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Cquote1 Discipline is the core of any great Hunter... but wisdom and kindness are the core of a good man. Cquote2
Rocky Mackintosh, The Huntstonian Chronicles

With incredible power and giant axe in hand, Rocky Mackintosh will crush the opposition as if they were a mere nest of sparrow eggs. He is one of the youngest Master Hunters in Huntstonian history and possesses the power, wisdom, and discipline expected of one holding such a respected rank. Thank goodness he is nowhere near as arrogant as his twin sister, eh?

He appears as a supporting character in The Huntstonian Chronicles, where he and Aloe first appear giving the youngest of the Von Fang sisters a present as their congratulations to her graduation. Later on, they are sent by their hometown’s sage to investigate a strange occurrence...


Rocky is a Mobian panther standing at five feet, eight inches tall and sporting a greatly muscular physical figure with fairly large and pronounced muscles. Much of his body sports fur taking on a deep purple coloration. He also sports a muzzle, a pair of rounded ears, and torso fur that all sport a dark grey coloration, as well as a pair of eyes bearing green irises and a small, black nose at the very tip of his muzzle.

Rocky’s outfit consists of a properly-worn, khaki military coat with brown accents, underneath which is a plain white, form-fitting tank top. He also dons a pair of dark blue cargo pants held up by a brown leather belt with a silver buckle, as well as a pair of brown combat boots with lighter brown accents, in which the lower legs of his pants are tucked. He also dons a set of iron armor consisting of a breastplate, shoulder pauldrons, arm guards, and greaves with kneecap plating.


Rocky is commonly known to be incredibly well-disciplined and formal - albeit straightforward and blunt to a fault - in his mannerisms, befitting for one of the youngest Master Hunters in Huntstonian history. Being among those of elite social status in Huntstonian society, Rocky’s very presence exudes an aura that demands a great level of respect. However, very much unlike his more haughty and arrogant twin sister, he is far more humble and less condescending to others, including the Von Fang sisters.

That said, he does not mince his words and everything that comes out of his mouth is more than likely to be his genuine thoughts. Sometimes, Rocky can be far too honest for his own good and can inadvertently put someone off without any intention of doing so. Thankfully, his own sense of humility allows him to recognize when and where he has done wrong and will not hesitate to make any necessary apologies known to the receiving party.

As one of Huntstonia’s youngest Master Hunters, he sports the wisdom and intelligence to perfectly complement his incredible power, both in melee combat and in spellcasting. Though not necessarily sage-like, there is a surprisingly profound wisdom to be found his rather simplistic philosophy and view of life, often stemming from how he finds it difficult to understand why so many people are heavily concerned with arguing about even the most trivial of matters and how much he values the little things in life that make it worth living.

He is also known to be a team player and finds great value in working with others. Often times, he will likely leap in to defend another from imminent harm and will fight like hell to keep his comrades safe when it counts. He also often encourages his allies, even in the face of bitter defeat.



  • Aloe Vera Mackintosh - as his twin sister, Rocky loves Aloe dearly and would go through hell and back for her sake, as well as stand by her until the very end. That said, her own arrogance does rub him the wrong way at times and the two are not beyond arguing on occasion.


  • Windy Von Fang - Rocky sees great potential lying within the young wolf cub and has expressed his desire to mentor her personally. That aside, he finds Windy to be a be a genuinely sweet lass, in spite of her occasional and slight arrogance in the sciences.
  • Glacier Von Fang - the eldest of the Von Fang siblings, they initially did got off on the wrong foot partially due to their respective associations with Aloe. Thankfully, Glacier has since realized that the Master Hunter is very much not like his twin sister and are generally more amicable with one another.
  • Aqua Von Fang - out of the Von Fang siblings, Aqua is by far the one he is the closest with as actual friends and comrades. They often spend their free time training together and sparring with one another, mostly when neither of them are busy. Some have noticed that Aqua is a lot friendlier with him if you catch their drift, though Rocky himself doesn't seem to have picked up on that.


  • Voltage Bouncealot - While he holds a great respect for her strength and combat ability, Rocky isn't too keen on Voltage's brash and unrefined demeanor.
  • Ricky Carraway - Rocky finds the young tiger to be strange, to put it lightly. He is aware of his mental instability, though he doesn’t think of him any less for it, unlike many others. In fact, he wishes to help him out regarding that matter. That said, he does remain wary of his violent tendencies and will not hesitate to strike him down should he go ballistic.

Powers and Abilities

As a Master Hunter, Rocky is incredibly adept at spellcasting and armed combat. Due to having received his blessing from the Huntstone of Earth, Rocky possesses a strong affinity for the element of Earth, granting him access to some of the most powerful spells pertaining to that element. He also sports some level of geokinesis, which he primarily uses through creating walls of stone to either protect his comrades or prevent the enemy from retreating, as well as creating deadly fissures, among others.

