke up to Megan's yelling. "Adventure? Sure why not. Cannibal tribes are my specialty." he said in a sarcastic tone. "A place to sleep would be nice, too. In the meantime, I'm going to look for my backpack."

"No stupid cannibal tribe is going to make a meal put of me.......nothing will......" Kita whispered to herself. She was searching through the forest, jumping at every sound and twig snap. "Hey cannibals! I have a snack for youu!!" She called. She knew that if there was anything dangerous in the forest, then she would find it and destroy it.

"Hey guys! I found a cave. No, never mind a cave, It's a cavern!"

Kita turned to the direction of the call with a sigh of relief. "That's good! Is it dry? Cuz I am not stepping into a flooded cavern........I won't. Anyway! We should make" She yelled, though she hoped she wouldn't have to make it. She hated flames.

"It's dry, with a small pond 50 meters in. And there's some wood near it. We should be able to make a fire!"

Kit groaned. "Great, all my biggest fears wrapped in one sandwich." She whispered. "I'll get the fire wood." She called and started picking up sticks and twigs.

"I got a lighter!" Megan hopped over to the cave, "I can start the fire!"

"Alright, we'l pile the wood in the middle, and by the way, there is some fish in the pond. Wwe can hide here until help comes!"

"I got my pack!" Solomon shouted, running from the wreckage with his giant camo bag. "I can help with the fire!" He pulled out of his bag a bottle of kerosene. "Where do we want the fire?"

"Alriiight!" Megan said, "Lets put it...Umm..." Megan looks around inside the cavern.

"How bout right here?" Kita asked, setting down the sticks in the middle of the cavern, avoiding water on her way in.

"OKAY." Solomon went to the pile and started pouring the kerosene on top while humming some Dean Martin song. "Who wants the have the honors of starting this fine flame?" He asked, glancing from one person to another.

"Me."The younger Peahen said brushing off a couple of burnt and dirt marks on her shirt and sleeves.

"Alright! Now we've got a plan forming!" Cassidy said as he walked into the cavern with some leaves and some pointed sticks. "I was bored on lookout so i started making spears out of sticks for everyone that doesn't have a weapon. Plus i also found some fruit."

"Food, you say?" Solomon smiled. He extended his hand as a metal hook attatched to his wrist by a metal string reached out and grabbed one of these fruits, impaling it. Solomon retracted the hook and the fruit landed in his paw. "Looks delicious."

"Don't all Mango's look delicious? And some fruits just do this to you," Cassidy said as he held up his hand that was red and had sores forming on it. "It itches like hell too."

"Well, fruit defiantly sounds better than fish." Kita smiled, sitting down on the floor.

Solomon's eyes widened, mouth full of mango. "Was the fruit that did to you this one? The one I have in my hand? The one I'm chewing right now?" 

"Nooooo! I wanted to start the fire..." Megan began to pout.

"Starting the fire is not fun, it's scary. I don't want to be burned....or drowned....." Kita backed away a little bit.

"Fine",The Peahen said to Megan,"You can start the fire."She handed Megan some matches.

"Kita, the pond should only go up to you waist. It's not that deep. And, it's salt water. We can start preserving food."

"Well, don't eat the fruit that guy brought us." Solomon said, pointing to Cassidy with a red hand. "Also, my mouth feels like it is being devoured by some very acidic fruit juices. At least it's not fatal. Do I have something on my face?" He gestured to his mouth area, which was red and foaming a bit. A sizzling noise can be heard coming from the foam.

"Well, I'm still not getting near it." Kita said stubbornly. " do have something on your face......" Kita cringed at Solomon. "Good luck on your fish hunt though.......I ain't following you." She finished her statement about the fish.

Solomon wiped some of the foam off of his face. "Woah... I'm saving this fruit as a biological weapon. In the meantime, though, I'm going to dip my face in the lake and go fishing." He stated, walking towards the lake.

"Don't worry, I bought a gun!" said MC.

"Well, if you don't mind, I'd like to sleep outside myself." Kita said searching through her small bag for something to use as a hammock. (Going to add someone else too if that's ok X3)

"Yay!" Morgan quickly lit the matches and started to play around with them, more than getting a fire started. She looked up to look at Kita, "Ya know it's more likely for us to die if we split up but, that's none o' my business!" She smiled happily.

"I'm just going to be right outside, there is no way I'm staying in there with that fire there....or I'll just hang around the trees outside." She said getting up after finding a white sheet. She walked outside and bumped into someone. When she saw who it was, she yelled. "Ah! Wha-Who, Nana?!" She yelled. A female black hedgehog stood in front of her. "Hello Kita, long time no see." The hedgehog said. "What?! I didn't see you on the plane!!" Kita said. "That's because I was sitting in the very back, blending in with everyone else." The girl answered.

Megan went outside after hearing the yell, "See! Told ya! Oh wait, a person!" Megan looked over.

Solomon returned from the lake, eating a raw fish and holding more in his hands. "Anyone want any fish? Hey, a new person! Want fish?"

"No. I don't eat fish, simpleton." The hedgehog said. Kita got off the ground and brushed herself off. "Ugh.....don't bother conversation with her guys, She is not very friendly." Kita said, showing that She already knew this person. "Hah!" The hedgehog turned away and laughed scarcastically.

"Thanks for the warning, little one." Solomon said. "She'll warm up to me. Most people do." He smiled and bit into another uncooked fish.

