Rocket the Fox is a handsome, thick-pelted red fox. While a minor character in The Legend of Fox the Brave as a whole, Rocket is the titular protagonist of The Lost Story of Rocket the Fox. He hails from Soleanna Forest, but spent some time in Mobotropolis after losing his family. He is best-known for being Fox's grandfather, therefore a descendant of Redstone, and subsequently one of Sonic.EXE's many victims in his quest for vengeance against Redstone's kin.


Redstone is a stocky, thick-pelted, anthropomorphic red fox. He has a somewhat long scar on the right side of his neck from Sonic.EXE's first failed attempt on his life.


Rocket is a cool, calm, and collected individual. He is confident and slow to anger, but can get easily irritated sometimes. He is a very understanding and kind person, and can be a bit defensive at times.


Before the Series/The Lost Story of Rocket the Fox: Rocket and another, unnamed cub were born to Andrew and his mate Dahlia in Soleanna Forest. However Rocket's unnamed sibling died shortly after birth, and Andrew and Dahlia became overprotective of Rocket, which he despised greatly. Rocket became rebellious, constantly wandering off on his own, until he was attacked by a territorial Ursaring and chased into a dead end. He was saved by a fellow runaway, Rynok the Rhyhorn. Rynok guided Rocket home and left, also leaving the cub to deal with his angry father. A few days later, Rocket is awoken by Rynok, who warns him that Sonic.EXE is returning. Rocket tries warning his family, who don't believe him, especially since Rocket had been grounded for sneaking off. Sonic.EXE appears and attacks them. Andrew and Rynok try to hold the demon off, but Andrew is killed. Dahlia falls behind, begging Rocket to keep running before she is killed too, and Rocket is badly wounded. After he recovers, Rocket is being taken care of by a Raichu and a cat. Rynok breaks the news of Andrew and Dahlia's deaths, prompting Rocket to leave, heading for Mobotropolis. Shortly after his arrival, Rocket meets an abandoned Treecko that Pounds him in the face when he tries to comfort the frightened Wood Gecko Pokemon. Rocket is insistent, and earns Treecko's trust; with Treecko surprised that Rocket could understand him, since Treecko couldn't speak English. Treecko quickly becomes friends with Rocket, despite his initial suspicions of Mahna when they first meet her. Soon, Rocket and Mahna were ambushed by Robotnik and a Seviper that accompanied him. Treecko revealed that Robotnik was the one who abandoned him after being unable to find anything out about Mega Evolution from Treecko. Angry, Rocket has Treecko attack, and the Wood Gecko evolves into Grovyle in the process, and defeats Robotnik's Seviper. Rocket also manages to nab a Sceptilite and Key Stone. Rocket and Grovyle remained close friends, while Mahna-now expecting Rocket's cubs-was captured for roboticization after revealing himself. Furious at Robotnik targeting his mate, Rocket had Grovyle attack, freeing Mahna and an Axew Rocket and Grovyle gave to Jules. Despite his reluctance, Rocket is forced to flee on Grovyle's insistence when Rocket wants to stay back and save the other Mobians. After escaping, Mahna soon has Rocket's cubs, Torch and Ember, and they flee from Mobotropolis, heading for Shadow Woods Village-led by Wrecker Rhyperior(Rynok's father), taking a newly-evolved Zoroark named Nightclaw with them. After a while, they return to their burrow in the forest outside Mobotropolis and are able to live in peace with Robotnik busy with the Freedom Fighters. Sonic.EXE attempts to attack Torch and Ember while the cubs are playing hide-and-seek with Grovyle, but is beaten by Grovyle. While Rocket is getting his sons to safety, Grovyle evolves into Sceptile, and the pair later visit Sir Charles the Hedgehog, who figured out the purpose of the Mega Stone and Key Stone Rocket had previously given him. Rocket is given the Key Stone and Sceptile is given a band to wear around his neck to hold his new Sceptilite. During a major battle against Robotnik's forces and the Freedom Fighters, Rocket and his family remain out of the conflict until Sonic.EXE returns yet again. This time, the demon is successful in killing Mahna and wounding Ember-who she'd been carrying-and Ember disappears. Sceptile and Nightclaw hold off Sonic.EXE and Robotnik's forces, insisting Rocket flee with Torch. Rocket takes Torch back to Soleanna Forest, where they meet Rynok, who is now a Rhydon. Rynok tells Rocket about his project, called Rockhead Village. The red fox agrees to come along and help, and give Torch a more permanent home to live in. Shortly after the Village's completion, Rocket is attacked and murdered by Sonic.EXE, who can't kill Torch because Rynok is protecting him.


While Rocket has now powers of his own, he commonly uses Pokemon to fight.

Rocket's Pokemon:


  • Pokemon: Sceptile
  • Gender: Male
  • Ability: Overgrow/Mega Evolved Ability: Lightning Rod
  • Moveset: Frenzy Plant/Dragon Claw/Dual Chop/Leaf Storm
  • Item: Sceptilite
  • Description: Rocket's second but most faithful partner. Even after Rocket's death, Sceptile guarded the burrow he once called home, awaiting the return of his life-long friend until Rynok told him of Rocket's demise. Rocket and Sceptile don't view each other as Trainer and Pokemon, but rather close friends or brothers. Sceptile was killed by Sonic.EXE in Rynok's Journey, able to reunite with his old friend in the Spirits in the Stars

Rocket's Pokemon Friends(Pokemon he did not officially own)

Rynok the Rhydon:

  • Pokemon: Rhydon
  • Gender: Male
  • Ability: Unknown(possibly Lightning Rod)
  • Moveset: Horn Attack/Unknown
  • Item: None
  • Description: An elderly but still strong Rhydon. He is currently the leader of Rockhead Village, and was the first Pokemon friend Rocket ever met, having saved him from an Ursaring as a Rhyhorn. Rynok has shown no interest in Evolving into Rhyperior due to personal preference(unmentioned). He was good friends with Rocket up until the latter's death.


  • Pokemon: Zoroark
  • Gender: Male
  • Ability: Illusion
  • Moveset: Shadow Ball/Unknown
  • Item: None
  • Description: Saved by Rocket as a Zorua during the former's flight to Shadow Woods Village, Nightclaw returned the favor when he Evolved and saved Rocket's family from a patrol of robots. Nightclaw would later have a family of his own with his mate Zinnia, his melanistic son Zak and Zak's younger Zorua brother Zorro. Nightclaw is currently a Storm Fighter.


Rocket's weaknesses aren't really known since he never really took part in combat himself.


Rocket was named for his lean, sleek frame(commonly hidden by his thick pelt) and his ability to run fast for a fox, which made him look like a red-furred rocket.

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