"I'm willing to judge Dallas for who he is, even if the rest of you aren't."
—Riptide arguing with his Teammates about Dallas' betrayal of Lycus' Gang, Rogue's Regret

Riptide the Frogadier is a young male Frogadier who appears in The Legend of Fox the Brave. He is the elder son of Splash the Greninja, and Cori the Charmeleon's protege as a tech specialist for The Storm Fighters, despite his Megastone Rogues lineage.


Riptide resembles a short anthropomorphic frog. His upper half is darker blue along with his face, the "crests" behind his eyes; his hands and toes are dark blue as well. Riptide's lower half, his arms, legs, and eyelids are lighter blue. He has a thick collar of white "frubbles" around his neck, and white fingers and nostrils. He has black eyes with yellow sclera, and wears a black wrist-com


Riptide is a bit klutzy but has a big heart. He is rather carefree, and loves being a tech specialist under Cori. He is snarky but overall always finds a way to see the best in people.


At an unknown point in time, Riptide was born the elder son of Splash and Sasha. After an unknown amount of time, Riptide became Cori's apprentice, and later evolved into Frogadier, choosing to remain at the stage he was at while his younger brother Laker evolved into Greninja.

Revenge of Enerjak: Riptide is mentioned by police chief Adam Lyons(a Mobian lion) when he is listing off the missing Alliance warriors to his officers. Officer Woody Chipper(a Mobian beaver) is assigned to investigate Riptide's disappearance. Later, Riptide is rescued after Fox defeats Dark Enerjak

Secrets of the Dark World: Part 2: Riptide makes a cameo when he is seen by Braveheart after being captured by Dark Enerjak.

Storm's Battle: After Cori, Dillon, and Bumbleflight disappear, Storm is hanging out with Riptide by The Storming Base when Scourge attempts to sneak attack them. The Moebian hedgehog's attack is dodged thanks to Storm's sixth sense kicking in. However, after a short fight, Scourge captures Riptide and takes him to Dark Enerjak.


Riptide's current moveset consists of Water Pulse, Hydro Pump, Aerial Ace, and Double Team.


Riptide's current Ability is unknown, but it;s likely Torrent, a Frogadier's most common Ability.


Riptide possesses great speed and agility, likely inherited from his father. Like all Frogadier, Riptide can pull frubbles from his neck for various uses, and is incredibly acrobatic. Riptide's love of technology means he is an expert and the perfect apprentice for Cori the Charmeleon, the Storm Fighters' resident tech expert.


Being a pure Water-Type, he is weak to Electric and Grass Types, resists Steel, Ice, and Water Types, and has an Advantage against Ground, Fire, and Rock Types.


Austin's new Frogadier friend, Ripple, is named after him.

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