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Robotnik Empire Hologram 2
Main Base
Earth (General) Mobius (Robotnik Empire)
Notable Members
Dr. Ivo Robotnik

Tails Robotnik

Hyper Metal Sonic


Dr. Robotnik (Mobius) Nameless German Scientist (Earth)
Germany; USA; Russia (Earth) South Island; The Ancient Ruins; Space Colony ARK; Death Nova (Mobius)

The roboticists are a group of Humans and some Mobians who believes that all living beings in the universe must be roboticized in order to live in peace and prosperity. They are best known for being a group of terrorists who would do anything to roboticize an entire race, even if it means killing someone. The most notable members of the roboticists are Dr. Robotnik and former member of the Robotnik Empire, Tails. The roboticists will be featured exclusively in Mac the Writer's upcoming fan-fiction series, Blue Blur.


Dr. Ivo Robotnik

Founder of roboticism, former leader of the roboticist cult League of Roboticism, and leader of the Robotnik Empire, Dr. Robotnik was the one who founded the idea of roboticism and how the universe simply cannot be in peace if no living being are turned into robots, with the same flesh and mind. A sociopath and a ruthless dictator, he felt that what he did was the right thing for the universe, and no one can argue otherwise. He's normally calm, focused and ready for any plans, but whenever something doesn't go his way, that's when he ends up losing his mind and emotion, thus seeming more terrifying in the eyes of his enemies. He is the arch nemesis of Sonic, and he would do anything to remove Sonic's head from his shoulders.

Tails Robotnik

Better known by his nickname "Tails", he was the apprentice of Robotnik who has a matching I.Q. of 300. When he was a child, he witnessed his family murdered by Robotnik's SWAT-Bots in front of his very eyes, but Robotnik spared his life and adopted him instead, seeing his defected twin tails as a gift. The mad-man taught him everything he needed to know as a future dictator of Mobius; mathematics, science, mechanics, use of weapons, handling vehicles, with Tails' favourite being airplanes. However, when he was conflicted by his motivation when he first met Cosmo, he ended up becoming disillusioned from the roboticist cult to save Cosmo from being roboticized. With that, he ended up becoming an enemy of the roboticist cult.


The main rule of being a roboticist is to roboticize everybody you capture, whether dead or alive. They believe that if everyone in the universe are roboticized, they will unite as one, have tremendous powers, and live forever. That view was deemed dangerous to society by the United Nation, which forced them to hunt down every one of these roboticists, including the founder Robotnik.

Base of Operations

The main base was originally set on Berlin, Germany, on the planet Earth. But the United Nation eventually took it down after the arrests of the roboticists. Later, Dr. Robotnik created his main base after invading Mobotropolis and renamed the city to Robotropolis.

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