Rocket the Hedgefoxidna is the son of Hardrock the Echidna and Betty the Hedgefox and a member of the Freedom Fighters Mk. II.

Rocket the Hedgefoxidna

Biographical Information
  • Post Heartless Saga Gen II: 16
  • Second Heartless Threat: 18
Romantic InterestsMelody "Grace" Mongoose
Physical Description
  • Fur: Black, w/ dark tan muzzle
  • Eyes: Crystal blue
  • Possesses Fox tail & a tan mark on his chest
  • Blue jacket
  • Black t-shirt
  • Blue jeans
  • Black sneakers
  • Gold necklace
  • Gray fingerless gloves w/ knuckleblade holders
Political Alignment and Abilities
Weaponry Jian (Sword)
  • Super Strength
  • Omnikinetic
  • Swordsmanship, specializing in the Jian
  • Gliding
  • Advanced hand-to-hand combat
  • Chaos Manipulation
  • Talented singer/rapper
  • Skilled with R&B dancing
Super Forms
Other Information
American V.A.
Japanese V.A.
Theme Song(s)
Original CreatorFlashfire212 & SallyGirl

Physical Description

Rocket somewhat resembles his father, with black fur and a dark tanned muzzle, but with his mother's eyes and tail. He has long dreadlocks and knuckleblades, and a weird tan mark on his chest, with a very muscular frame.


Rocket wears a blue jacket, black t-shirt, blue jeans, black sneakers and a pair of his father's fingerless gloves with knuckleblade covers. He also wears a necklace with a piece of crystalline Heartless tendril sealed within it.


Early Life

Rocket was born after the timeline change to Hardrock the Echidna and Betty the Hedgefox. As a child, he was born with a strange mark on his chest, shaped like a Heartless tendril's print. Worried that Rocket may have some Heartless genetics, Hardrock and Betty had him checked over by Dr. Prower, and the word was given that his genetic structure was unique - he had resistance to Heartless powers, and could manipulate all elements, an omnikinetic. It was theorized that this was due to a strange mutation in Hardrock's powers, but Dr. Prower was unsure if that was the true cause. As such, Rocket grew up with great stresses placed upon him by his parents. His twin sister Pinky, however, didn't notice, and as such, she was spoiled by their parents, while Rocket was treated with similar kindness, but less gifts. Even so, he had singing and dance lessons, as well as sword lessons from his father and a professional swordsman, with his skills being revealed to be in the Jian sword. He also had lessons from both parents and their friends, especially Greg the Hedgidna and Daniel the Hedgidna, both elemental masters that were his father's good friends.

Love and Misunderstanding

Rocket grew into a powerful sixteen year old, hanging out with his sister, as well as their childhood friends, Melody "Grace" Mongoose and Funky the Squirrel, in a team they called The Summer Paladins, working from the name of Greg, Hardrock and Funky's dad Groove's old team name, The Blue Knights. While in high school, he started to date Melody and became quite sexually active with her. However, one night, while doing the deed, his laptop was still open and on, with his webcam running without him realizing. When Melody noticed this, she was heartbroken and believed that Rocket was filming them to show his friends. Later on that day, a new kid, Sulfur the Hedgehog arrived, and Rocket noticed Melody hanging around with him. Thinking that she was cheating on him, Rocket left her a note announcing their breakup and ran away from home, taking only his Jian with him.

Return of the Heartless

Rocket began to travel with rumors of deceit racing through his mind, aimed at that new kid that Melody had been seeing. He researched Sulfur's history, and discovered that the pyrokinetic had a false past, so he investigated further. Suddenly, Sulfur attacked him from behind with a Heartless tendril, smashing Rocket into the wall before laughing, claiming that Rocket's alternate self was a much tougher foe. The hybrid listened in horror as Sulfur revealed his history as son of Heartless Sonic, the prince of the Heartless in the Heartless timeline that Melody's grandfather had cut off. As such, the Heartless had developed to the point where many heartless-possessed Mobians from that timeline were having children to continue the war, so a mixture of Heartless and Mobian DNA was what swam through his veins. Sulfur shrugged off questions of his mother, but revealed his plan for Melody, whom he had fallen in love with. He planned to marry her in two years, and then with her as his queen, start a new Heartless Empire. With that, he attacked Rocket again, with both teens now going all out with omnikinesis, bringing the battle to a stalemate. After the beating, Sulfur disappeared, leaving Rocket alone, but also leaving one last threat - if he went near Melody again, Sulfur would kill him. Ignoring the warning, Rocket began to train, preparing for the wedding.

