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Hendrik "Rik" Neville Petrov is an anthropomorphic Spider Monkey created by Mr.gameandfight on October 24th, 2001.

He is one of the main characters in the series Valiant Hunters going commonly by the shortened version of his name Rik the Spider Monkey. In the series, Rik is portrayed as a lone bounty hunter that seeks a thrill and chance to support him and his daughter Karin.


Rik appears as a tall and relatively slim Spider Monkey. His eyes are blue with white pupils (sometimes black in other illustrations), and is usually seen with a very neutral frown. His hair is a normal short-cut hairstyle that has two brown bangs above his forehead, along with medium sized sideburns that reach towards his cheeks on the sides of his head that cover most of his ears. He is seen wearing a black jacket usually seen unzipped, wearing a white collared shirt underneath which is tucked in and buttoned. Rik also sports blue jeans with a very large strapped pocket attached to his left calf and a pair or black and white combat boots.

Rik also has been seen in an completely alternate attire. This attires shows the his hair in only one bang pointing towards his left, and has a flannel shirt tied around his waist while wearing a white t-shirt and a necklace. He also wears khakis and all black boots.


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Rik is known by his peers for his tranquil but gloomy demeanor. He has never been seen smiling or expressing positive emotions around people he's known for a short amount of time. Rik often keeps to himself and writes everything down in his journals to release what he truly feels and what he plans to do in the future.

However despite his supposedly cold attitude, Rik is a very supportive, determined and charitable individual. Even his close friends soon figured out that he in fact expresses happiness or joy by simply raising his tail and showing a somewhat surprised face as well as his tail lowering, showing that he is sad or angry. He handles all situations with integrity and is always willing to step in for his friends and family. While very competitive, Rik shows good sportsmanship in any placement of competition or even a life threatening situation that he is in. But despite his nobility and honor, Rik he can easily become very hot-headed or very deterred should a fleshed out plan fails or if he is intimidated. And despite Rik being the type of stoic loner, he has developed a large comical side, owing to his ill temperedness and arbitrary sense of humor.

Another strong trait that Rik has is his pragmatism. Rik prefers to take actions into his own hands rather than leave it to things such as luck or karma, or believe in something to be true without it being universally correct. a prime example of this would be partnering with Allyzah, a dragon that uses explosives, the two defeated a 5 star bounty and Rik comically kicked him in the head three times to confirm that he was knocked out much to the dragon's shock.

In combat, Rik takes a more serious and tactical approach more similar to his competitive side. While he is a strategic fighter, He can become a big perfectionist and always believes that a certain plan or attack will directly hit or finish a battle until proven otherwise. Rik's instincts and reflexes only make up to him relying on counter attacks and outwitting an opponent.


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as Rik's daughter, Rik cares about her more than anyone or anything else. They have a very strong unbreakable bond and will stop at nothing to help each other when in peril no matter how busy or distracted they are. Although they love each other, Karin often gives Rik trouble and worry with her constant curiosity and sense of adventure. This extends to the fact that Karin is also his trainee and one of his sparring partners upon her demands to him to do so. Rik in this case often stops and cater to her if she takes a certain amount of damage or had been exposed to a new weakness in training. Despite knowing she is capable of amazing feats in her own right, it's his "father-sense" that makes him over protective of her that causes him to check up on her when he's away or even return to her earlier than expected.

Kay The Fox & Sakura The Chao

Rik met Kay beginning a conversation on Chao revealing that Kay owns one. Her name was Sakura. Kuma was hiding behind Rik the entire time and introduced him to the two. Kuma and Sakura then go on a little adventure together, leading the two to then fall in love. The conversation between Kay and Rik was unknown, but it's more than possible that the two are friends.


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Powers and Abilities

Ice Manipulation

Rik's trademark ability is his Glaciokinesis.

Glaciokinesis is Rik's trademark ability. Its major strengths are to turn himself and anything in his surroundings into ice and change the temperature or the environment into that of an arctic wasteland. With the ability to manipulate Ice, Rik can create weapons using the technique Forge or freeze individuals in solid ice. As a glaciokinetic, Rik can easily freeze and lower the temperature of any kind of water and can also manipulate the molecular speed in order to produce colder temperatures.

