Rizo'Riul Evidelo Z'Velomen is a Draco-Demon-Wolf Class Type α Dai'Behmian. He is one of the Mystelm Federation's 12 Aqeldas Commanders, and the 2nd youngest among them. He is known by his aliases "The Dragon Demon", "Evidelo's Servant" or "The Executioner of Destruction", which he earned due to his destructive power, incredible strength and his calm and intimidating nature which hides a deadly anger if angered. He is one of Altheumelia's closest friends (Though he may have a bond deeper than friendship for her).


Rizo'Riul is a tall, draconic, demon wolf with a slim yet muscular figure with mainly red fur. He has an athletic muscular build in his slim body that is not too muscular, but still enough to show his fitness, which is enough to attract attention from mainly females (much to his dismay).

He wears a dark brown coat with silver linings at the hems, which only has one button clipped on near his collarbone area, showing his muscles and six-pack figure through his black muscle shirt. The right sleeve of his coat is bare, revealing his muscled slim arm, while his left sleeve is long-sleeved. Both of his arms have armguards, only that the left-sided is more short and guards mainly his elbow, while the right side does guard his arm, but not his elbow.

He wears a black leather belt with a metal buckle that holds his twin kaporites (a mixture of a katana and halberd) and his other equipment. The lower part of his coat is decorated with golden Chinese-designed dragons. He wears white yoga military pants with knee guards and soldier boots that still allow easy foot movement.

He has a white muzzle like a wolf, and his left eye sports a vertical scar. Across his muzzle is a scar as well, and another one on his right cheek, running diagonally. He has blue eyes with red slitted pupils, and the upper edges of his eyes have blue markings.

His fur is spiked, pointing away from his head like a tail, with a smaller one underneath it, both sporting blue streaks that run to his forehead. His long hair is fashioned into a low ponytail with blue streaks, and the furs on the side of his head is shaped as 5 fins with a blue tint. His ears are at the sides of his head, elven-like in shape, partly hidden by the fin furs, and on the top of his head are arched horns sprouting from it.

When relaxing, his casual form of clothes which consists of yoga pants, an open vest on top of a muscle shirt, all held by wrappings, and dark green sandals.


Rizo'Riul is a calm, indifferent, wise and level-headed man who's nature has made himself famous among the army. He acts calm and level-headed in even severe situations. He usually has a cold, apathetic and harsh attitude.

Deep down inside, Rizo'Riul is a kind, caring and honourable man who is willing to sacrifice himself for the sake of his friends and for the greater good of all live. Due to his past, he doesn't show it more often, his friends and mostly Altheumelia being an exception.

He follows his clan's code of honour: To never betray you people, protect the light and innocent, and to sacrifice in the name of justice. He upholds this highly.

He holds emotions of love for Altheumelia, which were at once feelings of friendship that soon quickly escalated into love. He highly cares for her, as she was one of the people who cared highly for and supported him in the past, and still does to this day.


Riyulis had a difficult childhood and his relationship with his family was once good, but now on bad terms. He was born into the ruling family that currently led his clan. He had a father named Abraham and a mother named Valizia. His siblings were his older brother Azulio and his younger sister Zylia.

In the past, Riyulis was shown only a tiny amount of affection and kindness from his parents, as they were currently spoiling and dotting over Asulio. Because of his past inability to use his magic correctly, his was alienated and deemed unfit by his family to become a part of them. Another reason why they did this is because he was gentle and and docile at the time, and because of his gentle disposition, they shunned him. During this time, the only people who had shown him kindness were his non-biological mother figure Shahira, his brother figure Arthoel and a few other friends. His biological family abused and neglected him.

When Rizo'Riul was 7, his sister Zylia was born, and his parents instantly dotted over her. The sight of affection made his heart filled with envy for Zylia, but he knew deep inside that she was to not be blamed, for she was still so young at the time. The infant Zylia soon became instantly bonded with him as they interacted, Rizo'Riul becoming a dotting brother on her.

At the age of 9, Rizo'Riul was slowly gaining his magic, and this gave him joy. However, this happiness would soon be dispelled quickly. When his parents had announced that he was disowned, the boy's sadness and grief would soon turn into anger and hatred for his family excluding Sylia.

Due to the extreme level of anger at that time, it caused a reaction so great, serving as the final key to unlocking his magic. Riyulis subconsciously unleashed a gignantic shockwave that decimated the buildings surrounding him, shocking and taking people by surprise (including his family) as the force sent them flying back.

But what would happen next would be even more shocking. As the enraged demon stood fiercely with a glare, behind him appeared visage and apparition of the Demon God of Justice, Judgement and Bravery: Evidelo.

Riyulis lashed out at his family and siblings, swearing and yelling derogative terms and harsh words at them. He even went as far to using his tail to smash a man who had once unfairly denied him clothes into the ground. He continued on for this towards the people responsible for his suffering.

As he was about to leave, he was met with gifts of his friends who wished to bid him farewell, but his biological family would soon interfere. For interfering with his departure, Rizo'Riul choked and sadistically stabbed them with a hunting knife he made himself in the stomachs, without severely injuring them, thus they would live and survive. Before leaving, he spat on them, calling the foolish and pathetic, leaving after giving them a kick to the stomachs.


  • The last part of his first name, 'Riul' was derived from the Kanji ryuu, which is Japanese for "Dragon".
  • Theme Songs:
    • Main Theme(s): Compass by Jonathan Thulin
    • Battle Theme:
      • I.P.D. Indra from Ar Tonelico II
    • Background Theme:
      • Lupinus by A_Hisa
    • Boss Theme:
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