Robot Helper is midfielder Robotnik, appearing in two versions: mark 1 and mark 2. Mark one is panicky and stupid, and Mark is wise and helpful.


Sonic the Hedgehog

in Sonic the Hedgehog, he served the Robotnik but as he was stupid he sometimes had stupid ideas. According to Sally's retrospection, he was sent by Robotnik to learn about emeralds. Eventually guards from cowardice said where the emeralds were and thanks to that the Robotnik knew where to find them.

During the events, he served and listened to his master's orders. However, when the Scrap Brain Zone was destroyed, most of the robots were destroyed in the explosion along with the base.

Between Sonic 1 and Sonic 2

In between events a new version appeared, however, it was angular but wise and more helpful. The new version disputed his master during the construction of Death Egg, when he saw the intruders of Tails' castle and suggested to Robotnik to change him robot. However, he would Sonic and save his friend and fell on West Island.

Sonic the Hedgehog 2

At the end of the base construction, the next and last order was to look after the Robotnik base. At the end of the events, the Death Egg fragment fell on the base and destroyed the base as well as robots and himself.

Other versions

SWATBot Helper

SWATBot Helper no. 701 belongs to the SWATBots series. It is serious and fills only the rules of the code, so its creator - Robotnik is drained that does not carry out his commands. Like the Robot Helper, it was destroyed during the Death Egg explosion.


EggRobo was created before the Freedom Fighters plan, which consisted in the fact that Robotnik robotics Sonica, but thanks to Rotor's device, he does not listen to Robotnik's orders. Igg Robo strikes the creator but is mechanical and wears a blaster.

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