Rocky also sports an incredible level of physical strength, able to break through steel walls with merely a few punches and perfectly capable of carrying objects several times his weight. He makes use of this through wielding his Hunter Staff in its giant axe form, which he can carry either with both hands or only one, cleaving right through the enemy with just a few well-executed swings either way. Meanwhile, his physical durability is a perfect complement to his incredible strength, meaning that is more than capable of taking just as much punishment as he can dish out, if not more. This makes Rocky the perfect frontline combatant and can be just as much of a shield for his comrades as much as a deadly blade unleashed upon the enemy.

It should be noted that Rocky isn’t simply a bull-headed brute, as he is a perfectly-capable strategist and leader to those working alongside him. In fact, if proven to be the most effective solution, he is more than willing to resort to surprise attacks and slightly-underhanded tactics to get the job done. Aside from that, he is capable of reading ancient text, though others do admittedly excel at this field far more than he himself does.


  • Hunter Staff - Rocky’s primary weapon, it normally assumes a staff form meant for spellcasting by default. However, it can assume the form of a giant axe at Rocky’s command.


  • Stats are based from 1-10. 1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest.

Attack: 9 - Rocky is one of the most powerful physical fighters for Huntstonians around his age, able to swing his axe around with no visible difficulty.

Defense: 8 - He is also incredibly durable to match, able to tank a large amount of hits before going down. It also helps that his fighting style is geared towards defense and punishing the opponent.

Speed: 6 - Rocky is surprisingly fast for a man of his stature. Thanks to his durability, he is able to charge towards the enemy without much worry.

Magic: 7 - Rocky is just as adept in his spellcasting as he is in his melee combat prowess, befitting a Master Hunter.

Evasion: 4 - Despite his decent speed, he isn’t all that agile or nimble. This means that his ability to evade is fairly weak; given his overall physical condition, however, he’d hardly need to dodge.

Intelligence: 7 - As a Master Hunter, Rocky is quite adept at forming strategies and is a more-than-capable leader when the situation calls for him to step up.

Skills: 8 - Let's just say that there were a few reasons that Rocky became a Master Hunter so quickly. His skill in armed and unarmed combat, spellcasting, and strategizing were all a few vital ones.

Accuracy: 6 - Considering Rocky’s focus on raw power through a more defensive fighting style, it’s safe to say that being accurate in his strikes isn’t anywhere near the top of his priorities.

Stamina: 8 - Rocky has conditioned his physical body to be able to keep itself up, even in a particularly tough fight, and can consequently keep himself going for as long as he has to.

Tolerance: 7 - His above-average physical condition allows him to handle a greater amount of pain than the average Mobian can, though his body still does have clear limits.

Overall: 70%


While his physical prowess, strategic planning, and spellcasting ability are among the best in his batch, he is quite slow in more ways than one. In battle, being a defensive fighter means that he spends more time thinking on what to do than actually doing anything, making it possible for a more proactive opponent to easily get the jump on him, and his speed and agility isn’t the most impressive either.

As for his spellcasting abilities, he only has a limited pool of mana he can use to cast his spells before running low and having to recover for a short while, as most Hunters are subject to. Emptying his mana pool limits naturally limits his combat options. Additionally, having a strong affinity for the Earth element leaves him vulnerable to Hunters with an affinity for the Forest element, including his own sister, Aloe.

Meanwhile, for as jovial and amicable he can be, Rocky’s bluntness in his words can and has rubbed people the wrong way on occasion. His heavy association with his more obnoxiously-haughty twin sister has only made some people quick to assume that he is just as bad as her. In addition, he can be quite dense and oblivious in social interaction at times, occasionally missing some common cues that most others pick up.


"You best learn to work with us while we’re here together, comrade. If the strength of one falters, the strength of the team will follow."
—Rocky stressing the importance of teamwork.
"Whether it ends in victory or defeat, every worthwhile battle is a valuable lesson."
—Rocky asserting that one shouldn’t feel ashamed in the face of defeat, just as how one shouldn’t become overconfident in victory.
"Better to be dealt a fruitful defeat than a hollow victory."
—A more blunt manner of Rocky asserting his opinion towards the outcome of a battle


  • Rocky was originally conceived as almost every bit as haughty and arrogant as his twin sibling. However, some suggestions on Crimson’s part changed him to the decidedly more-friendly yet blunt individual he is now.
  • Rocky is voiced by Edward Bosco, who has previously voiced Chipp Zanuff from Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN- and, more importantly, Viktor from Paladins.
    • He also sports Viktor’s distinctly-Russian accent and some of his characteristics, including his values regarding teamwork and having comrades and friends.
    • On that note, he bears some similarities to Kakashi Hatake from the Naruto series in the latter regard as well.
  • He was originally supposed to sport a larger-than-normal revolver not unlike the one carried by Roger from Mobile Legends as a sidearm, though that was eventually cut.
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