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Robin Owsparr is a 17 year-old robin that wears a special Exo-suit to help her live becuase of her immune system disorders. She is the daughter of Alexander "Jay" Owsparr, who was an extreamly gifted mobian G.U.N. scientist.



Robin's physiology is mostly unknown due to the exo-suit that she must always wear, which is designed to keep her alive due to her illness.  The exo-suit is nearly skin tight exo-suit that is primarily black in color with blue lights.  Her helmet has a face visor that is purple and nearly opaque.  Through the helmet, only her eyes are clearly visible because they seem to glow a faint blue color.


Robin wears clothing over her suit to hide it. Her usual outfit is a black hoodie with a white hood and a white stripe on each arm, a pair of white gloves, black pants, and a pair of black boots with a white stripe on each side. One part of her suit she can't hide is her helmet, which she is almost always wearing. She wears her hood up to cover up the sides and back of the helmet, leaving only the front of the helmet visible. The only other parts of her body that aren't hidden underneath her usual attire are her tailfeathers, which appear a metalic black with blue lights because of the exo-suit.


Before she was born, her father learned that she would be born with so many immune disorders that she would die soon after birth. Unwilling not to try something to help his unborn daughter, Alexander "Jay" Owsparr set to work on creating a fully functional enviromental and medical suit that grows and adjusts with the wearer. After several months of non-stop work and sleepless nights, he finally finished the suit. Immediately after birth, Robin was outfitted with the suit.

The suit was a success. Robin was able to live with her immune disorders, such as Neuro Immune Deficiency Syndrome (NIDS) and a newly dicovered disease named "Owsparr Syndrome" in her honor. Owsparr Syndrome is a disease where the immune system is completely unable to fight off any pathogens or illnesses, leaving the host nearly defenseless against it.

For the first few years of her life, she was loved by her parents. Her younger brother, Jay Owsparr, was born a few weeks before Robin's second birthday. Jay didn't suffer from the same illnesses Robin had; in fact, he was a very healthy and energenic bluejay. Sadly though, Robin's mother, Wren Owsparr, died shortly after giving birth to Jay. Robin soon grew fond of her little brother and the two became close. When she turned four, she and her brother started going with their father to his research station. There, she would spend hours watching him work on different gadgets and research projects. She loved being with him and soon became familiar with many different types of technology, being able to understand many different technological terms and scientific principles at such a young age. She almost didn't mind wearing her exo-suit.

However, when she and Jay started school, her suit caused many other kids to either make fun of her or avoid her. Even though she wore normal clothing over it, her helmet and metalic tail feathers couldn't be hidden. This caused her to be called many names such as "Space-Girl", "Robo-Freak", and many other hurtful names. She and Jay soon quit going to school. Instead, they started being educated at the G.U.N. research station where their father worked.

Robin was shy at first, not knowing for sure how she would be treated. But to her suprise, she was respected by her peers. The other students, though they did not bully her, kept their distance from her because of her appearance. Robin had very few friends aside from her brother. This has caused her to be a little wary of new people because she doesn't know whether they will accept her or not. She was an excellent student, graduating at only 12 years old. She excelled through all her classes, but most notibly in engineering and technology. She soon made many modifications to her suit, such as adding weapon systems, special movement upgrades, and defensive shields.

Shortly after graduation, she caught the attention of a high ranking G.U.N. commando, who requested that Robin join his team as a technician and tatical equipment specialist. Her father refused, however, not wanting to see his daughter get hurt or even killed on the field. In contrast, Robin wanted to help. So she snuck out of the research station to meet with the G.U.N commando. When she met with the Commando, he welcomed her to the team. Meanwhile, an unknown attacker raided the G.U.N. research station. During the attack, Robin's father was killed and her brother went missing. Jay was presumed dead. When she heard about the attack several days later, she immediately regreted leaving. She started blaming herself for the death of her father and brother.

With no where else to go, she continued to serve under the commando, who became her commanding officer (C.O.). She served under her C.O. for about three years. During this time, her missions and technological expertise made her famous within the ranks of G.U.N. She rapidly climbed the ranks until she became head of the G.U.N. Research and Technology Division (G.U.N. R.T.D). At the age of only 15 years old, she became the youngest and one of the best scientist and field agents G.U.N. has to offer.

