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A perspective of Robotropolis

Robotropolis (formerly known as Mobotropolis) is the capital city of the Robotnik Empire. What was formerly a peaceful capital of the United Federation of Mobius had since become a breeding ground for roboticized Mobians. Mobians captured by SWAT-Bots were held prisoners and eventually forced into a Roboticizer, where they would be torn limb-to-limb to be converted to robots, thus killing them. The leader of the Robotnik Empire and founder of Roboticism, Dr. Robotnik, resides in the House of Roboticism, formerly known as the House of Prosperity.

The location is set to appear in the Blue Blur saga, starting with Blue Blur: Curse of Mobius.


Robotropolis is the capital city of the Robotnik Empire. Much like the rest of the Empire, Robotropolis is run through fascism, under the dictatorship of Dr. Robotnik. The streets are mostly filled with robots, and Mobians were harshly treated. Mobians often faced injustice and discrimination in the city, with many being immediately thrown in custody without parole, families separated from each other, and those who tried to escape being beaten to death. The city is comparable to a giant factory; it's a breeding ground for roboticized Mobians, and a place where SWAT-Bots are being manufactured through roboticizers. It's also where they were being made specifically to put an end to Sonic and the Freedom Fighters' goal to overthrow the Robotnik Empire.

Notable Citizens

Dr. Robotnik

The dictator of the Robotnik Empire, Dr. Robotnik is a mad scientist who originated from Earth before being transported to Mobius. With the robots he created from the US Navy officials he killed, he took over Mobius to build a new empire, and claimed Mobotropolis as his own.

Miles "Tails" Prower

Former second-in-command of the Robotnik Empire, Tails was a loyal servant and adoptive son of Dr. Robotnik before his betrayal and disillusion to the Empire. He currently resides in Knothole Village as a member of the Freedom Fighters, but harsh memories of the Empire still lurks in his minds.


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