Rin the Red Panda/The Schoolgirl Saga

The Schoolgirl Saga


These are a bunch of short stories put together explaining Rin's lifestyles and her murders. These stories will take place in Sojiro City, the place where Rin lives. 

Chapter 1: Electrified

It was early Thursday morning, and the first day of school from many students at Sojiro High. One of the 11th graders, Rin Hochiru, waited silently at the front gate. It was about 15 minutes before the bell would ring and school would start, teenagers slowly beginning to arrive by either car, bike, or walking. She knew the boy she was waiting for would arrive at 8:52 a.m on his blue bike. Sure enough, she was right, spotting her love, Oliver, walk through the gate with his book bag and Beats headphones.

Quickly, Rin ran over to him, giving the red panda a tap on the shoulder and drawing in his attention. “Oh, hey Rin. Ready for the first day of school? It’s so weird starting on a Thursday.” he asked the girl. Rin felt like she’d melt away just by hearing Oliver say her name, but she kept it together as they walked along the many other high school students. “Teehee~ I’m ready for anything, Ollie- Even starting school on a Thurday,” she replied dreamily, “I checked in earlier, and I heard we had the same homeroom!”

“Really? Wow, what a coincidence. So, I guess I’ll see you in first period.” Oliver said. He walked off, Rin sighing in awe as she watched her crush walk into the school, getting herself together and walking in afterwards. Her locker was only three away from Oliver’s, so she was always able to see what he was doing when they were changing classes. Putting in her combination, Rin opened her empty locker and automatically pinned up a picture of Oliver on the door. Then she neatly put her bookbag away, grabbing a notebook and her pencil case, shutting it and walking to her homeroom.

There were about six students already in there, chatting away before class started. In the corner, she saw Oliver talking to some other dude while sitting on his desk. But then, she saw a pretty fox girl walk over to him, trying to act cute as she sat on the desk with him and leaned on his back. Rin made her way over there, eavesdropping on the conversation. “It’s good to see you back at Sojiro High, Oliver~” the fox said, obviously flirting. “It’s good to see you too, Himiko. It seems like it’s been so long, I hardly recognized you.” Oliver replied. Rin balled up her first, her eye twitching, but decided not to say anything.

“Well, since it’s been so long, how about we hang out tomorrow. Let’s say, drive-in movie around 7?” Himiko replied. Rin gritted her teeth, containing her hatred for the girl. “Sure, I guess.” Oliver replied shyly. He was never the romantic type of guy, and didn’t know what to expect on this ‘drive-in movie date’. But Rin knew surely he wasn’t going to find out.

At lunch time, Rin saw Oliver sitting with that girl again, along with some of his guy friends. Rin carried her lunch normally, walking over to them as if she was going to sit at the table. But, at the last minute, she pretended to trip, dropping her lunch all over Himiko. “What the hell is wrong with you?!” she shouted, jumping out of her seat. The guys behind her, even Oliver, were snickering from her spaghetti and milk-covered body. “My apologies, Himiko.” Rin said innocently. Himiko rushed passed her, swearing as she ran to the bathroom. Rin followed behind.

Once she arrived at the bathroom, Himiko ran into a stall. “I cannot believe she did that! What a total bi-…Words, Himiko.” She said to herself. As the fox began to clean herself off, Rin quietly walked into the bathroom, a screwdriver in her right hand and a bucket in the left. She used the screwdriver to loosen the screws on the light switch, the bathroom suddenly becoming dark. “Hey, someone’s in here!” Himiko yelled. Quickly, Rin filled up her bucket with water, running over to the stall Himiko was it. Boosting herself up with buckets on the floor, she dumped the water onto Himiko.

“Are you f***ing kidding me?! Did someone seriously just dump water on my head!” she yelled. Rin got down from the buckets, going into a corner where Himiko couldn’t see her. The fox slammed the stall door open, completely soaked. “Ugh, I need to find the light switch…” she said to herself, feeling amongst the bathroom walls. But as soon as she touched it, she was in for a complete shock. The wires where the light switch used to be had short circuited from the water on Himiko, shocking her entire body. She screamed in pain as Rin watched what looked light a light show, the girl’s body covered in electric bolts. After the show, Himiko fell back onto the floor, motionless.

Near the end of the day, when everyone was getting ready to go to their last class, a scream echoed out of the girl’s bathroom. “SOMEONE’S DEAD!! SOMEONE’S DEAD!!” the rabbit girl screamed and cried at the same time, the students wanting to see for themselves. One of the policemen at the school yelled at them to stay back as he walked into the bathroom. Walking back out, he called to the office to announce a code red. A long bell went off in the school, all students evacuating immediately. They were told to go home, and other policemen were called to the scene. However, not everyone left, wanting to know what was going to happen.

Soon after the police arrived, the news reporters arrived. “Sir, what has happened to the girl in the school?” the female reporter asked, putting the microphone up to the police’s mouth. He sighed, “Well, it appears she was electrocuted by a loose light switch. For some reason, her entire body was covered in water,” he replied. “Are there any suspects or witnesses?” another reporter asked. “So far, we have no leads. The bathroom was too dark to use one of the cameras in there,” the police answered. Rin grinned, when all of a sudden her chao, Mayu, appeared behind her.