Now she is seventeen. She is well respected and revered within G.U.N, and is one of the most brilliant minds within G.U.N's ranks. She has developed a number of patented technology for both G.U.N and other companies. But even with all of her accomplishments, she still feels guilty about what happened to her father and brother.

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It isn't hard to be friends with Robin. She's optimistic, friendly, and usually easy going. Her optimism usually makes other people want to be around her. She also tends to give most people the benefit of the doubt when she first meets them. She prefers to make a decision about another person based on their character, not their appearance. Having been made fun of for her appearance when she was younger, this isn't suprising. However, she isn't gulible or naive. If someone seems to be suspicious, then she will keep an eye on them while still being friendly to them.

Since she is usually optimistic, she tends to look for the good in most situations. If she can't find any, then she will at least believe that there is a way out of a bad situation. However, she can't stand listening to others constantly complaining or being around pessimists. She will usually try to distance herself from those types of people. The only type of person she dislikes more than a pessimist is a bully. If someone makes fun of her or one of her friends, she will almost always stand up to them. When she does, she can become suprisingly intimidating because of her suit's weaponry and the fact that her eyes seem to glow behind her visor.

Robin is also very sympathetic. Since she knows what's it like to feel like a freak or an outcast, she can often relate to people who are bullied or just different from everyone else. She can also sympathise with those who have lost loved ones, knowing their pain because of what happened to her father and brother. Even if she really dislikes someone, she can still have sympathy for them.

Robin also tends to act as a peacemaker. If two or more characters are arguing with each other, she will usually step in and try to calm everyone down. She's also good at negotiating a solution that benefits all sides of the argument. If she can't calm the arguing memebers peacefully, then she may choose a more aggressive approach to stopping the argument.

Because Robin was educated by G.U.N, she is a very smart and rational individual. She will usually take all the facts she can find and draw a conclusion based on these facts.

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Strengths and Powers

Robin's greatest strength is her exo-suit. Her suit has many, many different functions that not only keep her allive, but also aid her in her missions. These abilities can be anywhere from attacks, to special forms of movement, or even a special passive features that help her in some way.

The exo-suit itself was designed to allow Robin to live by protecting her from any type of pathogen, virus, illness, etc. Because it doesn't allow any harmful substances to enter, she can move through hazardous atmospheres such as toxic air, vacuums, underwater, etc. without fear of being harmed by the atmosphere itself. Her suit is also made of a special, ultra-rare material that can not be punctured or damaged by most attacks. However, the impact of an attack can still hurt her and knock her back.

In addition to her exo-suit's abilities, Robin also has a few strengths of her own. She is incredibly smart and is very adept at using and creating gadgets, tools, and other technology. She is also very good with computers, being able to hack the toughest of encryptions, making her ideal for hacking and other computer related goals. Robin is also pretty agile, capable of doing somersaults, cartwheels, handsprings, etc. in order to avoid being hit. Because the exo-suit is nearly skin tight, it does not get in her way while performing such maneuvers, giving her maximum flexiblity in addition to great protection. She also tends to remain calm in even the most extreme situations, keeping an optimistic view on the situation at hand.

Since she was trained by G.U.N, she has proficiency with a variety of weapons. While she prefers to use her suit's functions, she can use weapons such as firearms, melee, etc. in a pinch. At first, she had a hard time with the recoil on most weapons. To componsate, she outfited her exo-suit with shock absorbers to help stabalize the recoil. Even though she has adequate proficiency with a variety of firearms, she's very good with light weaponry such as handguns, sub-machine guns, and machine pistols.

In addition to weapons training, she also received training in hand-to-hand combat and first aid. While her hand-to-hand skills are not as great as some other characters, she can fight, counter, and block with above average proficiency. However, thanks to her exo-suit, she also has a few tricks up her sleeve when fighting in close quarters. As for first aid, she keeps a first aid kit handy and can give just about any immediate medical treatement to her friends and allies (except mouth-to-mouth, for obvious reasons.)

While not a combat skill, Robin has some musical talent; particularly with a piano. She is capable of playing nearly any genra of music with the piano, and loves playing it. She also has a great singing voice and may sing everynow and then while playing the piano.