Kita frowned at the word little one and rolled her eyes. "I wouldn't be so sure of that......" She said. The hedgehog slightly shook her head and walked past them towards the cavern.

"Fair enough. Besides, I never got her name, or yours for that matter. Being knocked out, you can miss a lot of things."

"Oh c'mooon! She can't be THAT bad! As long as she isn't Annabelle Rich bad." Megan giggled lightly as she hopped back into the cave herself, "But really, who doesn't like fish??" She smiled, "Sushi especially!"

The bobcat shrugged

"Hm, well, what do you call a "tried to destroy Station Square" bad? Cuz that's the kind that She is. She is G.U.N.'s creation and she always will be and that's all She will ever be." Kita said crossing her arms. "My name is Kita........." She finished. The hedgehog sat down next to MC. "Hey. What's your name?" She asked him. Kita shook her head and continued putting up her hammock. "Her name is Nana by the way." Kita clarified.

'MC. I find it strange, how I just so happen to be created by GUN aswell. Were you a clone, or a single being?"

"Sooo...we're letting a lethal killing evil person hang out with us?" Megan blinked.

"Please, my single purpose was to be a killing machine."

Yvonne walked over and sat down the by the fire. She seemed completely unscathed, but seems strangley quiet.

"Maybelline's going to be staying at the plane for a while, she's trying to make a radio, but most of the cockpit was burnt down, so the only thing we have left is that emergency flight recorder." Yvonne said, then proceeded to fall asleep.

Cassidy looked up from the phone he was using to find out what fruit he picked up. "Yeah l....I kind off picked up some Mangeneel fruit. AKA the little apple of death. It won't kill you if you touch it though, you'll just have a terrible itch and some blisters.  If you eat it on the other hand............dude you might want to start forcing yourself to puke before you die..." Cassidy said with a frown, knowing that Solomon may die because of him.

Nana looked into the fire with a frown. "Yes.........I am a single being from name is Nana.......the Hedgehog." She said and looked down at herself as if to make sure she was still a hedgehog. "She went on a killing rampage........untill me and some friends had to stop her........" Kita explained after finishing her hammock.

"Sadly, I had to be a clone. Some top secret operation by GUN to create the perfect soldier. I think it was called 'Program Seth.' Every single clone in seven was killed. Apparently, they had an anomaly that gave em' free will. I was the only one that escaped being killed by GUN. I even think it was top secret to the rest of the GUN organisation."

"I was created as a test artificial being. A replacement for Shadow the Hedghog, in case one of his missions went wrong......" Nana said with a small sad but solemn face. Kita decided to spend a little time talking before heading to her hammock, so she whent back into the cavern and sat down on the opposite side of the fire. "Nana has a crush on Shadow!" Kita smiled and teased. "No I don't!" Nana yelled, balling her hands into fists. Kita backed off, keeping her smile. "Ok! Ok! You don't!" She laughed.

"Ironically, I actually fought Shadow as part of my training. He had a broken jaw for a month. They patched him up though."

Cassidy let lose a low whistle as he sat down on a nearby rock. "Whoa you guys have exciting lives. training with heroes of Mobius, gosh you guys have lived and action packed life." Cassidy said

"Ughhhhh...backstory stuff..." Megan rubbed her head as if she had just finished doing a seriously hard math problem.

"I didn't have a exciting life after escaping. I'll be honest, in yen years, getting killed by a wizard is the most exciting thing."

"My sister and I have to fight our father sometimes",the small Peahen spoke up,"If that counts as an exciting life."

"Making my brain huuuurt!" Her eyes began to spin.

"Ya know, I never caught you twos names." said MC, connecting the two together with a imaginary line.

"My name is Earth",said the younger Peahen.

"And I'm her older sister,Venus!"said the older Peahen.

"So how's Mars?" Cassidy asked jokingly

"Please tell me you know someone called Uranus!" Megan stifles a laugh.

"We have a younger brother named Uranus!",the Venus blurted out,"And our brother Mars is doing fine."

Kita gave a small giggle, then a small frown. "Nana is serious about those kind of things though, so I'd suggest you try and stay on her good side.......I made that mistake once......I ended up in the hospital with a broken arm." She said after seing that Nana was still staring into the fire. "We are......sorta, friends and sorta not friends......." Kita said.

Maybelline appeared from the burning airplane, obiviously flustered. Her hair and fur were ruffled, and her clothes where all messed up. The turned around and pulled out a fire extinguisher and sprayed it at the plane, but it did nothing. She screamed and threw the canister at the fire, but all it did was make a small explosion. Maybelline walked closer to them and still swore.

By this time, the sun was starting to set, and it was obvious that the airplane was too hot to provide any form of shelter.

Kita looked out the cavern and nodded slightly. "One of the I hate fire." She said.

Megan, still to busy snickering about the Uranus thing, glanced at the sky, "It's gettin' dark guys!" She blurted out.

Kita nodded in agreement. "Yep! Well, it was.......nice......talking to you again Nana, good night guys!" She smiled and walked outside and got on her hammock. Nana, hadn't moved, she hadn't answered. She looked like she was in a trance, still staring at the middle of the flame.

Solomon sat by Yvonne, who seemed to be the only other (relatively) sane person there. "How are you holding up?" He asked.

Yvonne looked at Solomon, "I'm, I'm doing pretty good actually." she was busy lookng through her backpack.

Megan sat down next to the fire, and only blinked a few times as she messed with her hair.

