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Rodney has amber colored fur, and black triangle-like markings on his white muzzle. He has a ringed tail, and medium-sized ears, and he has a strong build. He wears a black suit, along with a navy-blue tie, and black dress-shoes. He has light blue eyes. 


Rodney is very calm, and he is relatively laid back when someone first meets him. However, making friends with him is very hard because he is actually very high-strees. When extremely stressed, he might lash out ocassionally. He is very uptight, but caring. He cares very much for his company, as he put much work into it. He will do anything for his company. He cares very much for his friends, family, and employees. He would do almost anything for them, but it puts him on high-stress.


Childhood, Teens, and Mother's Passing

Rodney was raised by a single mother and next to his younger brother, Charlie. His mother was constantly never around, working and raising him and Charlie. This gave Rodney the envision to want to better, and make his mother and Charlie happy and proud. At age sixteen, he worked as an intern at a large company, and was very successful and was offered a job. It paid relatively well, but not enough to make a living for him and his family. His mother slowly got sick with a life-threatening disease. Charlie soon left the house to become an actor, and Rodney was left to use his job and the money he earned to take care of him and his mother.

When Rodney turned eighteen, his mother died shortly after his birthday. Her final words to him were," I'm very proud of you and I only hope of you to become successful." Rodney realized he needed to do what his mother envisioned him to do. Rodney soon started his own company, which became successful many years later.

Life With a Company

Rodney's successful company soon attracted villains who asked him to donate money. Rodney reluctantly agreed, being convinced that donating the money would go to a good cause and the villains were good people. He soon donated much more money overtime, letting the villains build up how they needed, using the money how they wanted. Rodney overtime continued to donate larger amounts. He belived what he was doing was right, and belived the villains to be a charity.


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Rodney is rather oblivious to his surroundings, as he doesn't seem to know what the villains are doing with his money. He is also rather naiive. Also, his lack of powers allow him to be easily attacked, also because he cannot fight back properly.


  • His brother Charlie is much more evil than him, and rather self-centered.
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