This is an article about Roboticization Zone, a location created by Roblox3ds77.


The life in this zone is only Robians. Some are free, like Jules, and some are not, like Mecha Sally.


The climate there is cold.


After Robotropolis was destroyed, Dr. Robotnik build Roboticization Zone with the help of his slave Robians. Sonic and Jordan had to destroy this base so they used Neuro Overriders (even though Sonic's mind is free dispite Robotnik's control since he got his 1,000,000,000th power ring) to make it to Robotnik's base and pretend that they surrendered.


There is a population of Robians. 100 are free and 100 are not. That makes a total of 200 Robians.


  1. Roboticizer
  2. Mind Controller
  3. Will Destroyer
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