This is an article about Riku Kitsune, a character created by Cheesie22 on 07/6/2013.



Picture of Riku.


Riku has messy blue hair held up in a ponytail by a chopstick. Often her bangs are parted by a red hair clip and on special occasions she lets her hair down. Riku wears a pink over-the-shoulder sweater with a red skirt and white knee high socks under grey boots. She has dark violet (purple) eyes.


Riku loves to have fun and often her friends describe her as weird. She has a "Hey, stuff happens. Don't worry about it!" attidude and is always joking around trying to lighten the mood when something goes wrong. If you want to have a good time, Riku is your go-to girl!


Riku had a fairly normal childhood, even if it was mostly spent indoors. She had many allgeries and couln't go outside to play without going on a sneezing fit so mostly she stayed inside and watched TV or fought with her younger, smart-mouthed sister Rika.


Riku has no actual "powers" but she likes to make people thing she does. She can do magic--no, not Harry Potter style magic, birthday party style magic.

Special Abilities


Skills [None]


Riku suffers from allergies to most flowers, peanuts, dust, and bee stings.She also has a fear of being underground, though she doesn't know why. It might just be claustrophobia. For these reasons, she lives on a boat, far from flowers, bees, and the ground.

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