People claim that they are living in a free country, made free by men like me and men like the President. But then I learned that there is no such thing as a free country; there is no free world when there are leaders and rulers. I believed that I could share this "freedom" with the rest of the world. The United Federation could be the most powerful nation ever, like England during the 17th and 18th centuries! But the Natives get in the way of our plans to spread our love to them. We must not sympathize for enemies. We must have proper order among our ranks, and a CLEAR FOOD CHAIN WITH ME AT THE TOP!!! Otherwise, how can we help other countries destroy their faults? I would decapitate the Clan Mother if I could. People say I'm becoming a war criminal who is going AWOL. And all I have to say is...they're wrong. I wanted to help you all, not destroy you. Now, as for the Box and Emerald, Killian got them off the hermit that saved you. I gave him the idea. I thank you now, Metallico, for granting my greatest wish: to die in combat.
~ Robert Geran's final monolgue
And thank you, Geran, for revealing your master plan, you scheming snake. Do you think I forgot what you did? All those innocents slaughtered, and for what? It does not endeager peace to cut your way to resolution! You may say I'm wrong, but which one of us is dying on the ground?
~Metallico's response and words right before stabbing Geran's throat

Robert Geran is an anthropomorphic fox and the leader of the 3rd Mercenary Civil Regiment, as General and COC (Commander-in-Chief) working in Hundrid City as head of the local civil military/mercenary guards. He is an antagonist in Metallico's Chronicles, as the main antagonist of Chapter 1: Hundrid City and secondary antagonist in Chapter 2: The Betrayal as a foe of the Bounty Guild soldier-turned traitor Metallico Prower.


Early life

Not too much has been revealed about Robert's early life, other than his power within G.U.N. and had been taught by the Bounty Guild about battle. He had been born in Brigus, Newfoundland as he claimed. Under unknown circumstances, Robert came across the Nocturus Box, an artifact that can lead people to temples of dangerous power that cause earthquakes if tampered with. To stop anyone from finding it, he had troops go around Hundrid City and Hundrid Forest to find it, determined to prevent anyone from finding it but him, knowing of the power it has. He leaves the Box in the hands of Richard Mackenize, a fellow military guard, and leaves the Chaos Emerald he powered the Box with in the hands of his cousin Gerald Mackandal. He would continue to capture neutral Iroqouis tribe members to find the temple, with little success.

Metallico's interference

Mills' assassination plan

Word eventually reached Geran sometime in 2004 that Richard and Gerald had been killed by a Bounty Guild member Metallico Prower, having taken their artifacts as well, and was heading to Hundrid City on a boat. Knowing that Metallico wouldn't be allowed to arrive, he pays his other cousin, Mills, to fly off to the harbor that Metallico's boat was at and go undercover, planning to kill Metallico before he arrives. Robert gives Mills command of a military ship that follows them on their course to the town. Mills drops cargo overboard to lead Robert's boat to him.

Fredrick's stolen geographical research

When Metallico arrives at Hundrid City harbor, Robert questions the captain of the ship, having discovered that Mills had been thrown overboard in a storm by Metallico and the ship that Mills was leading had been sunk in that same storm. He knows that a Bounty Guild trainee, Fredrick Rodriguez, is already in the city somewhere with a friend named James Finnegan to get Metallico settled. Robert confiscates Fredrick's research, puts it in a box and sends it to a military fort outside the city by a beach, guarded by his own troops. Metallico eventually broke in and defeats them, stealing the research back with help from James Finnegan, and gave it back to Fredrick.

Killian's betrayal

Since Metallico was with the Bounty Guild, an organization filled with mercenaries, he would have to pay Killian Fredson, head of the Guild, to come to Hundrid City and stop Metallico. Unbeknowest to Geran, Killian was already working a job for Meteotech CEO Dr. Eggman to find these temples and destroy everything around them. Killian participated in this plan for more money, unwilling at first to betray his best man. But then Geran mentioned that he'd pay $400,000, triple if the contract was fulfilled within the week, so he accepts.

Geran's defeat

Hundrid City patrol

Geran eventually brought James to an encampment outside Hundrid City, a series of tents surrounded by small stone walls, and preceded to lecture him and yell at him for helping Metallico rob his soldiers. Metallico and Fredrick appear, and they demand that James be handed back, but Robert refuses. He gathers up his men and officially takes James as a prisoner, taking him on a military patrol through Hundrid City, knowing that Metallico was coming for him. Fredrick suddenly appears in the patrol's way, throwing horse dung at Geran's face. He has the patrol chase after him until they're caught in a dead end alley way. Metallico and Fredrick battle the patrol and kill all of the troops, but despite battling Geran, Metallico let him live, as the media would arrive any second and didn't want to get on the news for murdering a military official. He takes James away, leaving Geran in disgrace as he yells at the three walking away.

Defeat at the Temple

Eventually, Metallico, James and Fredrick disguised themselves as mercenary troops to destroy Robert's fort that they robbed weeks before. Robert's hunter townsfolk and Iroqouis prisoners were freed and the captain had been murdered in the battle. Geran (under unknown circumstances) found the temple door in a cave in Hundrid Forest and set up a guarded perimeter around it, having his own command tent sitting inside the actual cave and many troops patrolling all over the area. Metallico eventually attacked, sneaking in to get to the temple and found Geran's command tent. He approaches it and stabs Geran in the chest with his Hidden Blade, then letting him live. He limps out of the cave and supposedly escapes in a truck, as he didn't die when Metallico triggered the earthquake effect in the temple and destroyed the town Hunter Oppidum.

