Privateers in the River Valley are the naval officers and representatives of an unknown monarch-ruled country (that seems to be based on England). They are an enemy faction in Sonic: Revolutions and are also known as the Royal Navy, United Privateers and the United Valley Troopers.

Notable members

Territories across the River Valley

Across the River Valley, you will come across forts that are run by privateer commanders that you can attack and claim for your own. The following shows the naval property that is run by the naval officers.

  • Fort George (privateer fort)
  • Kalin Castle (privateer fort)
  • Fort Sanc (privateer fort)
  • New Draco Harbor (gang headquarters)
  • Fort Lakeman (privateer fort)
  • Fort Irom (privateer fort)


The following list details the kinds of enemies you face that are privateers

  • Soldier: these are the weakest enemies in the game, the average guards and crew members you face during the game's adventures. Their weapon of choice is a weak sword, but they can also use pistols. They are typically dressed as king troop enemies in Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag.
  • Agile: these are the other average guards, never on-board a ship to fight you, but are mainly guards. They can catch up to you when you're running and can also climb obstacles. However, you can kill them easy in combat. Their weapon of choice is a dagger that, when picked up by the player, can be used as a throwing knife. They also have guns, using them more than Soldiers.
  • Brute: these are the big, tough, intimidating enemies that are deadly in combat and cannot be counter-killed, but you can roll out of their way when attacking. They are the captains of schooners when you're boarding one and appear often on bigger ships. They are mainly guards and are the enemies that spawn when an alarm bell inside a plantation is rung. When shooting, a headshot kills instantly, but shoot anywhere else and two gunshots are what kills them. They use axes that, when picked up, can be used in main combat, but can't be kept. They also use bombs.
  • Sniper: these enemies are mainly Soldiers and Agiles using muskets and are mainly on top of watchtowers and buildings in restricted, guarded areas. To add with the fact that they're sniper enemies, they can see you from a further distance than enemies on the ground, likely due to being on a high structure. They are also seen on the masts of frigates and man-of-wars, referred to on the boarding menu as Scouts.
  • Officer: these are fierce enemies, expert swordsmen and can be regularly seen as the captains of brigs, frigates, man-of-wars and are also the captains of gang HQs and forts. They can't be counter-killed, but when countered, you automatically kick them, stunning them and allowing you to attack them until you kill them. They use swords, stronger than Soldier swords, and can use two pistols in succession. Like Brutes, two gun-shots are what kills them.



  • Throughout the game, you can see privateer ships battling pirate ships, with the privateers being the ones with bigger ships.
  • When boarding a privateer frigate or man-of-war, you have to cut down the enemy ship's flag, which is at the top of the highest mast. The flag greatly resembles the English flag, suggesting that England (or a country based on it) is part of the franchise's main canon.
  • Man-of-war ships seem to have rowboats on their deck wrapped in rope and sheets to prevent sliding off.
  • Every warehouse/plantation in the game is guarded by privateers.

New Draco

  • A fort can be accessed from here that you can renovate to hold Milo's own crew members as guards. Whenever guards showed up, they would attack your guards, but if they killed the guards at the gate, two brutes would walk in and one blow of their axe could kill a guard, even the powerful brute and officer would run when they arrived.
  • The city looks a lot like Havana in Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag.
  • If you enter a restricted area in New Draco, officer enemies would be everywhere. Brutes weren't seen very much in guarded locations of New Draco.


  • To keep with how privateers are the pirates' main enemies, privateer forts would attack and destroy any pirate ship that entered their line of sight.
  • To capture a fort, you would have to enter the war room and kill the Commander. The Commander would always be an agile, but they would never attack you.
  • After you've captured a fort, the fort's defense towers and weapons would always appear broken, but they still work. However when you capture a pirate fort, renovating the defenses makes it appear new. Why you can't renovate privateer forts is unknown.
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