"Well, I hope something exciting happens soon, because that crash was the only eventful thing that happened today!" said MC, falling asleep suddenly.

Nana suddenly blinked and looked around. She thought for a moment, then nodded slightly. "........Perhaps this is all just a test?" She asked, no one in particular.

"Probably not. It would be bad publicity if the contest involved a possibly fatal plane crash and an island full of poisonous mangos. Well...It would only be bad publicity if there were any living witnesses." Solomon mused. "One way or another, we should start actively searching for a way off the Island. At sunrise we should begin."

Maybelline walked towards them with her high heels on, dressed the same as she was before take off. "Well, if we're walking, I'm going to take these pains," she said, proceeding to take over her shoes, "and throw them into the fire!" which she did, watching them burn.


Kita fell off her hammock, landing on the ground below. Which woke her up instantly. "Owww......" She moaned. She sat up and rubbed her head.

"Zzzzzz...." Megan slept soundly, a little to soundly since she was snoring quietly.

Nana was already wide awake. She sat up without a sound and got up and walked out of the cavern. "I'll go keep watch." She said and headed to somewhere that She could see a rescue ship or plane.

Cassidy woke slowly once, Kita hit the floor and got off of the rockl he was sleeping on. "Morning Kita," Cassidy whispered as got up and sat on the rock.

"*grumble* I ain't walking today." muttered MC. "I'll be watch-out as well."

"Huh?" She glanced around, "Oh yeah...Plane crash..." She lays back down and tries to go back to sleep as if nothing happened.

"Ugh.....Good morning." Kita groaned. She got up and walked towards the cavern. "Soo......Who is going to make breakfast?" She asked.

Cassidy shook his head. "The question isn't who, but how are we going to make breakfast."

"Well, there has to be something here that is edible........" Kita looked down at her feet. "Maybe I can find some real fruit?" She asked and turned away and walked back outside. "If only I was Some kind of nature expert......then maybe I would be able to identify these trees." She said, looking at all the treetops for an Apple or some sort of fruit besides the poisonous ones.

"Ere', eat some chicken meat." said MC, passing the meat over. "Don't foxes like chicken?"

"Errr......More attracted to rabbit but yeah, chicken can't be much diferent." Kita said, sitting back down in the cavern and hesitating before grabbing some. She shrugged. "Nope, not much diferent at all....." She said with a small smile after taking a bite.

Megan suddenly sat up, "FOOD!"

"You are not that hungry, are you Megan? Considering we all got filled up on cereal on the way here." Kita trailed off.

Solomon woke up with a silent yawn and stretched like any cat would. "I'm going to do some scouting if anyone is up for tree climbing and a moderate amount of sprinting." Solomon said to anyone who was listening. "Just meet me at the top of the large tree in front of the cavern." He turned away from the group and sprinted out of the cavern. Once out, he used his grapple hooks to ascend to the top of the tree.

"O' course I'm hungry!!" Megan jumped up and raced over.

Cassidy got off of the rock he was on and walked over to the group. "I'm pretty sure everyone is hungry," the raccoon said.

Kita shrugged and nodded slightly. "I'm not really that hungry......I grew up on my own so, I am used to going without food for a few days." She said.

"Well THATS not right!" Megan pouted with he hands on her hips, "You should eat something anyway!"

Both the Peahens slowly started to wake up."What's all this racket?"said the younger Peahen,Earth.

Maybelline got on the plane and took people's bags. "The plane crashed...? We thought you were dead..." she took their bags. "I'll carry these back to base." then the scrawny fox flight attendant carried about seven or so bags back to base.

"Don't cause any drama over me......that's rediculous. I'm not hungry........" Kita said and looked out at Maybelline. "Need any help?" She asked.

"I doubt that!" Megan jumped up, "Do I need to feed you?" The bouncy kangaroo said, as if trying to be serious.

"What?! No!" Kita yelled, obviously offended. "How did I know that you guys would treat me like a two year old?" She crossed her arms and turned away with a frown.

Solomon sat up in the tree he specified earlier, hoping he wouldn't have to be alone. "C'mon people. Food isnt that important." he grumbled. "Stop bickering and let's at least attempt to make progress at getting out of here."

"........Fine......" Kita said stubbornly and cross. "I don't know how the heck we are going to get off......its not like we can make a boat......." She said and got up.

"I'm not asking you to build a boat." Solomon clarified. "I'm asking for a couple of you to hike about two miles or so and see if there is anything of value: answers, other survivors, friendly natives, NOT cannibals..."

"That plan has it's problems, like how are we going to make it back without some sort of covert signal? Or what if the people that go die and we're stuck waiting for them?" Cassidy suggested, which was slightly contradicting to his usually optimistic personality.

"I don't know......I'd go, just in case we find something interesting......but I'm still waiting for us to find something cool on this stupid Island.....I mean, like SOMETHING!.....other than fire and water of course....." Kita said.

"Me me me!!! I'll go!" Megan raised her hand high up in the air as if she were in a classroom.

Maybelline was gone for some reason, because nobody had seen here. Yvonne was sitting around the plane wreckage, trying to make a shelter.

"So, we have volunteers. Grab whatever you need. I have a flare gun for myself if I am to get into trouble, or if I see someone else in trouble. Let's just stick together. Whoever is staying...just be safe. No heroics will be necessary unless you hear familiar cries of agony." Solomon was suprised with himself. I'm taking charge of people I hardly know. He thought. And they trust me...

