This is my Sonic universe. It contains portals so any character in this universe may visit a far place or another video game (for ex: Sonic visits Super Mario Galaxy). Each character has a real name and not many characters have nicknames.


  1. Ogvile Maurice "Sonic" the Hedgehog
  2. Miles "Tails" Prower
  3. Max "Knuckles" the Echidna
  4. Cameron the Dog (de-cyborgized Cameron and turned good again)
  5. Jordan the Dog
  6. Sally Acorn (SEGA's de-roboticized form)
  7. Uncle Chuck Hedgehog
  8. Muttski the Dog
  9. Abby the Fox

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Roboticized, Cyborgized, or Builds

  1. Metal Sonic
  2. Cameron the Dogborg (cyborgized Cameron and turned evil)
  3. Metal Sally
  4. Bunnie "Rabbot" D' Coliete (she was half roboticized)
  5. Mecha Sonic (Sonic's roboticized form with free will)
  6. Mecha Jordan (roboticized Jordan with free will)
  7. Jules Hedgehog (never got de-roboticized)
  8. Noah the Dog (lost his free will until 10 roleplays later was restored by a power ring; never got de-roboticized)
  9. Mecha Tails (Tails in Uncle Chuck's Mecha Tails suit)


  1. Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (Archie Comics) Issue 34
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