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In SatAM, the device was originally created by Uncle Chuck with the intention of allowing the elderly and ill to live longer. However, he was forced to abandon the project when test subjects began losing their free will. It was stolen by Dr. Robotnik, then known as Julian, Minister of War for the Acorn Kingdom of Mobius. Robotnik used the device to maintain his grip of terror over the planet, and in a moment of irony, Sir Charles was roboticized by his own creation. According to the Archie continuity, Sir Charles was also responsible for the roboticazion of Sonic's father, Jules. Also in the "Archie" continuity, Sir Charles had created the roboticizer so that the victims of the Great War (a conflict between the Mobians and the Overlanders) could be healed. This is where Jules, Sonic's father and Charles' younger brother, is the first to be roboticized by Charles as the first test subject.

The roboticiser in Sonic Underground appears to function differently than its counterparts. It's background is never delved into and it can be assumed that Robotnik was solely responsible for its creation. While the roboticisers of SatAM and Archie completely convert flesh into metal, the SU roboticiser only carries the process out on some of the body. The subjects therefore bear resemblance to cyborgs, although there are exceptions (e.g. Argus). Interestingly, they still speak in robotic voices even when their mouth remains organic. Non-organic lifeforms such as vehicles or non-sentient machines will instantly explode upon contact from the Roboticizer.

As Orbot and Cubot are both robots, they are completely unaffected by the effects of the Roboticizer.

The Roboticizer, if used at the right hands, can be used as a last resort to aid and heal unfortunate victims who either had their limbs lost or crippled, including their internals being severely damaged to the point where performing normal surgery could be considered too detrimental. If executed correctly, said victim(s) will have been fully healed, albeit becoming part robotic due to their limbs being far too damaged for them to be normally restored. A perfect example is Twinkle the Cat, who had suffered life-threatening injuries from a motorcycle accident after losing control, which resulted in catastrophic damage and nearly dying. It was then she was roboticized to repair her damaged limbs, including her internal organs, which was soon successful.

Sonic Underground Remake Series

However, in the continuity of Sonic Underground Remake, Uncle Chuck is still responsible, but he wasn't the only one involved in creating it, both the father of Cyrus and the weasel king before the Panther King's takeover were also involved as well.

The Adventures of Flare the Hedgecat

Flare gets caught up in an explosion in Marlix's lair, which destroys half of her body. One of Vein and Heara's kids, who inherited Hera's healing powers, keeps her alive until they reach Forest the Fox's house. Forest stole a Roboticizer from Amelia Robotnik with the help of Jasmine, Will, Maddy and Kyle. Together, they roboticize her, making the left half of her body robotic.

The Soon-to-Be King of Mobodoon

On order of the King of Mobius, the Roboticizers are dismantled and decommissioned so another despot like Robotnik can never use them again.

Roleplay: Halloween Treats (Free Join)

In Azuro III's mansion, there is a roboticizer in the Ghost Labratory. It was made into a machine that could turn animals into ghosts.

Sonic the Hedgehog 2 Archie Comics (AKA Roblox3ds77's Sonic Universe)

Not many Mobians are Robians now, because it takes place after the Bem deroboticized most of the Robians. This is the list of those who became robots in this.

  1. Sonic the Hedgehog
  2. Miles "Tails" Prower
  3. Mario
  4. Luigi
  5. Mystery Hedgehog (Jack)

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