Pirates operating in the River Valley area are many. They are one of the two enemy factions in the game Sonic: Revolutions, which is where the protagonist Milo Prower time-travels to the pirate age. Most pirates live in the settlement of Tariktown. The main leaders of these pirates are a collection of the deadliest pirates in the frontier that took the organization name, the Pirate Republic and also spawned an army organized and clever as most River Valley privateers, known as the United Pirate Army or the United Pirate Navy or most notably, the Gang Navy.

Notable members

  • Rordigo Marik (leader of the Pirate Republic)
  • Malik Mantid (2nd-in-Command of the Pirate Republic and Governor of Tariktown)
  • Charles Wayne (Commander-in-Chief of the United Pirate Army and captain of Fort Marik)
  • Governor Lakeman (Governor of New Draco and plotted to hand control of New Draco to control of the Pirate Republic)

Territories across the River Valley

The player can capture gang HQs and forts across the River Valley and claim them for you won. The following shows the pirate-controlled territories.

  • Lac Eternal (gang headquarters)
  • Fort Marik (pirate fort)
  • Morrigan Mak (gang headquarters)
  • Charles' HQ (gang headquarters)
  • Privateer's Nightmare (gang headquarters)
  • Fort Louis (pirate fort)
  • Sahaot (gang headquarters)


The following list details the kinds of enemies you face that are pirates.

  • Soldier: these are the weakest enemies in the game, the average guards and crew members you face during the game's adventures. Their weapon of choice is a weak sword, but they can also use pistols. They are typically dressed as pirate enemies in Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag.
  • Agile: these are the other average guards, never on-board a ship to fight you, but are mainly guards. They can catch up to you when you're running and can also climb obstacles. However, you can kill them easy in combat. Their weapon of choice is a dagger that, when picked up by the player, can be used as a throwing knife. They also have guns, using them more than Soldiers.
  • Brute: these are the big, tough, intimidating enemies that are deadly in combat and cannot be counter-killed, but you can roll out of their way when attacking. They are the captains of schooners when you're boarding one and appear often on bigger ships. They are mainly guards and are the enemies that spawn when an alarm bell inside a plantation is rung. When shooting, a headshot kills instantly, but shoot anywhere else and two gunshots are what kills them. They use axes that, when picked up, can be used in main combat, but can't be kept. They also use bombs.
  • Sniper: these enemies are mainly Soldiers and Agiles using muskets and are mainly on top of watchtowers and buildings in restricted, guarded areas. To add with the fact that they're sniper enemies, they can see you from a further distance than enemies on the ground, likely due to being on a high structure. They are also seen on the masts of frigates and man-of-wars, referred to on the boarding menu as Scouts.
  • Officer: these are fierce enemies, expert swordsmen and can be regularly seen as the captains of brigs, frigates, man-of-wars and are also the captains of gang HQs and forts. They can't be counter-killed, but when countered, you automatically kick them, stunning them and allowing you to attack them until you kill them. They use swords, stronger than Soldier swords, and can use two pistols in succession. Like Brutes, two gun-shots are what kills them.


  • Their flag looks a lot like the French flag, but none of the enemies have French accents. The flag has black where you would see blue and dark green where the white is.
    • With the way many are dressed, it seems that they are Spanish enemies, more specifically the Spanish enemies in Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag.
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