Bounty Guild affiliation

Killian's Contract fulfilled

Killian arrives in Hundrid City to kill Metallico, as Geran called him and told him to after the temple collapsed. Metallico breaks into his boat and steals the Box and Emerald, then fighting Killian. Geran gives Killian permission to open-fire on him from the boat, which then bombards the town with cannonballs and crumbling buildings, but Metallico gets on the boat and stabs the helmsman, stealing the boat. Before he could get away however, Killian uses a rocket launcher to destroy the boat, letting it sink to the bottom of the ocean. Geran appears on the cliff Killian was standing on and tells him that his work was done now and payment would come within 4 days.


1 month following the events in Hundrid City, he is taking a military patrol through the "Forest Scar" (the destroyed forest from the earthquake) and brought Bounty Guild troops. His own men were proved to be completely useless by Metallico. Metallico attacks him, killing the troops around Geran's truck and getting into it, only for Killian to shoot him and throw him off the truck and onto the road for dead. Geran was stabbed, so he had to recover in a hospital.

Siege of Kanatahséton and Death

Eventually, word reached Geran that Metallico was alive and was being nursed back to health by Iroqouis men in the forest. With the advantage on his side, Geran gathers up Bounty Guild troopers and marches for the village of Kanatahséton, planning to attack it. They apparently marched for 3 days to get to the village, easily slaughtering native scouts with their superior weapons. Despite G.U.N.'s many attempts to call off the attack, not wanting war with neutral groups, Geran kept on assuring them that he would simply collect Metallico and leave and only attack in self-defense.

Upon arrival, they blow open the walls and demand that Metallico be returned to them in exchange for the safety of their village. However, the tribesfolk refused, proclaiming that they'll fight to the last man. Geran says he's sorry and then commands his men to attack, and so they burn several buildings and fight with the tribesfolk. Metallico was now fully nursed, and then leapt down on Geran from a tree using his new power and stabs Geran with his Hidden Blade, but before dying, he says that Killian had recovered the Emerald and Box, having taken them from the hermit that saved Metallico at Hundrid City. Metallico stabs Geran in the throat right as he finishes talking, killing him in an instant. With his death, Geran's troops were all defeated and the Siege of Kanatahséton had been lost by the attackers.


Robert Geran was regarded and cared for by many in the military as a war hero, while others saw him as a man with great potential, but far too war-hungry to be liked. As such, he thirsts for the thrill of battle, but wasn't believed by anyone to get his wish. He is rather ruthless when it comes to prisoners and battles and always has been known to make long speeches about war effort and how he doesn't sympathize for the enemy in any way. He was a loose cannon as he revealed right before the Siege of Kanatahséton, as he went against all his superior's demands to return home and practice battle later.

He did have a heart, though; he would go to any length possible to prevent Metallico from getting to the Nocturus Temple because of what it could do, but that doesn't excuse his actions. He also seems to be racist, as he would repeatedly call the villagers of Kanatahséton "savages" and "dirt-eaters" and regarded them as enemies for attacking some of his own men, despite their claims that they were trying to protect themselves. To further prove his racism, he would take Kanatahséton inhabitants as prisoners. One man said to James Finnegan that he tried to sell 7 of these Native prisoners into slavery, which is not only illegal in every country in the world, but it also shows how far the extent of his evilness and racism extends.


Robert Geran was taught by the Bounty Guild how to strategize in battle, so he knows many war tactics and was perhaps beyond his time for this. He was also taught how to battle with a sword, as he could easily hold his own against Metallico Prower, who was given the nickname "Ultimate Swordsmaster".


  • In Chapter 2: The Betrayal, Geran dressed in British military clothing, despite Hundrid City and Hundrid Forest being at the real-world border between Vermont, U.S.A. and Quebec, Canada.
    • However, Vermont was one of the New England states of America, which could probably explain why he is dressed like a British soldier.
  • Geran was inspired by Edward Braddock in Assassin's Creed III; both abuse natives and prove racism that way, both had been part of the organization the protagonist was in before leaving, both had died during a failed attempt at battle and both had been known to slaughter innocents whenever they pleased.
  • If you shot Geran with your gun while fighting him in Hundrid City, he will still survive and the cutscene won't change.
  • Geran is Malay for "Grant". Grant is the name of a geographical subdivision in New Hampshire, Vermont and Maine. Oddly enough, Geran claimed he was born in Brigus, which is in Conception Bay, Newfoundland.
  • Geran makes a cameo in the Sonic: Revolutions episode "Truce, part 3", as a soldier seen walking out of Commander Alan Mak's command tent. He gives Milo Prower an angry look as he walks into the tent. His neck is shown with bandages, suggesting he might have survived Metallico's attack at the Siege of Kanatahséton. Oddly, Alan seems to imply the exact opposite; that he was actually at the Siege of Kanatahséton and was the only survivor and said to Milo that Metallico had killed him that day. It could be that Alan doesn't recognize Geran anymore or it could be someone who looked like him.
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