Cquote1 Why keep kiddin' ourselves when we know we live in a world where Finitevus and Infinite have so much power even other villains like Eggman and King Shadow are hiding from them? It's time you faced facts, Lucky. We lost.[...]You got a good heart, kid. Don't let it go to your head. Cquote2
Zero arguing with Lucky, Fall of the Worlds

Rise of Ruin is an upcoming story arc set after Return of Darkness. As of yet, three stories are confirmed for it, titled Fall of the Worlds, Resistance Rising, and Menace of Metal. It will be primarily set from Lucky Smith's POV, with it currently being unknown if any other characters will have a POV in the arc(as some stories in Return of Darkness commonly bounced between two or more POVs). It was confirmed by series creator Burpy's Dream that at this point, Lucky and Tundra Smith are teenagers.


Arc Description:

The unthinkable has happened: Finitevus has won. The Storming Alliance, worn out from their battles and Fox's absence-though he has returned-has split apart. Some are hiding in Dark Mobius with help from the native warrior Jones Smith, some are hiding in Light Mobius, others have drifted apart and found their own ways to hide. A small Resistance stands, however. Now led by the orphaned coyote Lucky Smith, they fight to rebuild the fallen warrior Teams and take back their Worlds and their homes.

Confirmed Stories

Fall of the Worlds; Lucky's POV

Resistance Rising; Lucky's POV

Menace of Metal; Lucky's POV

Included Characters

Lucky's Resistance

Leader: Lucky Smith; Young male brown and white coyote with amber eyes and a notch in his right ear


  • Rock the Wolf; Huge male gray dire wolf(de facto guardian of Dimitri)
  • Tundra Smith; Young female Siberian Husky with black and white fur and ice-blue eyes
  • Dimitri; Former Grandmaster now apart of the Storming Alliance(guarded by Rock)
  • Simon Komm; Teenage human boy

Knothole Freedom Fighters

(Freedom Fighters and warriors residing/hiding in New Mobotropolis)

Leader: Sally Acorn


  • Sonic the Hedehog(Archie)
  • Bunnie D'Coolette
  • Antoine D'Coolette
  • Miles "Tails" Prower(Archie)
  • Rotor Walrus
  • Amy Rose(Archie)
  • Pebble the Lycanroc; Male Midday Lycanroc
  • Aria the Zoroark; Female Zoroark

Young Ones(Pokemon in their first form who have chosen not to evolve)


Zero the Zeraora; Zeraora Storm Fighter(genderless but referred to as male)

Austin Smith; Scarred male German Shepherd with long brown and black fur and blue eyes

Angel Island Pack

Leader: Spike; Male Midday Lycanroc

Deputy: Patch; Male Midnight Lycanroc with thick fur on his chin


  • Boulder; Male Dusk Lycanroc with foresight
  • Dawn; Female Dusk Lycanroc
  • Crunch; Male Dusk Lycanroc
  • Nick; Male Midnight Lycanroc
  • Luca; Male Midday Lycanroc
  • Sunny; Female Dusk Lycanroc
  • Crystal; Female Shiny Dusk Lycanroc with foresight
  • Bristol; Male Dusk Lycanroc
  • Umbra; Female Melanistic Midday Lycanroc
  • Moonrise; Male Melanistic Midnight Lycanroc
  • Richmond; Male Midday Lycanroc
  • Spire; Male Midday Lycanroc
  • Flint; Male Midday Lycanroc
  • Dash; Male Shiny Midday Lycanroc
  • Cliff; Male Shiny Dusk Lycanroc
  • Blizzard Pelt; Albino Dusk Lycanroc, gender unknown
  • Snow Storm; Albino Midnight Lycanroc, gender unknown
  • Rustle; Male Lycanroc, Form unknown

Moor Pack

A Pack of dogs Lucky's Resistance meets on their travels in Resistance Rising.

Leader: Bear; Giant but friendly male English Mastiff with pale tan fur, and a black face and ears

Deputy: Snapper; Male black and tan Doberman Pinscher with floppy ears and a long tail


  • Jack; Hyper-active Irish Setter with an Irish accent
  • Pepper; Eager female Springer Spaniel
  • Samwise; Aging male Bloodhound with a Southern accent
  • Trevor; Male German Shorthaired Pointer with an English accent
  • Terrance; Huge male black and brown Tibetan Mastiff

The Villains


Dr. Finitevus

Lycus' Gang

The Destructix


This will be similar to the Great Rebellion that took place in The Heart of a Warrior and the 2017 game Sonic Forces for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC, and Nintendo Switch.

Most the dogs in the Moor Pack will have some defining aspect of them:

  • Bear has a voice similar to famous American actor John Goodman, who has done work with Disney as James P. Sullivan, "Sully" from the Monsters Inc. movies and Eli "Big Daddy" La Bouff from 2009's animated hit The Princess and the Frog among other roles
  • Jack's breed, accent, and name(being an Irish Setter with an Irish accent) are all references to popular Irish YouTuber jacksepticeye.
  • Samwise has a voice similar to American actor Sam Elliot, who does frequent work in cowboy/Western related media(partly due to his look and deep voice)
  • Trevor's habit of pointing is a reference to his breed's real life use as hunting dogs who point to help direct their human partners
  • Terrance's huge frame and largely silent personality aside from the occasional growl or bark is intended as a reference to the character Terrance from 2016's The Angry Birds Movie, in which the huge red bird Terrance(voiced by Sean Penn) is largely silent aside from an occasional, very deep and long, grunt or laugh.
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