"But... [coughs] you told me... you told me my defeat would spell an end to the universe... you told me!"
"I told you wrong, Doctor."
"I've been lied to then. [coughs] I've been made a fool."
"You were useful while you lasted, Doctor. Goodbye."


Rixon is a small, green being that stands roughly 1 meter tall, or about 3 feet tall. His skin consists of a combination of shiny green plates that cover his body like a natural armor, and a soft, moist, yellow underskin that is easily penetrated and most apparent at his joints. On top of his head, he bears a thick, dark green dome, with a serrated ridge running from his forehead to the back of his head, which, when damaged, signifies dominance in his species. The lack of imperfections to this ridge, caused from constant damage and healing, suggests that Rixon was never contested for power, or more likely, never engaged in battles for dominance.

On the sides of Rixon's face are two spikes, giving him his devilish appearance. His mouth is relatively humanoid, however, he is never seen eating with it has he has a small bump on his neck that a third arm comes out of, which is used to externally digest his food and absorb the remaining nutrients through a strawlike mechanism in this arm called a proboscis. Rixon has four eyes, two large compound eyes that are on the side of his head. They are red and have a dull glow to them, like a dying candle. He also has two smaller eyes that are approximately where his nostrils should be. He has no nose, or one that is visible at the very least.

Rixon's sex is unknown as his species possess five sexes, a male, female, pseudomale, psuedofemale, and a handler, which combines the DNA generated by both the normal and psuedosexes, creating a brood which gradually eat the handler alive in a painful process until they die of blood loss or septic shock. It could very well be assumed he is a handler, given his disposition towards relationships, and reasoning for leaving his homeworld.


Rixon is a silent and thorough individual. He doesn't talk unless he knows what he is talking about and has something to say. He picks up patterns extremely quickly, has eidetic and photographic memory, and retains information very well for extended periods of time, often using all of that combined as a means of manipulating people without them even knowing it and building strategies at an almost perfect success rate.

He rarely ever forms emotional connections with people, giving him the ability to let them go if he finds them a strategic setback. Rixon is a brilliant strategist, digesting information he's observed with his knack for pattern grabbing, and churning out ways and means of going about a problem, often without him having seemingly any involvement.

His calculating and manipulative personality make him an extremely dangerous person, and his constant success have given him an inflated ego, which is as dangerous to him as his abilities are to his adversaries.


Rixon's past is unknown and left solely to debate because of his secretive nature and unwillingless to talk about it. Based on what he's discussed with his closest allies, it is believed he either fled from his home planet to avoid the fate of a handler, being eaten alive by thousands of larvae, or as a way to evade execution from a radical religious group for voicing his anti-religious beliefs. In order to evade his fate, whatever it was, he seeked asylum in at least 20 moons, before finally hiding out on an icy outer moon, which Rixon chose as a last resort due to it being too cold and dark for his kind.

Fearing whatever was out to get him, he gathered enough resources to fly over a thousand light years to Mobius, a process that would take thousands of years. If Rixon hadn't developed the stasis technology that put him under near-death comatose for that amount of time, he would have been long dead by the time of his arrival.

After planting his memories into a computer for later retrieval after the coma, in the event he forgot them, he set off for Mobius, only to land in an icy wasteland like his prior hideout. Using his ship as a laboratory, he intercepted every possible form of media, television, telephone, radio, internet, and satellite, granting him the full experience to learn about Mobius, which he did for a dozen years, before finally fixing his ship and landing in the center of the Eggman Empire.

Presenting himself as an alien individual who could see the future and claiming that a future with Eggman being defeated meant death to the entire universe, he quickly formed a truce with the distraught scientist, and began building operatives who would spy on Sonic and intimately plot his every move. Soon enough, he managed to control his robotic spies to manipulate situations, causing Sonic and Amy to form a relationship, distracting the blue hedgehog from his duty.

He also weakened the world economy by investing millions of counterfeit dollars into the stock market, causing it to collapse as the value of the worldwide currency was no longer honoured, causing the Guardian Units of Nations to draw back on its military budget and face a recession on such a high scale it was never seen before.

With a weakened worldwide military, Eggman enacted a modified plan with the help of Rixon to invade the world, and with the successful operation of the robot, Egg Beater, Sonic was killed while on a date with Amy. Soon enough, Eggman obtained control of the world's economic centers, starving the world into submission in the matter of months, with minor resistance groups that armies of the new Egg Beater quickly eliminated by decimating entire cities and settlements.