Kita sighed. "Fine, I'll come.....should I get Nana first?" She asked, coming to the entrance of the cavern.

"Sure. I bet she'll make great company." Solomon said in a too sarcastic tone. 

"Yeeeeeeeaaaaaah!" Megan grins as she jumps up and runs outside.

"Yeah, I know......but hey, we got to give her a chance right?" She asked, following Megan. "Hey......has anyone seen Maybelline recently?" She said looking around.

Solomon stopped to think "Now that you mention Not since the crash. Where'd she go?" 

Yvonne had built a decent shelter with sticks and pieces of the plane wreckage. Proud of her achievement, she ran towards the old base to tell the others of the newly built shelter. "Guys! I made a shelter out of the plane crash! You guys want to move all of our stuff to there? It's pretty cozy, I got some passenger seats ripped out and put in their, and it's all reclinable."

"Alright! I'll be right there! Doe's it ave' a toilet?" shouted MC.

Yvonne quickly pulled out a shovel, "It has an outhouse, in case you were wondering."

"Nice job," Cassidy replied happily upon hearing the news of a second shelter. "I think I'll cover everyone from the treetops, since I have two pistols."

Upon mention of the pistols, Cassidy goes over to his backpack and pulls put his two pistols. "Say hi to Poison and Ivy," the raccoon said with a smile.

Kita rolled her eyes with a smile. "Uhh, why do we need two shelters again? I think that the cavern is trustworthy enough, and I'm probably going to be outside most of the time......I hope....." She said. Nana came walking from the jungle. She stopped at them and shook her head. "No sign of life so far." She said silently.

"Ey', I see some walking meat!" shouted MC, pointing at a dinosaur in the jungle. "Let's kill it!"

"WHAT?! Wait wait wait! Just because it's a dinosaur doesn't mean it will die automatically!" Kita yelled. "And what the heck is a LIVE dinosaur doing here?!" She asked.

Immediately, black and white tails rose from the jungle growth, and seven silver-skinned raptors jumped out wielding spears. They tackled down the dinosaur and impaled it. They turned to each other with vicious orange eyes, and began to drag the dinosaur out of the jungle and in the same direction as the shelter.

"Oh darn it!" Kita whispered. Nana stood perfectly still. "Nana! What are you doing! You know those are raptors, not a T-Rex!" Kita whispered over to her. "They won't care if you are moving or not!" She finished. "Won't hurt to try eh?" Nana replied quietly.

Solomon stood there with mouth agape. "They took our food!" He shouted angrily. "I haven't had lizard since the war on my island. It was a delicacy on the battlefield. Shall we follow them?"

"Oh my God...This is Jurassic Park!" Megan suddenly took off after the raptors, "Where are the REST OF 'EM!? I wanna ride 'em!!!"

"Funny, you can ride them if you want, I think I'm gonna follow them if that's alright with you guys," Cassidy offered.

"I think the best think to do would be to invite em' to dinner. Hope they they bring the T-Rex. They outnumber us, so, yeah, we should invite them to dinner." suggested MC.

"And Solomon, they were probably hunting the T-Rex before us."

"What is the matter with you guys?! Dinosaurs?! This isn't some fantasy island!" Kita yelled. "You have to be crazy to follow them!" She said. "Maybe they are crazy?" Nana suggested with a teasing smile.

"Wait a moment." Solomon started thinking aloud. "The Raptors were intelligent...What if the T-rex was, too? I don't want go killing lifeforms that can be defined as 'people'."

"PEOPLE?! YOU CALL THOSE THINGS PEOPLE?!" Kita yelled. "Shhhh!!" Nana said, putting a finger to her mouth. "Sorry.....Look, I'm not going to let someone be eaten alive just because they wanted to follow some stupid dinosaurs! Its like, trying to follow a butterfly, only extremely dangerous!" Kita exclaimed.

"Heeeere raptors raptors raptors!" Megan poked her head into a few bushes, "Where'd they go that quick??" She scratched her head.

Somewhere out in the distance, a piece of blue and white fabric is hanging against a branch, at closer inspection and realization, it is a piece of Maybelline's clothing, and as they follow the trail, more and more clothing is ripped up by the branches, until a steep rocky hill turns the trail of clothes into a trail of blood.

Solomon silently approached the blood and knelt down by it. "You better not be dead. No one is dying here if I can help it." he whispered. He stood up and looked at the others. "We have a lead now. Let's follow the trail and see if we can rescue our friend." 

The trail of blood led to a river, where, as you look down from the shore, you'll begin to notice something pink. Upon further inspection, it's Maybelline's bra. If you're that perverted, like me, then I'm just gonna say that they are small, no specific cup size.

"Whoa!" Megan quickly picked it up, "Either she's in serious trouble...Or she decided to take a swim!"

"No sane person would take a swim in a place like this..." Cassidy replied.

"Either way, I now have more reason to find her and make sure she's in one piece." Solomon said, happy that his blushing was covered by his brick red fur.


Yvonne immediately ran into the jungle and caught up with everyone, "The raptors! They got to the camp, and they have Maybelline with them!"

"We outta teach 'em a lesson or two!!!" Megan growled, "No one deserves something like that! Lets kick some TAIL!"

At the camp, several velociraptors circle the camp. With them is an unconscious Maybelline, who is safely positioned in a seat in front of the fire. It would seem like the raptors are actually doing any harm whatsoever.

