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"Sometimes y'just got to embrace who y'are. So what if you're half wolf, Cody, as long as you be yourself!"
—Rob to Cody, Unnamed Story

Rob the Fox, alternatively known as Rob Fox, is a Soleanna Forest-born red fox who befriends Cody the Wolfdog when the former Storm Fighter runs away to live by himself. Rob currently resides in Soleanna Forest with Cody.


Rob has the appearance of a typical fox of his species. He is a lean red fox with a long, bushy tail; he has thick russet-red fur, white fur running from his chin to his underbelly, a white tail-tip, amber eyes, and dark brownish-black paws and ears.


Rob is laid-back and friendly, and a bit of a pacifist. Like most foxes in Soleanna Forest, he is also rather superstitious, believing that The Spirits in the Stars control a great deal of unexplained phenomenon. Like many inhabitants, he believes that Torch and Snow's old burrow is haunted by their Spirits, which is how he met Cody, as he comes along to warn the half-wolf about it being "haunted".


Before the Series: Rob's past is largely unknown, though its likely he had a fairly normal cubhood and heard about the War of Darkness some time prior to Cody's arrival in Soleanna Forest.

Unnamed Story: After Cody settles down in an abandoned fox burrow in Soleanna Forest, a red fox pads by, pausing to warn Cody that the burrow is haunted. His tiredness making him sarcastic, Cody "thanks" him for the warning, stating he was so tired he didn't care where he slept. The fox tells him that its his funeral before padding off. The next day, as he's looking for something to eat, Cody runs into the fox again, and the native introduces himself as Rob. Cody introduces himself as well, then stalks past Rob, who follows him. Cody tells him to leave him alone, asking him why he would want to hang out with someone like him. Rob is confused and asks him what he means, and Cody explains that he's a wolf-dog. Rob is completely unfazed by this, saying that he was a bit of an outcast himself. Cody growls that he's not a bit of an outcast, he is an outcast, since hybrids were generally looked down upon by others, relating how Rowan the Red Wolf constantly bullied him. Rob tells Cody that sometimes he just needs to embrace who he is. Much later, when Cody is exploring the City of Soleanna and encounters Princess Elise, who welcomes him, Rob finds Cody to take him back the forest, politely and respectfully greeting the Princess.




Rob is one of many foxes in the series who has the letter "r" in their names.

Rob is a common name for men, and often used to shorten the name "Robert". Whether or not Rob is his actual name or just a nickname is unknown.

Rob is one of a few foxes to have a simple human name

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