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Rings are powerful jewelries that are discovered and mainly used by Mobians. They are among the most valuable jewelries in the galaxy, and are sold to many residence of the system (especially the Seedrians) by the Mobians. They are two different types of rings, each with their purposes and powers: The A-Ring, which gives strength to the users for short amount of time; and the B-Ring, which are the more mysterious of the two rings. They appear in the fan-fiction series Blue Blur.


Sonic the Hedgehog, Cosmo the Seedrian and Miles "Tails" Prower are among the many users of rings. Mainly Sonic, because of the fact that he has a necklace with an A-Ring. Whenever he's in trouble, he uses that ring in order to go through them without a problem.


The A-Ring can give the user a short power boost for a few seconds, which helps them overcove their problems. The B-Ring, while the scientist haven't discovered what it can do yet, it was rumoured that it can turn your thoughts into power.


500 years after Black Doom was overthrown, many Mobians searches all over Mobius for something to resist the attack of the Black Arms, since they return to cause war every 50 years. What they found from the underground tunnels were golden rings with incredible powers. Because of their great powers, they decided to use them for their needs of defense. Thanks to them, every battle to keep the Black Arms from conquering the world were major successes. Later on, many other species from other planets, especially the Seedrians, were fascinated with the Rings, thus the Mobians started a trade for the other alien races to pay them jewelries, weapons and machines in exchange of the Rings that they discover.

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