"Why don't we actually think before we decide to beat things up?" Solomon chastised. "Really, they could be making sure no harm comes to her. Don't be so eager to resort to violence."

"By taking her bra off? Suuuure, that'll be the first thing I do to someone if I try to help 'em out." Megan glares lightly at him.

"Well, should the need arise, I can put bullets through brains. But first, let's negotiate. What can we give them in return for the hostage?" whispered MC. "I suggest we give em' some, well, I actually don't know what we could give. Any idea?"

One of the raptors saw them, and looked at the others. He told one of the other raptors to check on Yvonne and Maybelline, and then he walked towards them with a spear in hand.

"We come in peace!" said MC, putting his hands above his head.

The raptor then looked at the camp and beckoned them to follow him, up close, it can be seen that is silver skin is actually some sort of leafing that was applied to his skin, possibly an honorary thing or tribal tattoo.

"Are you the chief?" Cassidy asked.

"No. I am not, Immotus is the chieftain." the raptor said.

"Will you take us to him? We would like to meet him and require your honorable chieftan's aide." Solomon said, choosing his words carefully.

Immotus was in the camp, tending to Maybelline's wounds. The scar on her head from the crash had reopened, and dried up blood covered her face. A scab across her chest would explain why her bra was stripped off, and her feet where covered in some sort of bloody wrapping.

"Yuck..." Megan mumbled.

Immotus looked at Megan, and bowed, "Greetings..."

"Hello there chief Immotus, we crash landed here yesterday and were wondering if you could aid us in survival oh kind one," Cassidy said with a bow. Better show some respect, we're more likely to get help that way, he thought to himself.

"You might not want to try so hard sounding respectable, as to not sound condescending." Solomon whispered to Cassidy. He turned his attention to Immotus. "As my friend said, chief Immotus, we're trapped on this island, and we would be very greatful if you were to not kill us, if not help us out."

"Um, you guy's go without me. I need to be sick... *bleurghhh* Uh, that's better. I think i'll wait in the bushes." muttered MC.

Immotus stood up, and looked at the camp. "We must move out of here, I can send food in for seven days and seven nights, to help you prepare, but no longer. Your friend here will be coming with us so our women can care for her." Immotus said to Maybelline.

"Errr, Cassidy, does your Vector manipulation affect blood?" asked MC. "I'm a hemo-kinetic."

"And by the way, doe's anyone else think that the raptor's are suspicious? I mean, it said 'Cannibal tribe'. And what do you know, this is a tribe! I think we shouldn't leave Maybelline. They might eat her." whisperd MC.

Immotus and then others carried Maybelline away, and beckoned the others to take their belongings with them.

Kita and Nana had been following them silently, though Kita had looked like she was going to puke a few times. "You might be right.....I don't really want to be eaten either......" MC whispered back after doing what Immotus said.

Immotus overheard what they said, and stopped, and then he turned around. "Kreedokuns are the cannibals you speak of, big, strong, they look stupid, but they are smart enough to know every single way to kill you, cook you, eat you, just by looking at you." Then he turned around and ran towards a nearby village, surrounded by tall logs that made up a wall.

"Ok then! I don't want to go........" Kita said fearfully. "They aren't going to lay a finger on me." Nana proclaimed determined.

Immotus laughed, "Then come with us."

"Alright buddy.....but this better not be one of those freaking tricks where the person you are following turns out it be the cannibal and then we all get eaten alive........" Kita said, speaking to much.

"Love The Walking Dead game reference..." Cassidy said as he followed the group and Immotus.

"You make it sound like that trick is a classic." Solomon said to Kita. He had been following close behind the group, observing the chief. "Immotus" Solomon started. "Am I right to believe you want something in return from us for your help?" He knew all too well everything has a price.

Megan looked on as she followed behind.

Immotus looked at Solomon and stopped. "Seeing a young girl injured like this, all we need, all I need, is for her to return to her normal state. As for you, the nights have been getting colder, and the small fire you have doesn't help you. If you wish to go without me, then so be it, but she is coming with me." with that, Immotus continued walking away at the same pace he was before.

"Oh please, I doubt he can turn blood into a flammable gas..." muttered MC under his breath. "I'd love to see him try."

"I meant no disrespect, chief. I'm just used to having to owe people for saving my life and the lives of my friends." Solomon clarified.

"Erm, Immotus, please tell me that you did not say 'they can find out how kill you, cook you, and eat you just by looking at you' did you? Because if so, that is bloo## messed up!" shouted MC, holding a knife to his hand. "I'm ready to kill and eat them!"

Immotus looked at Solomon and smiled, but then a loud roar shook the Earth, "Ah yes, that cannibal tribe you spoke of? They are coming, I suggest you run to the base. Sentus, Mirus, stay here and get them to camp, I don't care if you carry them like coconuts, I must get this girl to safety, they can smell her blood." he immediately sped away, crackling the air with a sonic boom.

Suddenly, three Tyrannosaurs exploded from the treeline like a hippie Michael Bay movie. They charged towards them, and Sentus and Mirus yelled at the others to run, as they ran behind them, the two patrons would carry any stradlers forward.

MC's leg wound started to bleed, and before he could think, he suddenley created a red mist obscuring the T-Rex's vision. (Is that god-modding or anything bad?) "Come on, it won't stop them forever!" *phone plays Lay Down* "Alright, now is not the time! What do you want? Hell, how did you get my number? Huh? Do I want a free holiday in the Bahamas? Hell no! I'm pretty fine with Westoplis! Good day!"

