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Biographical Information
Romantic Interests
Physical Description
  • Hair:Light yellow
  • Fur:Light yellow
  • Eyes:Orange
  • Yellow dress
  • Purple sash
  • Yellow shoes
  • Purple bend necklance(Priestess look)
  • A orange top
  • Yellow bow
  • Red pants
  • Yellow shoes(Normal wear)
Political Alignment and Abilities
  • Good
  • Sword
  • Claws(As ninetails)
  • Pristess powers
Super Forms
  • Ninetails(Curse)
Other Information
American V.A.
  • Melissa Fahn
Japanese V.A.
  • Fumiko Orikasa
Theme Song(s)
Original CreatorUser:Hikaruyami-having fun*


Rika was born the daughter of two Mobians who live near a coast of Amihsoyer. Then one night her parents left their home when hunters came after them.Her mother left her on the doorstep of a temple and left Rika to be watch over by its priestess. She was trained as a priestess and have good manners,then one day Isaiah came and asked her to help his friend to which she agried, she travel far till she came to his shop and asked him if she could spend the night, and later the two got to know each other better as well as starting to love each other. Soon her temple needed her help, so she and Gyro went to the temple and killed the demon, freeing a monk, and Gyro stay with her for a while. They both had some adventures and see each other when they can, and go on some more journeys. Two years later, much of Rika's past was told,that her being the desindent of the priestess Rao and is cursed by the Ninetails, turning her body into it at night. Ruka and Gyro put down the demon to control it and told Rika about it, and they sent out to find the item that kept the demon alive. A trip to the frozen north lead them to find it, but it would hurt Rika when they hit it, so Gyo and Ikki both freed her from her curse and Gyro asked her to marry him to which she said yes and they went home to tell the news. So they were married and had their 1st born Winry and a year later their son Caleb. Years later the family was whole again when Caleb who was kiddnapped return home.


She's kind and caring, helping those who need it most and strong will. But when she awas cursed, she becomes violent and attacks people in her ninetail form, which cause her great pain. Once the curse was lefted, she's as happy and caring as ever. She's also are hard worker, helping her husband taking care of the extreme gear shop that they opened together.



She meet him when his friend ask her to see him, after reaching his home, he welcomed her to stay and they started to have feelings for each other, she even helped him at the shop. Soon they both got married and started a family.


  • My name's Rika, I'm a priestess-in-training-1st meeting Gyro.


Rika is a female mobian fox with light yellow fur, a white muzzle, a white patch on her tail, light yellow hair which is styled short with some of it covering half her face, a bit of it sticking sideways, and the back with is styled a bit spread out in four ways, and has orange eyes. In her cursed form, she took the appearance of a normal fox, but only bigger and her eyes are slit and has sharp teeth. She has two clothes, first is her priestess wear, which is a yellow dress, a purple sash, white gloves, white socks, yellow dress shoes and purple beads. The other outfit is a yellow ribbon, a orange short top, white gloves, red pants, white socks and yellow shoes.


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