Robert the Lynx



Male 11 (Born on day July 15,2002)

Rob's physical age is closer to 16 due to using a Wishing Ring

Light brown, black






*Blue shirt with thin black lines

  • Black gloves
  • White Ark of Cosmos on both wrist.
  • Black Paints
  • Black and white sneakers



*Computer hacking

  • High intellect
  • Martial arts
  • High acrobatic skills
  • Super Strength
  • Chaos powers
  • Teleportation
  • Chaos fields

Robert Lynx but is mostly now as Rob Lynx is a Human who transformed into a Lynx and joined the Freedom Fighters.


Rob was once a human 12 year old boy. One day at the start of summer vacation he found a golden ring. Later he found out it was a wishing ring from his favorite comic Sonic The Hedgehog and wished him self into the book and also gained Super-Strength to equal that of Sonic's speed. When in the book he became a Lynx. He entered right after Mina has recovered from being shot by Nack and was being thanked by the king. After a briefer fight with Sonic he laid to him, Mina, and Sally as he did not want them to now they were comic book characters.


Rob wears a Blue shirt with thin black lines, Black gloves, White Ark of Cosmos on both wrist, Black Paints, Black and white sneakers.

Powers and Abilities

Rob is physically the strongest of the Freedom Fighters possibly the on all of Mobius. He is able to lift heavy objects as well as destroy barriers of various materials. He has is skilled in martial arts thinks to Bunny and Sally, which he uses for offensive and defensive measures. He also has some acrobatic training from Amy.

Love Life

Amy Rose

Over time a relationship with Amy started to develop, and Amy eventually began to think of him alongside Sonic as boyfriend material. The two would engage in flirting, and even an occasional gesture of affection in public, which in turn greatly wavered the confidence of Mina had in her future with Rob. Also, in Sonic The New Hero Chapter 8, they would grow closer. Rob and Amy have a small concert together to help people forget about the Xorda attack on the plant and Sonic's supposed death.

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