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Suit Functions

Core Functions:

The suit's main function is to keep Robin protected from any pathogens or viruses that can kill her due to her weakened immune system. In addition, the suit also purifies any air that she breathes in and keeps her health constantly monitored. Other functions that aid in her survival include a temperature control feature (which is basically like a thermostat inside her suit that keeps her at a comfortable temperature), and a built-in, self-sustaining microgenerator that supplies power for the suit at all times.

Her exo-suit also has many different attack, movement, or passive features that aid her in her adventures...

Offensive Abilities:

Abilities in this category are designed to aid Robin in combat. They can be either lethal or non-lethal.

Repulser Rays:

Robin's exo-suit has the ability to fire a concentrated blast of kinetic energy from either hand. This is her most commonly used attack and is used to blast enemies and objects away from her. While the ray itself is usually non-lethal, the sheer force of the impact can hurt her opponent. She can knock objects and enemies into other enemies this way.

Crippler Cannon:

After the events of a massive zombie attack that took place in Station Square, Robin managed to develop an attack feature that mimics the properties of the force field that surrounded Station Square during that time. Despite the name, this move does no damage whatsoever. Instead, it fires a large beam of a energy at the opponent that is designed to cripple their powers. If the attack connects, the opponent will be inable to move for about five seconds, due to an imense, turquoise colored barrior surrounding thier body. Once those seconds are up, the character can move again. HOWEVER, they will find that their powers have been completely disabled for a short period of time. This will often give Robin and her allies a huge advantage over a difficult opponent. Robin must wait about half an hour before she can use this move again, regardless of whether or not the attack hit its target.

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Defensive Abilities:

Defensive Abilites are designed to help protect Robin from various forms of danger. These abilities can be used to help Robin escape, avoid damage, or even allow her to recover from certain attacks. However, they do not directly help her attack.

Tatical Cloak:

The Tatical Cloak is an experimental feature that causes Robin to turn completely invisible, hiding her from both normal view and detection technology such as infrared and thermal vision. However, the suit does have it's weak point: Robin only remains invisible if she either remains still, or if she moves slowly. Also, any items she's holding in her hands will remain visible. In addition, attacking or any sudden movements will break the cloaking effect.

Psychic Insulators:

The Psychic Insulators protect Robin from any form of mind manipulation, such as Mind Control and Mind Reading. Their main purpose is to protect Robin's mind from any type of tampering. An odd quirk of this feature is that it also prevents other characters from talking to her through telepathy. However, psychic attacks such as telekinesis can still harm her.

Anti-Manipulation field:

Having encountered at least one Technopath before, Robin needed to come up with a way to prevent her suit from being used against her or shut down altogether. Using concepts similar to that of a portable jammer, her 'Crippler Cannon', and other psychic power disabling devices, Robin managed to come up with a function that coats her entire body in an invisible shield that greatly hinders a technopath's abiltiy to manipulte devices. WIth this, a technopath will have a very difficult time taking control of any part of Robin's suit, if he/she is not althogether prevented. Thanks to this, she is well protected from being easily killed by a technopath who would try to disable her entire suit. During a technopath's struggle to take control, Robin is able to fight back, flee, or attempt to use her 'Crippler Cannon' to disable the technopath's powers, thus leaving her safe from any further attempts. However, if the technopath is able to get throught he barrior somehow, he/she will not likely be able to control any significant functions.

Anti-Hack Softwear:

Aiming at a similar goal as the Anti-Manipulation field, the Anti-Hack Softwear prevents Robin's suit from being hacked by any means, and protects the suit from viruses or other corruptions that could inhibit or otherwise alter performance and functions. This encrypted softwear is of Robin's own design, so there is no conceivable way to gain access to a way to bypass her suit's security protocols, thus protecting her from any attempts to hack into her suit's database or core systems.

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Movement and Locomotion:

Abilities in this category are primarily used to help Robin move around the field. Abilites in this category can also serve offensive and defensive purposes.

Speed Booster:

Robin's exo-suit can create a field of supercharged kinetic energy around Robin, giving her a tremendous speed boost. To activate it, she must get a running start. Once she has enough momentum, the speed booster activates, wrapping Robin in a protective, multicolored kinetic field. Anyone she collides into will be blasted away. In addition, she can demolish any structural weakness that she runs into, such as a weakened or hallow wall for example. Once she collides into an immovable object or skids to a stop without attempting to store the energy, the field dissipates and no longer protects her. If she jumps while moving, she will be launched over a great distance, destroying almost anything she collides into. She can also stop, temporarily store the kinetic energy, and do one of two things:

1) She can unleash the energy as a massive and powerful shockwave that quickly expands into all directions, decimating anything or knocking away anyone in its 20 yard blast.

