Cquote1 How could you be a wolf? You're not like any wolf I've seen. And you talk funny, too. Cquote2
Rock to Chaise about his size and accent.

Rock the Wolf is a male dire wolf from the Dire Wolf Pack who chose to become a Storm Fighter in The Lost Tribe, partly out of a desire to learn more about the modern world. He is currently apprenticed to Chaise.


Rock is a young male dire wolf with dark gray fur similar in color to that of Chaise the Wolf and Cody the Wolfdog, being around the size of a typical nine-year-old human. He has bright amber eyes and speaks in a British accent like the rest of his Packmates.


Due to the fact his Pack is so extremely out-of-touch with modern life because of extreme isolation, Rock is constantly amazed by everyday things. He was initially confused by Chaise and Audrey's accents(as they both speak with southern US accents), as well as everyone else's regular American accents since his Pack speak differently. As he grew up, he became used to modern life, but is still sometimes confused and doesn't know the recent history of the Four Worlds.


After his Pack came out of isolation, Rock went missing and wound up at Lamarkie Village, where he was taken to the Lamarkie Defense Force, and then to the Storming Base, where he was apprenticed to Chaise. As he grew up, he got used to modern life and learned of the history of the Four Worlds. When Scourge took over the Base in Reign of Terror, Rock fled with Austin Smith, Boulder the Lycanroc, Crystal the Lycanroc, and Fang the Saber to restore freedom to The Tribes. He also bore witness to the massive climactic battle with Mephiles.




Like all dire wolves in his Pack, Rock is named after a naturally-occuring item, and speaks with a British accent. He is also unfamiliar with modern life and is confused by everyone else speaking with an American accent(especially Chaise and Audrey, who have Southern US accents).

Despite speaking with a British accent, Rock has a voice similar to that of Australian actor Chris Hemsworth, who is well-known for portraying Thor in the Marvel Cinematic Universe(MCU), among other roles.

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