Cquote1 As much as I wish Metal Sonic hadn't attacked my old tribe...I realize that if he hadn't, I wouldn't be where I am today. I wouldn't have known what it was like to be a warrior. Cquote2
Speaking with Fox, Unknown Story

Rogue Squad, formerly known simply as Silver's tribe, is a group that regularly appears in The Legend of Fox the Brave. They were originally a splinter group from the Megastone Rogues, but this was changed following the series overhaul.


Leader: Silver the Lucario; Male Lucario with a large white mark on his nose and a short scar on his face

Deputy: Samu Komm; Male Totem Kommo-o


  • Thistle the Jolteon; Male Jolteon
  • Aaron the Aggron; Male Aggron
  • Cobalt the Houndoom; Male Houndoom
  • Aero the Aerodactyl; Male Aerodactyl
  • Rokky the Krokorok; Male Krokorok
  • Simon Komm; Young human man
  • Hunter the Marowak; Male Alolan Marowak
  • Puck the Sandslash; Male Alolan Sandslash
  • Veila the Ninetales; Female Alolan Ninetales
  • Trapjaw the Drednaw; Male Drednaw
  • Thumper the Raboot; Male Raboot
  • Boltrunner the Boltund; Male Boltund with a scar on his right eye, and a torn ear
  • Windstrike the Boltund; Female Boltund

Previous Members:

  • Michael Smith; Male Mobian German Shepherd with white fur and a long scar on his neck. Left to join the Storm Fighters, and later died of injuries sustained in battle
  • Tanner the Fox; Male Mobian red fox. Left to return to his Pack on Angel Island
  • Mitch the Flygon; Male Shiny Flygon. Fate unknown after the Great Rebellion
  • Mudd the Druddigon; Old male Druddigon. Allowed the tribe to shelter at his cave before they relocated to Red Gate City following Silver's second battle with Metal Sonic, left after Silver awoke from his coma


Rogue Squad are as fiercely determined to protect the Worlds as the rest of the Storming Alliance. They are considered the least aggressive of the Alliance Teams, due to Silver's calm, levelheaded leadership


Like most of the populous of the Worlds, they believe in the Spirits in the Stars

Base of Operations

Before joining the Storming Alliance, the tribe didn't have a set home. They wandered Mobius with the intention of bringing a stop to Metal Sonic's conquest. There are three known locations where they stayed for a while: the cave of a Druddigon loner named Mudd, Red Gate City, and the Mystic Ruins forest.

After joining the Storming Alliance, the tribe, now known as Rogue Squad, lived at the Storming Base.


The tribe was first formed when Silver took leadership of a small "clan" of Pokemon, which were really just five refugees taking shelter from various attacks. Wary of "Eggman's" attacks, Silver sets up regular patrols. Not long after this, Silver had his first fight with Neo Metal Sonic since their first encounter. Silver is badly beaten, and the young loner Michael is captured. Silver is forced to stay at Mudd's gave to recover from his injuries following the battle, and during this, Mudd found the Houndoomite and Aggronite for Cobalt and Aaron respectively. After Silver fully recovered, he went up to the Egg Fleet with Aero and Mitch to rescue Michael, and engaged Metal Sonic again. This time, Silver was beaten worse than before, narrowly being rescued by Aero before Metal Sonic could kill him. Just before the battle, Mitch had rescued Michael, but remained near the ship while Silver was still on board. While Silver was still unconscious, the tribe moved on to Red Gate City, to hide better from Metal Sonic. When Silver woke up, Mudd and Tanner both left the tribe for their own reasons; Tanner wanted to return to his Pack, and Mudd said he was too old to be caught up in constant fighting. The tribe remained in Red Gate City while Silver recovered from his injuries. Once Silver was recovered enough to travel, the tribe set out to Mystic Ruins. However, they were beset by an attack from Metal Sonic. While the tribe battled, Metal Sonic attempted to capture a very young Stan the Wolf for unknown reasons. Silver fought Metal Sonic as Mega Lucario, managing to defeat his old enemy despite a broken ankle. After the battle, they move on to the Mystic Ruins, where they encounter some Pokemon of Silver's old tribe

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Rogue Squad is the second Team whose origin was not shown in a modern story, but rather in a prequel, the first being the Storm Fighters

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