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Rock the Hedgehog

Biographical Information
Age 17
  • Blue
  • Blue Bomber
Romantic Interests
Physical Description
  • Blue armor over chest
  • Knee-length robot-like boots
Political Alignment and Abilities
  • Busters in robotic hands
  • Copy Weapons
  • Long-range fighter
  • Can copy abilities of defeated enemies
Super FormsMaximum X
Other Information
American V.A.
Japanese V.A.
Theme Song(s)
Original CreatorKagimizu (Based off of existing character)

Rock the Hedgehog, often referred to as "Blue", is a blue Mobian Hedgehog. He is a Mobian version of Mega Man X.


Blue is a bright blue Mobian Hedgehog with slacked quills. He also wears a custom helmet with an opening in the back for quills. The helmet has a sky blue trim that lines his eyes, a triangular red light on his forehead, and a streak of sky blue that trails behind the red light all the way to the back of the helmet, coinciding with a sky blue line of fur that goes all the way to the tip of his top quill. The helmet also has an opening for his ears. Rock's eyes are also a bright blue, and he has peach skin. His most striking feature however, are his arms, which from the elbow down are mechanical. His mechanical arms are a paler shade of his blue fur. Rock also wears armor over his chest, and mechanical-looking knee-length boots.


Rock is as steadfast and sturdy as his name suggests, sticking to something or with his friends/allies through thick and thin. Loyal and dutiful, Rock only gives up on a goal or objective if it would result in a pyhhric victory; costing more than what achieving the objective would gain. Blue is usually passive, with an aversion to uneccessary violence, but will fight to his fullest when the situation calls for it.


Rock is an intelligent and effective fighter in all fields, but usually sticks to long-range fighting. His mechanical arms are capable of transforming into powerful laser cannons, referred to as "busters". These busters can fire off small laser rounds that cause moderate damage, but if Blue charges the buster(s), they can fire off a very powerful and destructive round.

However, Rock's greatest asset is his "limitless potential". Upon defeating an opponent, Rock is capable of mimicking their techniques. This is done by putting one of his mechanical hands on the defeated enemy, which then analyses said enemy. Following the analysis, Rock's Buster is capable of transforming into a weapon that allows Rock to mimic the defeated enemy's abilities.

Copy Weapons

Rock's robot arm(s) become larger and dark green, with electric blue orbs in its palms. This weapon lets Rock fire off Statyx's "Thunder Beam" attack, and when charged, use Statyx's mighty "Fist of Zeus" attack.

Rock's forearm(s) transform into lavender/pale violet, sleek cannon with a narrow barrel, and a blank glyph on the back. The Glyph Cannon lets Rock fire off a Luminatio- a ball of Light-aligned energy- for its basic attack. Its charge attack is the Acerbatus, a large ball of energy made of Dark and Electric energy.

When using this weapon, Rock's forearm(s) look like organic hands covered with grey fur. The basic attack of this weapon is that when Rock throws a punch, his fist extends from his arm, striking enemies farther away. Charging the weapon causes the fist to grow much larger, while maintaining speed and range.

Rock's buster becomes pale, steely grey, with a beam of energy vaguely shaped like a blade hovering over the barrel. Rock wields this energy beam as an actual blade, slashing and slicing at enemies. Charging this weapon creates a huge clawed hand of energy to slash, tear, and crush enemies with.

  • Soot Shot (Copied from unknown Ash user)

Rock's forearms become black and designed as if made from charred wood. Small openings are located in the palms, and Rock can use these to launch ash at a level of pressure within Rock's discretion. With little in the way of actual damage, Rock usually uses this technique as either a means to cover escape or make sneak attacks. Charging it allows Rock to generate an "ash bomb" that he can throw at opponents for a localized explosion of ash.

  • Auto Randomizer (Copied from unknown Entropy user)

Rock's buster bright pink with contrasting lime green and yellow accents, with a slightly smaller grey barrel that extends from the wrist. With this weapon, Rock can fire projectiles made of Entropy at a high rate similar to a machine gun. As is typical of Entropy, the effects of each projectile is entirely random. Because of this, Rock only uses it when none of his other weapons appear affective in an attempt to find some sort of weakness. The rapid fire nature of the weapon prevents charging, but Rock can fire it continuously without cooling.

Rock's buster becomes sleek and purple with dark green accents, and the barrel is replaced by what looks to be a shower nozzle. This weapon fires a pinkish-purple fluid at high pressure that sticks to both people and surfaces. The fluid is both acidic and lets off a noxious gas, which poisons those who inhale it. One of Rock's newer weapons, he usually uses it for capturing and slowing down enemies, or for weakening stronger enemies. At full charge it generates a large pink blob that explodes on contact, covering a large area.

  • Quake Slam (Copied from an unknown Earth user)

Rock's forearm becomes tan with brown accents at the elbow and wrist, from which extends a full-sized mace about 2/3 the size of an average Mobian's head. The mace causes a localized shockwave that can shatter weaker materials. Fully charging it causes the impact to be much stronger and travels in a fissure, which explodes from beneath whatever the fissure hits.

Rock's forearm becomes bright red and similar to Zero's, and from the wrist an energy blade similar to Zero's extends. This allows Zero to use each and every one of Zero's sword techniques and EX Skills. Fully charging it causes it to grow in size, and the next attack carries greater range mixed with explosive power.