2) She can use the energy to jump straight up to incredible heights of up to 300 feet above the ground. Again, she can knock away anyone or demolish anything in her path.

There is one drawback to this though: She cannot change direction while running once the Speed Booster is activated. If she wants to change direction, she must come to a stop.

Icarus Landing System:

The Icarus Landing System (ILS for short) is a special feature that slows Robin's descent so that she can land from great heights without injury. By harvesting the kinetic energy while falling, her exo-suit can create a yellow, electromagnetic field that slows her fall so that she lands gently. She can also use this as an attack. By dispersing the energy when she lands, she can create an electromagnetic shockwave that knocks down and stuns enemies. The electromagnetic shockwave will also send small metal objects flying unless it's attached to an immovable object.

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Passive Abilities:

These abilites can be any type of function that doesn't directly serve a combat role, aid in movement, or help defend Robin. However, they do help Robin in some way or another in those areas.

Visual Aid:

The Visual Aid allows for a number of optical abilities such as magnification, binocular vison, night vision, thermal vision, etc. The visual aid is also what makes Robin's eyes appear to glow blue under normal circumstances.

Remote Hacking:

Robin can wirelessly hack into computers from a distance of up to 50 feet. The closer she is, the faster and more efficient the hack becomes. She can also hack other devices such as controls and certain robots. However, she is usually vulnerable while doing this.

G.U.N Database:

Robin has access to most of the files that G.U.N has in their archives. This allows her to retreive information on other G.U.N agents, enemies, equipment, locations, ect. She can access the files at almost any time she wants. She can either bring the file up by name, or by looking at the object of interest and seeing if there are any matches in the database.


If Robin can't find any information on a person through the G.U.N database, she is capable of scaning a target to aquire a wide variety of information; including morphology, known strengths, apparent weaknesses, and even form a psychological profile of the subject. The information she gets from a scan is quickly cateloged, sorted, and stored into her suit's personal infromation database.

As she interacts with the subject, these files will automatically add, edit, or delete any information necessary to keep a constantly up-dated file on the subject of interest. The only drawback of this feature is that she can not use any other non-core functions of her exo-suit (meaning she can't attack or use defensive and movement abilities) while scanning a target. She can also analyze objects of interest such as weapons, technology, artifacts, etc.


While first learning how to use firearms, Robin had difficulty with the recoil on a number of weapons. To compensate, she upgraded her suit so that it would stabilize the recoil. This allowed her to be able to fire even heavy hitting weapons as though the had only a mild recoil. In addition, the stabilizers also reduce the recoil that results from other types of actions.

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Items Currently In Possession

  • Robin's Exo-suit







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Romantic Interests



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Relationships with Other Fanon Characters

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ex. Friends:

  • Random the Example: "She's pretty cool and friendly! I still think it's kinda weird that you can't even see her face through that helmet of her's."






  • Honoo "Flame" The Pyrofox: "She's cool, she's friendly and all that, plus as a bonus her Tech suit is FLIPPING COOL!
  • Jadelk "Jad" The Wolverine: "She's nice, I like her suit, It has cool functions and looks cool, though she looks really shady with it on...
  • Terra the Tiger: "She's a nice person, But I don't like the helmet, It creeps me out how I cannot see her face, ah well she's still cool.
  • Zarex the Hyenhog: "She is really cool, She appriciates my awesomeness, one of the few people who do so.
  • Occulus Rayz: "She's my friend, But...I don't really talk to her so I know very little about her.
  • Crymson the Cat: "She is a very loyal and trustworthy friend, but acts like a a sister to me. Me and her share a similarity that the both of us lost a brother. She and I have an unseperable bond."
  • Surg the Hedgefox: "She incredibly smart and friendly. Mostly her personality is the reason why I like her. Sure she has a tech suit, but I really do like her."





Romantic Interests

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Fun Facts and Trivia

  • Robin's last name, Owsparr, is actually the word "Sparrow" with the last two letters moved to the front.

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