Storming the Wedding

Within the two years, Rocket improved all of his skills to beyond his previous maximum, and got word from Pinky, his contact at home, that the wedding was to happen within two weeks, before providing him with the location and time of the wedding. Rocket raced there, and spent two weeks hiding within the dense scrub-land outside the old, run-down chapel in the middle of nowhere that Sulfur chose. By doing so, Rocket saw many Heartless Hybrids and Heartless-possessed Mobians arrive and take on different physical traits and forms through Heartless powers, the family and friends of the groom. Then, on the day, he saw his old friends, as well as family and other people Melody knew. Most were stunned by the choice of chapel, but ignored it and tried to get along with the groom's family, not knowing the truth. Soon after the ceremony began, Rocket snuck inside, ignoring the guards and ushers and hid in the back of the room, obviously not formally dressed. Then, the priest said the words he had been waiting for. "If anyone has any reason for this couple not to be wedded in holy matrimony, may they speak now or forever hold their peace." Instantly, Rocket screamed "Yeah, I got a reason!" and stood up, storming down the aisle. Melody was stunned, while Sulfur had an expression full of hatred. As he reached the alter, he began to explain the truth - he still loved Melody, and Sulfur was a wolf in sheep's clothing, a Heartless/Mobian hybrid. Immediately, the groom's side began to protest, but a few familiar forms began to leak out, alerting the bride's party. Heartless Sonic hurled off his disguise, but held back when Sulfur requested that he lead the battle. Immediately, Melody's grandfather, Will the Echidna, challenged the young Heartless, battling with great strength, but Sulfur forced Will to enter his Blazing form, then his HyperBlazing form, but couldn't cause any damage to the powerful hybrid, who defeated him by partially entering a Heartless form. He then challenged Rocket to a duel - if Rocket wins, Melody is free, whereas if Sulfur wins, Melody would be kidnapped. Rocket agreed and entered the duel, but as they did that, the other Heartless attacked the rest of the bride's party, killing a friend of her mother and the priest. Rocket, using all of his new-found power, easily overwhelmed Sulfur, who released his Heartless form, and revealed an ability that was rarely spoken of by the veterans of the Heartless war - he summoned his Nobody, a clone of his base form with no emotion and no ability to feel pain, and the power of his Heartless form, before the duo began to rain blows on Rocket. However, as they did, Will opened up his gates and gave Rocket a boost of pure Chaos energy, awakening his Super form and allowing him to easily defeat the Nobody and bring Sulfur to a draw. Sulfur spat at him and told him to finish the battle and kill him, and Rocket hesitated. Will, on the other hand, didn't hesitate, creating a portal between the worlds and kicking Sulfur straight through, before entering his UltraBlazing form and entering the battle outside, alongside Super Rocket, which triggered Heartless Sonic to warp his people back home, vowing revenge. Melody, seeing Rocket in obvious pain, raced over to heal him, and as she did, she kissed him and agreed to take him back, to the cheers of the crowd.

A Happy Future

Five years later, Rocket and Melody are revealed to have gotten married, and that Melody had given birth to twin girls, Harmony the Hedgefoxidna and Star the Monchidna. Rocket comments that both girls will grow up to be beautiful, like their mother, which causes Melody to break down into tears. After another two years, they have their third child, Sonic Jr. the Hedgefoxidna, named after Melody's great grandfather due to his appearance, with traits of both Sonic and Rocket.


Rocket, due to the strange genetic mutation he was noticed with, has somehow developed omnikinesis and the ability to manipulate Chaos powers, which he uses to great effect in ranged combat, as well as physical combat. He also inherited his father's physical strength and his mother's reflexes, which make his physical combat skills extremely threatening. Rocket is also a trained swordsman, with his hand-made Jian often seeing battle alongside the rest of his power and physical armada. Rocket's final advantage over most of his enemies is his resistance to Heartless powers - the same genetic mutation that granted his extreme powers also causes Heartless powers to simply break upon him to no effect. He also inherited both the Immunity ability from his mother, making him immune to poisons, and the powerful Protogan Eye from his father, an ocular ability that is believed to be the progenitor of the Sharingan Eye of the Knuckles Clan. However, Rocket's greatest weakness is speed. Despite having high speed reflexes, he is reasonably slow, and as such normally ends up taking great damage from any high-speed move. In the years after the wedding issue, he has started summoning, with his main summons being a group of Elemental Spirits known as the Elemental Sages

Fire Abilities

Dragon Abilities

  • Dragon Claw (Learned while on the two years away, w/ knuckleblades)
  • Dragon Wind (Learned while on the two years away)

Ice Abilities

Electric Abilities

Storm Abilities

Light Abilities

Darkness Abilities

Earth Abilities

Wind Abilities

Water Abilities

Nature Abilities

Insect-style Abilities

Poison Abilities

Psychic Abilities

Spatial Abilities

Temporal Abilities

Elementless Abilities

Chaos Powers

Forms and Fusions

Super Rocket

Solar Rocket

HyperBlazing Rocket

Dark Rocket

Kurai Rocket


Rocket is classed as the traditional "tall, dark and handsome, mysterious bad boy type". He is strong-willed and hot-headed, not a very good combo in an omnikinetic. He is also loud, rebellious, cocky and independent. However, he is also a kind, caring and sensitive kind of guy. By studying cooking and martial arts, as well as being one of the most popular kids in the school through getting good grades and being captain of the school football team, he is extremely popular with the girls, whom he normally turns down as gently as possibly, barring Melody, whom he is completely loyal to, even when he believed she loved Sulfur.

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