Solomon looked at his friends and sighed. "I have this feeling that we are going to stay and fight. I would suggest this if we knew what kind of enemy we were fighting, but all we know is that they eat us and are giant reptiles."

"ALRIIIIGHT!!!" Megan yelled out as she hopped up and down, high into the air, "I call the one on the right!"

"Alright, is anyone terrified of blood? I'm about to bathe each of them in blood, so they'll eat each other!" shouted MC over the roars of the T-Rex's.

The Kreedokuns (T-Rexes) looked at each other and lifted their small arms and shoulders with an "I don't know" gesture, then they just started lapping down the mist of blood with their tongues.

"Ah screw it," Cassidy said with a sigh He pulled out Poison and Ivy as he jumped high into the air, using hiid Vector Powers to keep him floating. He then fired off a barrage of shots, aimes at the The Kreedokuns eyes.

Megan got a running start before she jumped high into the air, and landed on the back of the kreedokun's back that she pointed out earlier, "AWESOME!!!"

"Guys...ah forget them. I wanted to see if we can try talking the the dinos but NOOOOOOO. You all want blood." Solomon ranted as he climbed the nearest tree, just out of harm's way. "If any of you start dying, I'll pull you out, but I'm not killing anyone. A claw to the face, a swift kick to the chest, perhaps, but I...I'm not one for ending lives."

"I don't wanna kill these big guys! I wanna RIDE 'EM!" Megan shouted.

"Solomon, don't make me put my 'pacifist' in your face! These things would happily eat you, what difference does two kills make?" MC shouted. "If we let em' go, they'll tell the Kreedokun's bout' us! We can't take that chance!"

The Kreedokuns looked at MC and laughed, then they turned around and ran away, giggling in their deep gravely voices.

"Don't laugh at me!" screamed MC. "I'll kill you!" he shouted, turning the mist into spears and aiming at the Kreedokuns heads. "Try laughing now!" biting his lips hard enough to bleed.

The Kreedokuns would already be gone.

"Where are you? It doesen't matter, I can just track you down anyway!" muttered MC, stabbing himself in the chest. "Heheh, I'll find you!" he said, turning into birds and flying away. By now, the hemo-kinesis was mentally destroying MC, who was bent on destroying the Kreedokuns. "Come out, come out wherever you are!"

The Kreedokuns obviously had no interest in them.

Immotus walked forward, everyone was at the camp. "I'd suggest you leave them alone, after all, they may be barbarians, but they are not animals."

Megan jumped off just in time, before the Kreedokuns ran off,"Hey come back! I can make a leash for you guys!"

"Well, at least my suspicions of them being sentient creatures has been confirmed." Solomon said. He directed his attention to MC. "And it's not pacifism. It's my belief that no one has the right to take a person's life." And I will not become my father...

"Ah crud! " Cassidy exclaimed as he floated down to the ground. "Why are we letting them go? Now they're gonna tell all their ,Kreeko...whatever they're called, buddies and their gonna come back with reinforcements."

MC flew down to the ground. "Sorry, but dude, you was getting just a little bit annoying. I'm going to the outhouse."

Immotus looked at MC, and then at Solomon, and then at everyone else, "Let us avoid the Kreedokun issue for now, they typically don't advance on one thing for too long, and also, they already know we're much more powerful than them." with that said, Immotus walked back to camp.

"Aww...." Megan sighs sadly, "But they're so cool...And rideable!"

"And they'd like to eat us..." Cassidy commented.

"We'd taste terrible though! And besides, they would have already eaten us!" Megan replied.

Solomon, a bit annoyed by the argument with MC, decided to go with Immotus. "Mind if I join you?" He asked the raptor.

Immotus got a bit angered, "If you are that battle ready, how about you got to their camp? 2,300 Kreedokuns, all with armor, gears, and numbers. I can deflect your argument by saying that they don't pick on us. What you saw was only a juvenile scout, who was probably bored, and wanted someone to talk to..."

"His head is so far up his butt, he can see the rubbish he comes up with..." muttered MC.

Megan giggles at the insult.

Immotus grabbed MC by the neck, and lifted his dew claw to MC's throat. "My kind has lived her for six thousand years. We've commited the genocide of thousands of Kreedokun tribes... For what!? For safety? We already had it, for money? We live under a gem spitting volcano!" Immotus threw MC to the ground, "We did it because we misperceived them as a threat. Yes, they are cannibals, they exchange in eating their dead to pay respects, yes, they have deep voices, yes, they roar, but these people are sweet, kind, innocent people, who actually find insults a form of respect..." Immotus laughed slightly, "If you want to go fight, then you may fight, but I will have no choice but to restrain you, and kill you, and if I do that, then you and your people may not survive. There are other tribes out here, much more territorial than I am, who will dismem---"

One of Immotus' representives appeared, "Chief! The Kreedokun leader is at the base, he wants to report a possible attack to his children?"

Immotus looked at MC, "Chief Kerdinukinukique is here, if he wants you to come with him, then I will give him to you."

"No, take me instead....crud those are famous last words," Cassidy said.

"I was the one thay shot at them first, I guess I'll sort all of this out instead."

