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Fur: bronze-orange

Hair: rusty orange

Eyes: hazel-ish brown
Dark gray with single light gray stripe dress

Dark purple scarf

Black fingerless gloves with flame cuffs

Pink heart hairclip

gray shoes

darker gray-black socks
Fire-Flame user Status Changing


Rokon, Vee, and some others are in a special group called the "Pokemon Protection League". Or just PPL for short. Which is generally a group of Pokemon that go around helping others. They always search for new members to join them.

Rokon is a young Vulpix girl who looks to be younger then she really is. She is about 14-15 years old but looks to be about as tall as Tails, maybe an inch bigger. Rokon lives with the others in their hidden base and is on the Hero/Good side.

She is currently single, and not too focused on dating just yet..


Being a flame elementist, Rokon's attacks mainly consist of flames or fire somehow.

  • Will-o-wisp: Purple and blue flames appear and swirl around the target.
  • Confuse Ray: A simple beam of bright energy that confuses the target.
  • Captivate: A distracting technique that comes in handy for quick escapes or in need of information.
  • Fire blast: A blast of fire.

Hobbies and Talents

Rokon really enjoys going out and exploring in her free time. She also enjoys collecting cute fire/flamed based items like necklaces, keychains, lighters.

Being a little bit trigger happy with her abilities, she comes in real handy in many spots that may prove difficult for others. So a hobby of hers would most likely be just helping others


  • Water. She both hates it, and it nulls her fire/flames.
  • Again, she's quite trigger happy which can cause problems.
  • Rokon has a big temper...


Vee and rokon

"Job well done Rokon~!"

Rokon is a usually quiet Vulpix with a short temper. She grew up being taunted and teased due to her six tails and due to this, she's pretty sensitive in regards to both it, and her height.

A rather curious girl with a lot on her mind. Rokon is usually pretty nice, but she tend's to think rather darkly and is easy to annoy or grow upset when things don't go the way she imagined or had planned.

Rokon is not spoiled or greedy, but she tends to think about everything and everyone who is not her friend as a distraction instead. Rokon also may seem cute, and while she is, she usually talks with a sarcastic tone of voice...


  • winning
  • nice weather
  • darkness
  • heat/warmth
  • having fun
  • favorite foods: Anything spicy, Candy, cakes, Grape juice, soda.


  • Water
  • the beach
  • Being TOO hot
  • Hate foods: Water, Plain tea and milk, soups, sauced foods.


Rokon sit
Rokon is an dry brown/orange mix color with almost hazel colored eyes. She has a small brown button nose and brown/red coloring in her ears. Her hair is a very soft orange color with messy bangs, but curled parts at the very top. Her tail also follows this pattern. Rokon wears a dark gray dress with a single lighter gray, big stripe down the center. Two pink hearts, resembling pockets are seen on each side and she wears dark gray socks with shoes foollowing the same pattern. On her hands she wears fingerless black gloves with fire shaped bracelets. She wears a light pink heart shaped hairclip and a dark purple scarf with her badge attached to it.


  • Her name is based off of the Japenese name for Vulpix.
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