Riverside City is a middle-sized city located near the west border. It is where most of Kitten-Cookie's characters live. It has a lot of trees and water flowing through rivers. The city has a good ecosystem, as they only use bikes and scooters as vehicles. Poutine is a favored food in this city, and smoothies are a popular beverage.


The city has a lot of trees scattered around the city. Most trees are found at parks, and the central park. The grass is greener than most grass at other cities. The forest has trees taller than two skyscrapers, the trees are main causes of accidents in the forest. There are rivers surrounding the city, and are rarely used as drinking water. The rivers are only used as a last resort for drinking water.


Riverside was originally a large lake with trees surrounding it. One day, however, the place had a drought. The water didn't seem to come back, so people decided to make it Riverside City, as it still had rivers surrounding it. To this day, there were more business than houses, and there were alot of people living there. The trees also started to get bigger, and more trees grew.

Notable Areas

  • Riverside Primary School - Unlike most places, Riverside City has two schools. Riverside Primary school is for grades K-7. The school has around 200 dorm rooms, and around 50 classrooms. All students are accepted unless all the slots are full.
  • Riverside Secondary School - For grades 8-12. The school will accept any student unless the slots are full. The school is much bigger, with 300 dorm rooms, and 150 classrooms.
  • Central Park - The park is near the middle, where the lake is. There is a lot of trees, and a few benches, and tables. It is also where the gang likes to play basketball and tennis.
  • Riverside Mall - Mainly the place where people shop and hang out. It is not as big as normal huge malls, but it is big enough to be called big! It has around 200 shops, and a food court to get food.
  • Riverside Beach - Where people go in the summer. The beach is huge being 45 square miles long. It is the main place where people have parties and swimming contests.
  • Riverside Forest - The largest forest in the area. It is actually dangerous and a bit frightening to go inside the forest since it is super dark. It has hazards of fires, tree falls, murders, and people drowning in the deep rivers.
  • Riverside Lake - The biggest lake in the city. It is warm and feels great if you swim in it. People usally go there to go fishing, canoeing, or just to put their feet inside the lake and relax.


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