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Risaryn is a young Jordwyrm (a vaguely draconic creature that is naturally able to manipulate the Element of Earth as a Geomancer, and also has natural Crystamancy) that lives in the caves near the village of Sotafel.

Physical Description

Risaryn stands around 7 feet tall, with a fairly heavyset body, bulky forearms and short legs. She has a long, thick tail tipped with a crystal, and a fluffy mane of fur around her neck and shoulders that also reaches up to the top of her head. Her eyes are green, and thick, feathery protrusions extend from the sides of her head. She also has a short, rounded snout.

Six crystalline spikes protrude from her back, and a seventh short one comes from her forehead; two blunted crystals protrude from the back of her paws. These crystals can alter shape and become;

  • A shell (on her back)
  • A horn or helm (on her forehead)
  • Claws or shields (on the back of her paws)


The young Risaryn had moved into her cave home at around the same time a village was being built at the forest's edge. This caused her and the people settling there to clash frequently. Although she didn't harm anyone (not yet, at least), she was frequently found raiding the storehouses, especially in the winter, when food was scarce. Naturally this didn't sit well with the villagers, as they needed the stored food to survive.

These confrontations slowly became more violent as time went on, with the people using more aggressive methods to deal with this "beast", and her responding in turn. The last straw came when one villager attempted to drive her away for good. He was, for the most part, successful, but received a serious wound after she struck him with her tail. Anger rang out among the villagers, and they vowed to destroy her, or at least drive her away for good.

Over the years, those capable of combat would set out to her home and try to defeat her, in the hopes of making her move away from the village. In turn, she was forced to adapt; she did this by honing and mastering the Crystamancy she was born with. Eventually, she could easily manipulate the crystals growing out of her back and paws into a shell and claws respectively, and effortlessly repelled all of Sotafel's warriors.

The two sides are still at a standstill, with neither refusing to budge.


Although Risaryn is quite strong in physical terms, she truly specializes in defensive tactics. Apart from Geomancy and Solaramancy, she is also able to manipulate Crystal, an element known for being defense-based, with some offensive capabilities. She can also use her Crystamancy to manipulate the crystals on her back, paws and head into various forms. She can curl into a ball, as well as dig and climb walls.


She shrugs off weak attacks with ease, and the shell she can create deflects bullets and blades.


She's not very fast, and cannot swim. She's also weak to Dark, Water and Wind-aligned attacks.


Foul relations with the people of Sotafel has left her bitter and untrusting, especially towards strangers. She prefers spending time alone, and treats unwelcome visitors with scorn (and sometimes a tail to the face).

If you manage to befriend her, however, you'll have a friend for life. She has admitted (at least to herself) that she is very lonely, but the problems with people (especially those from Sorafel Village) have turned her more introverted than she wants to be.



  • Strangers
  • Being lonely

Biggest Fears



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