"Nah, don't bother mate. Since this guy right here has such a bone to pick with me, I might as well go talk with the leader. And by the way Immotus, you could blo*** kill me, I would end up destroying you. I know I shouldn't have poked fun at you, but threatening to slice someones throat is a bit extreme. And come on, if anyone is a cannibal, it's your tribe. I saw some attack a Kreedokun and drag him away." And with that, MC turned into some birds, and flew over to the camp.

"Another reason why I don't favor the idea of killing: It will come back to bite you with foot long teeth" Solomon said to no one in particular. "And Immotus, you remind me of a human from where I come from. In a land of bigots, humans shunning Mobians, he was one of the few who decided to take a stand. I respect that."

"But can we RIDE THEM!?" Megan asked once again, "I won't hurt it obviously! It looks like the coolest thing to ride EVER!" She jumped up and down.

Immotus grabbed MC by the neck, and in a quick hit to the nose, MC would faint, and blood would have leaked from his nose. Immotus then looked at his messenger and gave him MC's limp body, where they carried him over to camp, where he would wake up in front of the chief of the Kreedokun tribe.

Solomon jumped when he saw Immotu in action. he is not someone I want to mess with. He muttered to himself. Despite the fact MC may have deserved it, Solomon decided it was best that MC not get eaten. "Immotu, there has to be another way!" He urged the chief. "Is there any other way to compensate for the harm he caused the Kreedokun?"

Immotus looked at the chief, "What do you say, brother?" the large Kreedokun looked at the sky, and then looked at MC's body. "The stars have told me that no punishment will teach him our benevolence. The stars have told me, that if he is to respect us, then we must respect him, and by respecting him, he must help provide for you, or I." the chief had grown a truce with the raptors, and it was obvious he wasn't will to consume anyone.

"Whoa...Amazing!" Megan watched as Immotus took care of MC in awe, "Can you teach me to do that?" Her eyes lit up.

"You really don't get what hemo-kinesis means do you Immotus?" Thought MC, hardening the blood. "Ah, don't bother with bloodying me, Immotus. That will result in a un-satisfying result." he thought out loud. "Mate-" he said, pointing at the messenger . "Give me a conk on the head and i'll be out like a baby. Not to hard though, or you'll kill me. But what is death when you come back in 7 years?"

Cassidy looked around. "Am i the only guy who thought that that quick truce was weird?" the raccoon said.

Immotus and the Kreedokun chief looked at Cassidy, and then looked at back at each other. It looked a bit like he was blushing as he looked at the Kreedokun's face, but the Kreedokun really didn't notice, and if he did, he wouldn't have cared most likely.

Immotus looked at everyone, "So! Shall we begin tonight's Gathering? There will be lots of food, water, fun, dancing, and more!" Several distant roars where heard, and hundreds of Kreedokuns approached the village. The raptors merely accepted their arrival, climbing up their legs and onto their backs.

"I'm scared to ask what kind of dancing there is. I mean, I hope it's not like those rated R movies about..." Solomon trailed off. "Anyways, sure, I like food. Are potatoes native to this island?" 

Immotus looked in the distance, and behind the houses was an endless trail of potato gardens, "Are these potatoes? We call them kushuvas, which means 'tasty dirt' in our tongue."

Solomon looked upon the glorious bounty before him with shock and awe. He was almost as still as a pole."H-holy mother of chaos... " he exhaled. A split second later, only a cloud of dust remained where Solomon was standing as he picked numerous potatoes and used his jacket as a carrier. "KUSHUVA-HAHAHAHAHA!!!!" he an be heard screaming.

"Yeah, i'll go dig my grave, you know, in case the scout's come back with a vengeance." said MC. "Er, Immotus, sorry bout' how rude I was."

The Kreedokun king laughed, "Do not worry about them, they claimed they where having fun."

"Oh. Well, I'll go eat food, get in a brawl and get a broken nose."

"You can always spar with me." Solomon offered. "I may not like killing, but fighting is a whole other matter. Just dont use your powers; might be slightly unfair."

"Ight', what do you specialise in? I specialise in street fighting, so expect some dirty fighting."

"karazenpo go shinjutsu." Solomon said rather quickly. "Or Kempo for short. It involves use of the elbows and forearms, but encompasses most eastern fighting styles. And I'll make sure to not use open-handed attacks, so I won't use my claws. Should we just fight here?"

"Yeah. I'll go first." shouted MC over the noise, lashing out with a kick.

As Solomon mentioned before, he used his forearm to block the kick (assuming the kick is a roundhouse, you know, the foot's equivalent of a haymaker), which most probably bruised the forearm, but blocked the kick nonetheless. Solomon then took a step back and got into a sideways fighting stance, with his right side facing MC, the right hand out front, and the left arm guarding the chest. He stepped forward, keeping the stance and followed up with a one-two punch aimed at the upper chest. Solomon can be heard humming Guile's theme (look it up. it goes with everything).

MC grinned. He liked nothing more than pretending a blow hurt, when he was actually wearing kevlar. He brought round a brutal left hook, pulling his (not sure if it's balaclava, or bandana) on his mouth.

(bandana, as balaclavas cover the whole head spare the eyes and mouth) Solomon ducked below the hook and sidestepped. "reflexes of a cat, son." he said, playfully slapping the side of MC's head. Not to do damage, but just as a taunt. He immediately got back into his fighting stance with a smug grin on his face.

"Don't get to smart with me mate. That's what Shadow did, and I broke his jaw. Wouldn't like that now will we?" replied MC, kicking out aiming at the face.