As the world was under Eggman's control, Rixon turned his back to Eggman and poisoned him, Eggman repeating as he choked on the burns in his throat that Rixon told him that his defeat would be the end of the universe, realizing he'd been lied to and made a complete fool for the past two years as Rixon carried out his successful plan for world domination.

At the center of it all now, Rixon enslaved the Mobian population to form a powerful spaceborne military, using the power of Chaos Control to form portals to his home planet, enforcing swift invasion of his planet and its many moons, and eventually spreading his interstellar empire beyond the confines of Mobius' solar system and his own planet's solar system. It was a profound success of the Mobian species, now being the most dominant race, albeit as slaves.

Resistance groups where shut down as they started by the countless amounts of surveillance, and as Rixon's life began to wane into his dying years, resistance began to form a foothold, eventually fracturing the empire a few years after his death. Rixon died knowing that he had given justice to his people, seemingly forgetful of his own injustices to the Mobian race as they broke free of their confines as slaves, only to take their anger out on those who remotely resembled Rixon.

Special Abilities

Rixon is both photosynthetic and a liquivore, able to switch between harvesting energy from light and absorbing nutrients and water from predigested food, which can be broken down from an acidic substance that is released from a third arm in his throat. This appendage's ability to be used as a weapon is unknown, as it is very soft and weak, and is never seen outside of Rixon unless eating, which he prefers to do alone.


His intellect and ability to learn from pattern matching, his superior memory, and lastly his manipulative personality are what give Rixon his power, such power that allowed him to invade the planet in two years and maintain an eighty year empire before dying peacefully of old age.


While his natural body armor is tough, the joints are soft and weak, but prefering not to fight, Rixon's weaknesses exist mentally, in his ability to underestimate others and overestimate his own skills, both mental and physical. This results in him overthinking and exhausting himself, or finding himself outmatched physically by specific challenges and fights.



Since he first met Eggman, Rixon gave him much respect, calling him "Doctor" and helping him invade the world. After killing Sonic, Eggman felt a bit sickened, as he realized he had a level of compassion for his rival, but he quickly got over it as he knew it was the last step to invading the world and instating his own world order.

Despite killing Eggman after Rixon was finished using him to invade the planet, he continued to refer to him as "Doctor," either acknowledging his title as a doctor, or because he continued to reserve some respect for him despite letting him off like a tool used to invade the planet.


Rixon's observations over Sonic where so intense that for a while until his demise, Rixon saw Sonic as a god, and considered him, based on previous attempts by Eggman, as the final obstacle to his quest for planetary domination. After killing him, Rixon never said his name or really talked about him. His legacy and existence was publicly called out as a lie by Rixon's propaganda and his imperial media.


Rixon used Amy as an tool to get Sonic's focus going on her. Knowing Sonic's impatience, Rixon knew that Amy's quick and direct reciprocation of Sonic's advances would be beneficial to distracting Sonic from his duties protecting the city from Eggman. After Sonic's death, he never brought up her existence. It was likely that she was involved with a short lived resistance group, summarizing her demise.


Rixon acknowledged Tails as a threat. He most likely succumbed to the same fate as Amy, dying at the hands of an Egg Beater after working with a small resistance group.


Surprisingly, the Chaos Emeralds were of little value to Rixon until his step into world domination. It is unknown what happened to Knuckles, as the floating island was claimed without much effort, suggesting he may have no even been present on the island at the time of the invasion.


After the collapse of G.U.N. it was most likely that Rouge went unemployed. At the time of complete invasion, Rixon discovered Rouge and offered her to be a spy. She was later killed by Rixon for supporting resistance groups. When she was executed, the term 'liquidated' was used, becoming a joke amongst officials, knowing of his liquivorous diet, suggesting that Rixon had eaten her alive. It later became an empire-wide rumor and example to others not to betray Rixon.

Rixon never made a statement about the rumors, or bothered to accurately answer the question of whether or not he ate her, simply replying that he "liquidated" her and that she paid the price for treason.


Rixon approached Shadow about research on Chaos Control. His ability of Chaos Control and his immortality was attributed to many medical miracles, and Shadow saved and prolonged many lives and helped perpetuate the empire.

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