Rockin the Riolu
Good (Formally neutral)
None, formally a ninja student.
Voice Actor (English):
Voice Actor (Japanese):
Telemancy, keen Aura powers, photographic memory, and agility.
Weapon of choice:
A large stick.
Creepy-stalker-guy (Sharia, random guy), Hostile fool (Idle), Strawberry FACE (zoe)

Rockin the Riolu is a anthropic riolu whom can use both aura and telemancey.


Early History

Rockin lived in a village near the ocean. Nobody knew who his parents were, and he was placed in an orphanage. He was treated horribly by other children, and was treated dumbly by his teachers. He never, however, hated them. Even with his abilities, he was never trained and hadn't used them against them. Years later, Idle the Dead came to the village late in the night and took him to the Duat.


Rockin was the second outcast taken by Idle. He had spent two nights in the large stadium Idle had built before the third had come. Rockin, zoe, and Ragu became close friends. They were fear stricken by Idle, and, although they didn't want to, fought each other.

Idle taught them how to fight and use Dark Solarakinesis. He pitted them against each other to see whom was strongest. Finally, he decided Rockin or zoe were strongest. He found another outcast weeks later and added her. Kara was a tough fighter as well, and easily rose to be the strongest of the four. She had also become a close friend, though not as close. Her and Rockin were extreme rivals in the battlefield, and their personalities tended to clash.

Months later, Rockin, Kara, zoe, and Ragu had escaped. They had decided never to speak Idle's name in case he was near. They also swore upon a great oak tree never to use the Dark Solarakinesis they were cursed with. Afterwards, they went their separate ways.

Ninja Days

Rockin had been a loner for quite some time before finally becoming part of a ninja school. He had been a very low student, and had to work there to earn his keep. The Sensei had looked down on him, and occasionally ridiculed him. After weeks of humility, someone had become his friend, Sharia. She had been the Sensei's pride and joy, if he had found out they were friends he would have fainted. They became good friends until Rockin had to leave. They promised to one day see each other again, though this will probably never happen.


Rockin is a lone wolf. He has trouble trusting people and can be very suspicious of others. He can get very focused on things and tends to look at the good in most people. He can be very forgiving. He was described as the "Hostile One" by Idle and zoe. This can be hard to picture, but when he is focused on fighting it can be considered an understatement. He hates lies and such.


  • Telemance
  • Aura
  • Dark solarkinesis

Friends, Enemies




  • Random people who made fun of him.



  • Myria


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