Solomon, yet again, ducked the attack and sidestepped. And, like last time, slapped MC in the side of the head. "Don't know who Shadow is, but kicks and hooks are too slow to start an attack with. One thing I like about fighting street brawlers is that they tend to rely on strength so much that they forget about speed." 

"You think I rely on strength to much? Watch this." said MC, flipping into the air, in front of the sun to hurt the cat's eyes. "Eat on this!" as he brought a leg down into Solomon.

Solomon took a single step to the side to dodge the kick. "You almost got me there with the sun's glare." Solomon smiled. "But the flip was painfully predictable. You want to find a way to stun your opponent." He was speaking like he was MC's teacher.

MC simply grinned and stopped moving.

Solomon started to slowly circle MC while still keeping his stance. ​"What now? You waiting for me to attack you first? Well then, let the war of attrition begin." He kept circling. Solomon had been in many brawls involving him and his combatant not attacking for a while. It was all a game of patience.  

MC was thinking of what too do. He figured out Solomon was to agile for normal kicks or punches, so he would run into the bushes, come out when Solomon wasn't looking, and punch him in the back. "See ya." he mouthed, taking his bandana down so Solomon could see.

Solomon watched as MC hopped into the bushes. "You know, people who spar tend to stay in the sparring circle, but I think I'll make an exception given your" Solomon chuckled. "current position in this fight. I mean, I hardly even attacked you and I'm winning. Who knew slapping you in the head would make me a victor?" Solomon taunted, trying to get on MC's nerves while attempting to track him with his sense of hearing, listening for any rustle in the bushes. "But I'll give you credit. If you were using your powers, we may be at least equally matched."

But MC was trained in one thing Solomon wasn't: Fear. MC cut his finger, covered himself in blood, and screamed as loud as he could.

Solomon, who was expecting a bit of rustling in the bushes, wasn't prepared for a loud scream, but reflexes kicked in. Wherever there was a scream like that, there is someone in danger, he always thought. He ran to the source of the scream and found MC, drenched in blood. "Mother of Chaos..." he cursed under his breath.

"Ha!" shouted MC, drenching Solomon in blood. (Boy, if I wasn't here imagine how much less gore there would be.)

"What the bloody (heh) hell?!" Solomon shouted, trying to get the crimson off of his face. "What is all this?!"

MC took advantage of the confusion and roundhouse kicked Solomon in the face.

The kick was enough to send Solomon spinning towards the ground. He got onto his knees and stared at his arms and hands, staring at the blood. "No...Not again...damn you..." he stuttered, bowing his head and sobbing. Solomon could now hear an oh-so familiar voice whispering between his ears. "I trained you not to be a fighter, stupid child. I trained you to be a killer. One who ends life quickly and brually. You could have really used my teachings during the war, the massacre. Could've saved many lives, but you hold back, so go on, kid." Solomon looked back up at MC, eyes glowing red with hatred and fury. "Become the monster." He growled in a deeper, animal-like voice. He rushed at MC on all fours, and pounced, claws sharpened.

"Oh hell no." whispered MC, turning the blood into mist and evaporating it. "Mate, I was going too far, I admit that, but are you really gonna kill me?" 

"Of cour-" Solomon closed his eyes and put a hand to his head, like he was trying to banish a thought from his mind. "No more, Saul! GET OUT!" He commanded to no one present. After that, he slowly lowered his hand and opened his eyes, which were now back to his natural teal color. "You have no idea what you just did, MC." he murmured. "I-I'm going to go back to the others. I just hope I don't kill any of them..." He sulked away, using tress to support him whenever he passed one.


Food was being served at the festival. Among the foods where fried potatoes, fried fish, and more exotic foods. Kreedokuns where feasting on piles of meat from non-Mobian dinosaurs. Children and adults where jumping to the Kreedokuns back and getting quick rides to the nearest food stops and places where other raptors danced. Houses where painted in a beautiful purple, silver, and gold, and precious metals and jewels from the nearby volcano where given to civilians without an price.

"M-m-meat!" shouted MC, diving at the pile of dino meat. "Beautiful meat!" he screamed as he buried himself in. He ate so much that the pile was gone. "Forward unto the meat!"

Solomon leaned back on the side of a house near the food and toyed with a diamond the size of a golf ball, tossing it up and down and observing it, like he was trying to get his mind off of what happened earlier.

"It's all freaking mine!!"

Several raptors where talking to each over, and at the same time chowing down on some raw onions and potatoes. One of them pulled out some dinosaur jerky and took a bite out of. They continued to talk.

MC let out a burp so loud, it drowned out the noise. He then farted, which was so smelly it knocked everyone around him out.

[That's not god-modding? Or is it? *Actually doesn't know, since we're not in battle.*]

"Sorry everyone, I needed to get that out." (I don't think any people controlled characters are next to MC, just generic raptors and Kreedokun's) "*spits* Well looke here, another tooth! Wait a minute, is this a adult tooth?" said MC, smiling. He gave everyone a look at his, well, less than hygenic teeth. He was missing 6 teeth, all of which were covered in grime and plaque. "Wheres the loo?"

"It's over there," Cassidy said as he pointed at a nearby huge bush, The young raccoon was enjoying some salmon.

"Thanks. If you see a mushroom cloud, stay away. WELL AWAY." A green glow emanated from the bushes. "Cor, you won't want to go there for a week."

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