Robin the Hedgefox is a station manager for Central City Broadcasting, and a former war correspondent serving with the G.U.N. Seventh Army Division.

Biographical Information
Romantic Interestspending
Physical Description
  • Fur: Gray, w/ pale skin
  • Eyes: Purple
  • Black jacket
  • Gray shirt
  • Orange tie
  • Black pants
  • Black leather shoes
Powered Armor
  • Style: Gold-type Battle Armor
  • Colour: Orange metal-flake w/ gray highlights in places & four gold markings on the helmet.
  • Emblems: Central City Broadcasting & G.U.N. Emblems
  • Modifications: Stone launchers mounted in gauntlets capable of shooting down aircraft or killing infantry, camera mounted in right shoulder
Political Alignment and Abilities
WeaponryStone launchers in his armor's gauntlets (Formerly)
  • Possesses the genetic ability Long-Range Hypnosis
  • Powerful psychic
  • Some skill with hand-to-hand combat
  • Reasonable aim
  • Charismatic
Other Information
American V.A.
Japanese V.A.
Theme Song(s)Pending...
AppearancesNone so far
Original CreatorFlashfire212


A tall, gray hedgehog with a loud presence, Robin has the innate stage presence of an experienced performer, despite that "performance" being regular reports on television about the experience of soldiers. This carries over, despite his recent lack of reports. His fur often shows a few of the scars he picked up in military service, although none are disfiguring or debilitating. His skin is incredibly pale, while his purple eyes seem to carry a hard edge to his glare.


Due to his ranking position in the broadcasting company, Robin typically dresses in a black suit, with a gray shirt and orange tie. While this may seem a little garish, it is the colours of the company, and as such gives him more of a "loyal" look.


While serving as a war correspondent, Robin was assigned to stay with Claymore Lance, a Powered Armor team. However, this meant that the journalist would be a sitting duck on the battlefield, and as such the company purchased a Gold-type Battle Armor. Painted in the orange and gray of the company, the armor also bore the four gold blocks painted onto the helmet that all Gold-type suits received.

In the way of defensive weaponry, considering Robin's lack of weapons training, a stone launcher was mounted into each gauntlet. While this may seem somewhat pointless, the weapon has an Earth-affinity, and is accurate enough with the rocky ammunition that it can be used to bring down aircraft. These weapons only really saw use against aircraft and robots, Robin preferred his own Psychic abilities to fight enemy infantry. It also had his camera mounted in it's right shoulder, giving him the ability to film without a separate camera operator.


Early Life

Robin was born in New Mobotropolis, where his family had lived for a long time. However, the family was one of little money, an issue that bothered his father. As such, while growing up, Robin was taught the importance of money, and how useful it was. The other emphasis on his early life was the importance of news, especially televised news. The one extravagance the family owned was a television, and Robin often found himself entranced by the news from around the world, and slowly found himself dreaming of the life of a reporter. His father knew of this, and secretly the family saved part of their money to send the young hedgefox to Central City to study journalism and hopefully find a job on television or in a newspaper. When the young hybrid turned eighteen, this was the gift from his family, and the overjoyed young adult was only barely able to keep his tears back.

Training & Placement

For the next three years, Robin was trained to uncover information and interview people, both of which settling into his skill as a psychic. He also had the honour of interviewing a number of ranking military officials and politicians for the school paper and television broadcasts, with his skills not going unnoticed by Central City Broadcasting, a company that mostly focused on activity within the United Federation and, through that, G.U.N. However, the large portion of the money Robin made from these interviews was sent home to help his family.

Soon after graduating at the age of twenty-one, CCB approached the young journalist. The organization offered the young man a job as a war correspondent, as they were impressed by his interviews and his quick-thinking mind. However, when they pitched the idea to G.U.N. to attach the reporter with a unit, it was suggested by G.U.N. that the man be given a short training run with powered armor, which would increase his survivability in the battlefield, and actually be able to support whatever unit they assign him to. After a few days of discussion, Robin agreed. Within a few weeks, the company had purchased a Gold-type Powered Armor suit, which was modified to have a pair of stone launchers mounted in the gauntlets and a high-definition camera in the right shoulder, with the suit itself painted in the company corporate colours, barring the four gold marks on the helmet, the emblem of a Gold-type suit. He was then assigned to Claymore Lance in the Seventh Army Division.

Serving with G.U.N.

Robin quickly found a problem with his position serving with the Seventh Division - of all the divisions, the Seventh was known for it's emphasis on strength over all. He was a reporter, not a soldier, and as such the soldiers all seemed to resent him. Even in combat, while he proved more than capable of using the stone launchers to shoot out aircraft and robots that were harassing his allies, the result was all essentially the same - they would play nice for the camera, but when he wasn't filming, they would snub him. This was annoying, but his producers loved the footage of combat that he was providing, as well as the unique point-of-view he brought with it. Because of this, Robin persevered over a number of years, with Nova Squad warming to him over time, while the other two squads, Claymore and Phantom Squads both continued giving him the cold shoulder.

