Basic Information

The Golden Rings are the key to The Special Dimension, Where the Jewels Of God are found.

They can also act as a form of protection against hostile actions.

When 50 Golden Rings are collected, they become the key to the Special Dimension. As well as better protection even if you get injured without Ring Protectio otherwise known as a “1-UP”.


  • The iconic Ring chime is heard in almost every game in the franchise, while being altered in several handheld games or having only at a slightly lower pitch in Sonic Adventure DX: Director's Cut. In early games for the Sega Genesis and its add-on accessories, the sound effect is programmed to be heard between the left and right speaker as the player keeps collecting Rings.
  • The Ring chime sound is made up of the Yamaha DX7 Sound Sources "ROM 128"B patch "Sloe Bells".
  • By using Debug Mode or cheat codes in early installments of the series for Sega Genesis and its add-ons accessories, the Ring counter's limit is seen to be 999 Rings or even beyond. In Sonic the Hedgehog 3 & Knuckles, if the player collects more than 999 Rings, the counter will use letters in place of numbers in the hundred spot (i.e A93 Rings instead of 1,093 rings).
  • Rings can form significant formations in several games, usually being arrows pointing to the direction. Examples include the first Special Stage of Sonic the Hedgehog (8-bit) having further section with Rings formatting "SEGA" and one point at Sonic's Final Egg in Sonic Adventure having Rings formatted as a silhouette of Sonic's head.
  • The Light Speed Shoes in Sonic Unleashed are said to be made of the same material as Rings.
  • Rings are acknowledged several times as being part of storylines in certain games. These include games like Shadow the Hedgehog[11] and Sonic Rivals 2.[12] A joke was made in Sonic Generations in which both Classic and Modern Tails were discussing about how many rings Sonic collects and where he puts them.[4]
  • Rings are not the only form of currency in Sonic's world - for instance, when Sonic Colors is set to Japanese, the cutscene before the Tropical Resort boss has different dialogue in which Dr. Eggman, Sonic and Cubot haggle the price of the ride using yen. Yen is also referenced in some of Eggman's in-game announcements.
  • Rings are also seen in Wreck-It Ralph; first when Sonic gets hit by an escape pod Ralph is piloting and later during the credits when it shows Sonic battling Eggman and also gets hit.
  • According to the promotional ad for Sonic Jump (2012), Sonic has collected 70 billion Rings since his debut in 1991, which are enough to ask 70 billion girls to marry him.
  • Not even Takashi Iizuka, the head of Sonic Team, is sure of where Sonic puts all his Rings.[13]
  • The Ring chime sound is used on Let's Make a Deal in one of the car games, where a pair of contestants take turns picking numbers from 1 to 8, looking for one of the six letters in Winner or the car brand (each time a letter is revealed, the Ring chime sound plays) while avoiding Zonks behind the other two numbers.

Red Star Rings

The Red Star Ring is a quicker & easier way of getting to the Special Dimension.


  • In the console/PC version of Sonic Generations, when speaking to Rouge in White[Space| ]Space after receiving a few Red Star Rings, she will say that she is looking for "Teal Star Rings," suggesting that the Red Star Rings may come in multiple colors.
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