"Would you stop? You're making me dizzy!"
—Grovyle teasing a worried Rocket, The Lost Story of Rocket the Fox

This Sceptile is an unnamed Grass-Type Pokemon formerly owned by Rocket the Fox until the former's flight from Mobotropolis and later his death, and later Sceptile's own death. He can Mega Evolve with a Sceptilite he wears around his neck. While he is unable to speak English, Rocket can understand him with his odd ability to communicate with Pokemon that cannot speak English. Sceptile is Rocket's first Pokemon(effectively his Starter), and his most loyal partner, standing by him and refusing to leave his side.


As Treecko: Treecko resembles a short anthropomorphic green gecko. He has pale green skin with a darker tail, three fingers and three toes, a reddish lower jaw and belly, and black eyes with yellow sclera.

As Grovyle: Grovyle resembles an anthropomorphic gecko, a bit taller than Treecko. He retains his pale green skin, but his tail is now replaced by two long leaves sticking out from his backside. He now has two small fingers and two long toes, and a pinkish belly with a green strip near his stout legs. He also has a long leaf resembling a blade of grass sticking out from his head, and three leaves on the outer end of each wrist.

As Sceptile: Sceptile is a large, bipedal, reptilian, gecko-like Pokémon that also possess the traits of dinosaurs. He has powerfully-built limbs and muscular legs that allow him to run at high speeds. His body is mostly vivid green in color, and he has a gracefully rounded belly with a horizontal, pale red stripe extending across it. He has a light red chin and narrowed eyes with small, slit pupils and yellow scleras, with a red rim around the outsides. He has bladed leaves on his wrists, which it uses to slash (using Leaf Blade). Sceptile has a long, large dark green, fern-like plant that resembles a tree for a tail, and a cluster of small round yellow nutrient-rich seeds growing on his back. He has three sharp green claws on both his hands and toes.

As Mega Sceptile: Sceptile's tail is longer, with four more seeds stretching down his newly elongated tail. The bush at the end more resembles a fir tree with a red tip. His arm blades are longer, with the upper one on each arm having a rounded notch in it and a red tip. The crests on his head are larger as well, and also have a rounded notch in each one. He also has thick red stripes on his tail, and two lines of long fern-like plants forming an "x" on his chest.


Sceptile is always initially suspicious of any newcomers he and Rocket meet. Regardless, once someone earns his trust, he will protect them with his life if he has to. He is incredibly loyal to Rocket and his friends and family. When it comes to battle, Sceptile likes to go all out and give it his all, determined to win.


The Lost Story of Rocket the Fox:

As Treecko: Sceptile debuted as Treecko in Mobotropolis following Rocket's flight there from Soleanna Forest. Suspicious of the fox, Treecko attacks him, using Pound on the fox's face. Regardless, Rocket still manages to befriend the frightened and abandoned Wood Gecko Pokemon. Treecko was surprised to learn that Rocket had the odd ability to understand Pokemon that couldn't speak English. Treecko remains with Rocket, though he is initially suspicious of Rocket's future mate Mahna. Later, when the two foxes run into Robotnik and a Seviper accompanying him, Treecko reveals that Robotnik was the one who abandoned him after failing to learn anything about Mega Evolution. Rocket commands Treecko to attack, and he soon evolves.

As Grovyle: Newly evolved, Grovyle easily defeats Robotnik's Seviper, allowing Rocket to steal a Key Stone and Sceptilite. During Robotnik's takeover, Grovyle helps Rocket rescue Mahna and an Axew he and Rocket gave to Jules that was captured. Grovyle is ordered to use Leaf Blade on Robotnik's robots, which he does, granting Rocket enough time to [reluctantly] escape with Mahna and Jules' Axew. When Mahna ends up giving birth to hers and Rocket's cubs, Grovyle teasingly asks a worried Rocket to stop. Rocket relays his worries about his cubs since his littermate died shortly after birth, and Grovyle contemplates that that may have been because of Sonic.EXE as well. Later, Grovyle helps Rocket get Mahna and their cubs, Torch and Ember, to Shadow Woods Village, accompanied by a newly-evolved Zoroark named Nightclaw, and Jules' newly evolved Fraxure, and is called upon to battle Wrecker Rhyperior, Rynok's father and the leader of Shadow Woods Village when Fraxure suggests they settle in in a battle when Wrecker and Rocket come close to blows in an argument. A few months later, after moving back into the forest outside of Mobotropolis, Grovyle is mentioned to be playing hide-and-seek with the cubs when Sonic.EXE attacks them in an attempt to kill off the cubs. While Rocket gets his sons to safety, Grovyle stays behind to fight him off, and evolves into Sceptile as a result.

As Sceptile: Now at his final stage, Sceptile easily defeats the demon with his now much stronger Leaf Blade attack. After the fight, Rocket and Sceptile visit Sir Charles the Hedgehog and his Heliolisk, the former of which has figured out how to make use of the Key Stone and Mega Stone given to him, giving Rocket a Mega Ring and Sceptile an accessory to wear his new Sceptilite around his neck. They decide to test out the new Mega Stone in battle, and Charles agrees to help them, and participates in a battle against the fox and his Sceptile. Sceptile becomes enraged at Heliolisk's constant dodging, and becomes angry enough to Mega Evolve for the first time. After this, it is easier for Sceptile to Mega Evolve. Later, Nightclaw and Sceptile face down Sonic.EXE, who has come to kill the fox family again. Sceptile, now Mega Evolved, insists to Rocket that he take his family and run. Reluctant, Rocket does, but Mahna is killed and Ember's eye is slashed. Sceptile's fate is unknown after this story.

Rynok's Journey: Sceptile is first seen guarding the burrow his old friend Rocket occupied. When Rynok delivers the news of Rocket's death, he takes it hard, initially refusing to believe that his old friend is death. Later, when Sonic.EXE tries to attack Fox's family when they arrive to visit, Sceptile Mega Evolves to attack the demon in an effort to defend his home. However, while he wins, Sceptile is fatally wounded. He suddenly gains the ability to speak English, and tells Fox that he is more than worthy of being Redstone's kin before taking his dying breath.


Sceptile's current moveset consists of Solar Beam, Leaf Blade, Frenzy Plant, and Dual Chop. Two previous moves known are Bullet Seed and Pound.


In his base form, Sceptile has the Grass Starters' typical Ability of Overgrow. When he Mega Evolves, he gains Lightning Rod, which makes him completely immune to Electric-Type attacks.


Sceptile is naturally speedy and agile, and capable of using his tail in various attacks.


As Sceptile: Sceptile is weak to Fire, Flying, Ice, Poison, and Bug; he resists Water, Electric, Grass, and Ground

As Mega Sceptile: Sceptile is 4x weak to Ice and is 2x weak to Flying, Bug, Dragon, and Fairy; he resists Water, Grass, and Ground; he is Immune to Electric altogether because of his Lightning Rod Ability.


As Treecko
As Grovyle
Mega Sceptile
As Mega Sceptile


Rocket's Sceptile is in no way related to Reecko, his brother Blake, or nephew Slash

Though Sceptile is unable to speak English(up until his death), he is shown to speak fluent English from Rocket and Rynok's POVs because they can both understand Pokemon that cannot speak English.

  • Rocket can understand him because of an odd ability he has
  • Rynok can understand him because he himself is a Pokemon.
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