Two years after joining the G.U.N. force, out of the blue, the team was assigned to help fight off an attack of Trolls. All of the squads grew overconfident, believing that their strength would crush these beings, especially considering the large, heavy weapons most carried. However, a team of Trolls managed to create a powerful sandstorm which blinded the G.U.N. forces while at the same time it assaulted them with heat, wind and fast-moving grains of sand capable of stripping back metal in the armor. With this environmental hazard slowing down the G.U.N. forces, the Trolls began picking off members of the force one by one, including the Lance Commander controlling Claymore Lance. However, the second-in-command of Claymore Lance, Lei the Hedgehog, performed a rather intrinsic form of shadow-manipulation and used the shadows of the sand grains to clear the air enough to see. Claymore Lance formed up on the young hedgehog, and as Robin filmed, the sandstorm generating Trolls were brought down all at once with a single swing of his blade. This freed up the G.U.N. forces from the sandy torment, and they easily brought the Troll force down, with even Robin contributing with his stone launchers. After the mission was complete, Lei was promoted to take command of the squad.

At first, Robin was willing to keep going with the unit, having finally earned the respect of the unit for not losing his nerve. However, he was contacted and told that the station manager was retiring, with an offer to the hedgefox of a promotion, so that he would take over as station manager and weekend news-presenter. Without a second thought, he accepted and told his unit. Unsurprisingly, there was no stunned reactions, nor was there any sign that they disapproved. Instead, they waited for him to hang up the helmet for the last time, before a couple of Novas bought the twenty-eight year old a drink in celebration.

Running the Show

As the station manager, Robin suddenly found himself with immense power. He could recruit and fire new team-members as he wished, although these would have to be cleared by upper management. As such, one of his first jobs was hiring a new general-purpose reporter, as a new war correspondent had been chosen by upper management. However, he had a challenge for the young woman who responded, a woman who had served as a freelance reporter for some time. He made the challenge simple enough - if she could get an interview with Hope Kintobor within two weeks, he would hire her. However, she proved her mettle by getting the interview within a couple of days, so that the young woman was hired. However, he interviewed Hope himself soon after, due to Hope's chance encounter with a pair of Trolls. After that point, he found that his new reporter was "compromised" when she tipped off a person he was investigating for a news report that their phones were tapped. Barely a week later, she resigned. While this was a major issue, Robin kept his calm and kept the station running, as he kept doing from that point onwards towards the present.


Robin has the genetic ability Long-Range Hypnosis, which essentially ramps up his psychic powers to a phenomenal level, as he can essentially hypnotise opponents without them realising. This ability is limited to any opponent in his sight range, as it is a combination of his visual sight as a targeter for the mental energies employed, and his voice as the activator.

As stated with his genetic ability, Robin is an exceptionally skilled psychic, with his powers normally focused on the telepathic, illusory and hypnotic sides rather than the more common telekinetic forms. His genetic ability easily increases his presence in a fight to an incredibly dangerous one to any opponent who can hear, and using other psychic powers means that even those immune to his long-distance hypnosis are at risk. Due to this, some are glad that he didn't become a career soldier and chose to accept the promotion further into the television company.

Aside from this, Robin's skills are debatable. His hand-to-hand combat was never as strong without the strength enhancement provided by his battle armor, although his training helped to offset that, he was never much greater than the standard soldier in close combat. While in armor was the only time he was armed, using a pair of stone launchers built into the armor. These weapons had near infinite ammunition, as they could create earthen rounds by absorbing minerals from the ground either directly through the gauntlets, which was the fastest way to reload, or slowly through the armor via the boots. These weapons were highly accurate, capable of shooting down aircraft and flying opponents, and were also useful against unarmored ground targets. However, as with his armor, he gave up these weapons with his promotion.

Out of combat, his psychic abilities also grant him an impressive charisma, which often lets the man subtly influence people he interviews with his psychic power to reveal more, which most pass off as his charisma.

In combat, Robin's greatest weaknesses are obvious. He cannot effect Chaos-wielders with his psychic powers, no matter what he does, leaving him at their mercy. Similarly, while he wore the powered armor, he was weak against electrical, fire-based and magnetic attacks.

Psychic Abilities

Elementless Abilities


Robin is a charismatic man, with a method of getting almost anybody to like him. This, however, is a trick brought about by his hypnosis and psychic power, with the man actually proving highly cunning and somewhat manipulative, considering his powers. He has great respect for money, knowing how important it is, one of the values implanted in him by his father as a child. He is also a bit of an opportunist, known for taking advantage of any opportunity to get a story.




  • Lei the Hedgehog - The later commander of Claymore Lance, and a contact Robin occasionally calls upon.





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