"My power Rises and I will show you how these Gauntlets are much tougher that your own fists!" Ion telling Knuckles the Ripper Gauntlets Power 


Ion the Hedgehog (only user)


The Ripper Gauntlets are power enhancers, Giving more power to its user when needed. These gauntlets also give the user a power of his choosing for as long as it is needed or until used too much due to being Limited on how much of the power it can give. 


These Gauntlets were Built during Ion's Fight with a Foe that nearly Killed him and was Ion's Only chance of victory, in which was a success due to it being nearly Unbreakable and Un-meltable and Ion caught it just in time to put them on and defeat said, Foe. Ion hardly even uses this unless it is necessary and not much is known about the gauntlets for now. 

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