“Aww man, you couldn’t wait for me?!” Mayu complained through telepathy, “You said you’d let me help with the next person you killed!” Rin shook her head, walking away from the school and down the street into town. “I couldn’t afford having blood everywhere, Mayu. This had to be a clean murder so they couldn’t trace anything. I’ll let you help next time, okay?” Rin replied. “Yeah, but, when is next time? I hate being in this second stage body…” Mayu said. “Soon,” Rin replied, pausing for a moment, “Real soon.”

Chapter 2: Memorials & Movies

Friday at Sojiro High wasn’t as pleasant as most of the students expected it to be. A girl had died on the first day of school, and most of them did not feel safe in the school. Many of the 11th graders had to go to counseling out of pure sorrow of losing their best friend. Some kids didn’t bother show up that day, and one boy’s parents even made him switch schools. On top of all of that, the girl’s bathroom was closed to get the lights fixed, and everyone had to share the boy’s bathroom.

Oliver prompted his feet up on his desk, his eyes half open and blurry as he made flower origami along with Rin, which they planned on contributing to Himiko’s locker memorial. The teacher, Mr. Elliott, had no work prepared for his class, so he was simply reading his favorite book, Midsummer Night’s Dream.

“I apologize for what happened to your friend.” Rin said pitifully to Oliver, coloring her rose origami black. “I-… I honestly can’t believe that happened. I hope her parents sue the hell out of this school.” He replied angrily, the sadness in his voice still fairly noticeable. “If they sue the school, what if the funds for other fun things got cut. Like… Ah, the ice cream bar in the cafeteria?” Rin said, hoping to pick Oliver up a bit. The male simply nodded, though he would obviously pick a friend over a stupid icecream bar, “Don’t you think black is a little dark to put in someone’s memorial?

Rin looked up at him, shrugging. “I try to put meaning into what I draw and color. In this case, it’s the color black. Black is a representation of death and elegance. Though this girl is dead, the black also describes her elegance as a person,” Rin explained, “But, think about it how you’d like. It doesn’t matter to me.”

A few minutes later, a lady on the school intercom announced that teachers should allow students to travel to Himiko’s memorial and leave their donations in her lockers. Oliver and Rin stood up, leaving with the rest of their class. Only about thirty students were in the hallway, and everything was quiet except for their footsteps. There were a few murmurs now and then, but every time they would be hushed. Once the students arrived at the locker, they saw a picture of Himiko on the front of it, which showed her taking a selfie. Notes, origami, and little plushies people created were left inside of her locker.

Oliver and Rin were the last ones to approach Himiko’s locker, the inside only about halfway full because most of the students made notes out of laziness. However, they obviously put lots of thought into them, small drawings in the corners of the paper. Some even were slightly wet and crinkled from tears. Oliver placed his pink and white colored tulip in first, saying a small prayer and stepping aside. Rin then put her black rose in, putting her hands together and closing her eyes, whispering something. “Dear Himiko, I hope you’re having a wonderful time up there in the sky…Or down there burning in hell. Tell my mother I said hi,” Rin whispered very quietly. She opened her eyes and walked away from the locker, heading back with Oliver to class.

At this point, almost all of the students were either crying, or sad because others were crying. At around 1:00 p.m., the principle decided to dismiss everyone from school, and to call their parents. Rin had lost track of Oliver in the hallways, but soon found him getting on his bike and going into town. She decided to follow and see what he was up to, also keeping a side note about that movie at seven he no longer had a date too.

The town wasn’t too big; it had a few tall buildings and some roads and bike lanes, a few smaller shops here and there, but the best part were the people outside selling stuff under their tents. Rin was running at the exact same speed Oliver was riding his bike, but made sure to stay hidden (even though he mostly likely wouldn’t turn around). The male stopped in front of a green tent, taking out a few dollars from his pockets and started talking to the lady in the tent. Curious about what he was buying, Rin closed her eyes, focusing extremely hard as she entered her yandere mode.

Everything around the girl went silent and grey, her focus only on Oliver. His and the tent lady's voices where somewhat echoed, but she could understand them pretty well. It was nothing special, something about repaying her from an item in the past. Suddenly, Rin lost her focus when someone grabbed her shoulder. She jerked her head back, getting pulled back into a darker part of the city as she saw another girl from school name Haruka, specifically one of Himiko's kiss-ass friends.

"Stalker much?" she questioned, Rin shoving her away. "Screw off, okay?" Rin said harshly, looking back out to the street. Oliver was nowhere to me founder, Rin cursing under her breath. "Why are you stalking Oliver, huh? You know you're not his only girl," Haruka said, getting in Rin's space. "Get away from me, or else-!" Rin threatened. "Or else what; you gonna stab me or something?! You're probably the one that killed-!" Haruka tried to say, but behind Rin, Mayu appeared. She was staring at the school girl devilishly, tomahawk in hand as she raised it up, the size of the weapon increasing massively. Rin knew what was happening, dodging to the left as Mayu dropped the huge tomahawk, the girl trying to scream as her head was cracked open, red liquid spraying everywhere across the dark allet walls. Her body dropped motionless.

Rin immediately ran, Mayu snickering as her body became surrounded in a dark aura, then disappearing. No one seemed to notice the red panda as she retreated to her home. When she arrived, she threw her bookbag on the couch in her small living room, going back into her bedroom and plopping on the bed, calling Oliver. Before she actually could, however, he had called her first, inviting her to the movies. The girl accepted, and the two red pandas later that night saw a movie called, "A Flower's Thorn". A mix of romance and drama, with the murder of a girlfriend and the jailing of a lover, the plot overall caught Rin's attention.

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