Rock's buster becomes dark purple and appears to be wrapped in black bandages. With this weapon, Rock can fire projectiles made up of any one of the nine Dark-combination elements. Rather than explode, the projectiles pierce and "stab" through opponents. Charging the weapon generates an energy orb of the desired element hovering directly above the barrel. Swinging his arm allows Rock to slash an opponent with the energy at close range, or launch a long range crescent-blade.

Rock's forearm becomes a sleek monochrome four-barreled rotary cannon. When in use the barrels spin rapidly (glowing alternate black and white) and fire a beam made of the Balance element, which can essentially "expel" or "erase" anything it comes into contact with, making it a powerful weapon. Fully charging it causes the weapon to fire four small projectiles that upon contact explode and erase anything within the explosions. The weapon is powerful but uses up large amounts of energy, and as such must be used sparingly.

Rock's forearm becomes vivid green with three white colored metal, petal-like extensions from the sides and back. The hand itself is a bright and vivid blue. When in use the petal extensions pull back for full mobility of the hand. Rock is able to use the hand for alchemic transmutation and alteration, such as changing the state or shape of matter. Rather uniquely, charging the weapon determines its area and degree of effect.

Rock's blaster becomes sleek and bright pink with yellow crossbow extensions and a small grey barrel. This weapon fires an arrow that is rather weak compared to his other weapons, but is capable of healing enemies when they're hit with the arrow. When fully charged, the arrow will explode into smaller but equally powerful energy arrows with homing capabilities.

Rock's forearm becomes a steely blue monotone weapon, tipped with an arrowhead connected at the wrist. Rock can fire a miniature sonic boom from the arrowhead that literally travels at the speed of sound- making it Rock's fastest weapon- and carries great impact force. Charging the weapon causes it to fire off three hits in rapid succession.


Aether Armor

Based on X's Falcon Armor in terms of appearance and function.

In this Armor, Rock's metallic armor turns mainly white with blue and yellow accents. The majority of his under-armor retains its normal color, but the hands become red. His chest armor forms to look somewhat like a beak, partially covering a green jewel. Most notably, Rock gains yellow stripes on his quills and a pair of jet-propulsion wings. This armor gives X high-speed flight capabilities, giving him greater mobility. While in the air Rock can generate a barrier that covers his body, rendering him invulnerable. However, this comes at the cost of being able to charge his weapons to full power.

Terra Armor

Based on X's Gaea Armor in terms of appearance and function.

Like the Aether Armor, this armor is mostly white. However, it is also covered in dark grey studded additions on his armor. This time his hands become a vivid blue. Opposite the Aether and Aero armors, this one sacrifices speed and maneuverability for vastly improved offensive and defensive abilities, making Rock immune to all but the strongest attacks. His buster, while having lesser range, is much stronger and charges much faster. Rock can even generate a spherical green energy field that pushes back objects. However, Rock's speed and maneuverability are all greatly reduced, and the power output causes his copied weapons to be entirely shut down.

Kage Armor

Based on X's Shadow Armor in terms of appearance and function.

In stark contrast to his other armors, the Kage Armor is almost entirely black, with some gold trim and accents. His quills also become striped yellow, and he has a faceplate covering his mouth. This armor is similar to the Terra Armor in that it carries enhanced defensive capabilities, but the speed loss is minimal. Quite the opposite, the Kage Armor allows Rock to traverse across vertical surfaces and ceilings, and even cling to them. His buster is heavily modified in this form, firing off shuriken in conjunction with a silencer that completely masks the sound. Finally, Rock is given a pitch-black blade sharpened on a molecular level, which he is capable of using in close-combat, and a special mechanism that renders him invisible and intangible while using his leg thrusters.

Aero Armor

Based on X's Glide Armor in terms of appearance and function.

The Aero Armor is similar in design to Rock's Aether Armor, except with a greater balance of colors, in addition to green pipe-like attachments on the lower legs, chest, and forearms, and sharp yellow designs with sharp protrusions on the shoulders and helmet. This Armor is much more all-round in specs, giving a noticeable boost to all of Rock's abilities, most noticeably his speed and agility. What's more, the non-specialized boosts to his abilities do not disrupt his Copy Weapons; quite the opposite, their power is increased. Rock's Buster is also given an increase in power, and the ability to fire off homing energy that carry surprising power.

Maximum Armor

Based on X's Command Mission/X-6 Ultimate Armor in terms of appearance and function.

Rock's most powerful Armor, initiated through the command "Activation code 18613: Maximum Output initiate!". This armor is mainly white and black with purple and yellow decals. His forearms are mounted with large black and white-rimmed pistol-like barrels longer than he is tall. His under armor is purple, while his leg, chest, and shoulder armor are white with black rims and yellow details. Powerful thrusters extend from the back of his lower legs, along with a pair of large thrusters on his back. His shoulders are lines with ammunition packets, and he has a glowing red jewel on the center of his chest armor. Finally, a green targeting system covers his right eye.

This armor maximizes all of Rock's powers and gives him an equally incredible amount of firepower. His two pistols are able to fire laser blasts able to tear holes through mountains, and aren't even his main weapons: his most powerful weapon is a laser beam fired from the jewel in his chest, which is capable of high levels of destruction and impact force. At full force, Rock can reveal numerous hidden missile blasters and laser cannons to release a storm of destruction on his opponents.

Other Abilities


  • Rock's name comes from Mega Man's Japanese name, which is Rock as well.
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