Glaciokinetic Moves

  • Aura Increase - Rik braces himself as he release and surrounds himself in cold vapor that increases his defense and durability.
  • Augment - He uses this ability to increase the flow of ice related attacks and techniques.
  • Glacier Mimicry - He uses this ability to transform his entire body into ice for a limited time.
  • Cryo-Regeneration - If Rik is broken down in his Glacier Mimicry form, he can reform himself preventing any severe damage
  • Glacial Surf - Rik shoots ice onto the ground and moves across the frozen trail that increases his speed and movement
  • Ice Beam - He can generate and project ice from his body and shoots the small beam at his opponent. This gives him chances to attack his opponent.
  • Ice Breath - Similar to Ice Beam, Rik blows out a sheer cold wind cloud. it blurs the opponents sight on contact. The only drawbacks are that it's small and it moves fairly slowly.
  • Needle Hail - Rik makes the attack cloud of "Ice Breath" more dense and fills it with Ice Needles. He then proceeds to raise the cloud into the air as begins to rain down hail in the shape of Needles. But just like Ice Land, the attacks takes time to pull off.
  • Blizzard Punch - One of Rik's Standard and commonly used attacks. Rik hardens his fists in ice and makes a straight lunge at his opponent.
  • Rising Shards - Another one of Rik's standard moves. He simply brings up ice in crystal shard stalagmites from straight from the ground.
  • Somersault Flail - Rik does three front flips approaching his opponent and on the final flip, he hardens his tail and attacks with it.
  • Dummy Doll Bomb - Rik creates a limited amount of a chibified version of himself that can be used to confuse opponents. Once making contact with an opponent, the Chibi will freeze the opponent.


Rik's second ability from the use of his Glaciokinesis is to freeze the environment and beings around him to work towards creating advantages for himself.

  • Ice Land - One of Rik's Strongest attacks. Rik covers the battlefield into an Icy Cold Wasteland that lowers the attacks revolving around fire, water, or electricity. However the move takes a certain amount of time to fully pull off.
  • Ice Transmutation - Rik can be able to turn beings into ice statures of Ice for a short duration of time.
  • Earthly Forge - (Or just Forge) - Rik draws resources from the environment around him to create and forge temporary weapons. Each weapon has it's individual attack prowess and density.

Weapons concerning the move Forge

  • Dual Swords (Density Level: 13)
  • Shield (Density Level: 58)
  • Trident (Density Level: 25)
  • Axe (Density Level: 53)
  • Armor (Density Level: 67)
  • Lance (Density Level: 32)


Being the son of Ashikako, a cosmic alien from the planet of Shivians, Rik possesses the abilities of one of the strongest forces of the universe, Shiva. The genetic inheritance is shown in his snow white pupils that remain in his eyes even when unleashing the destructive energy. Rik learned more about his powers from an Karin's guardian Kelsah and has since used his abilities to the fullest by using it to create and forms of ice without the need to freeze the environment, generate bursts of speed, have nearly precise prediction on oncoming attacks, and most notably transfer the energy into Rik's ice clones to give them sentience. Rik's most notable mastery of Shiva comes from achieving its two primary battle forms and even creating a Shiva form of his very own. Shiva energy on its own is a very powerful internal force that at its best can clash with and surpass the galactic golem, whose power is stated to nearly eclipse the universe itself.

Shiva based moves

  • Sweep - This technique is used to give Rik a small burst of speed, used commonly to accelerate or to dodge an attack.
  • Vision - Rik closes his eyes as the third eye opens to reveal three possible futures that are envisioned for a very small amount of time.
  • Blitz - One or Multiple Shiva fists spring forward and strike in multiple patterns.
  • Morph - Rik's most used ability. Creates any form of ice sculpture for Rik to use in combat.
  • Divide - Creating two or three ice clones, Rik puts energy into them as they assist in battle until they are broken or no longer needed.

Enhanced movements

The abilities have also been known to help with Rik's short-comings, more specifically in speed.

Land/Sea Skating - This ability allows Rik to freeze the floor around him allowing him to skate freely across the frozen trail he creates in front of him, moderately increasing his speed on land and water.

Wall Climbing - Rik also uses an ability similar to his land and sea skating that can help him cling onto walls and other surfaces and climbs them up or down.


Though not proclaimed by Rik himself as "Forms", He is capable of strengthening his body for limited periods of time though sacrifice his speed for greater strength and better defense. Knowing the sacrifice, Rik often devises strategies for the usage the forms in certain situations to minimize the effect of an opposing element, battle in a more stationary style or even to harden the attack in a certain combination (Mostly for the final hit).

Black Ice

"You basically just dirtied yourself.."

-Zayne simplifying Rik's explanation of the form.

With the Black Ice form, Rik's body slightly darkens and the icy aura he uses turns gray. Often used by combining the power of his ice with solid substances the environment around him (Grass, Wood, Rock, Soil etc.), He drives his fists into whatever he chooses causing his attacks to hit harder and thicken his ice based offense. The form subsides very quickly due to Rik's cryostasis cleansing his body. This is the only form to not tax Rik's speed as he does not do a manual charge.

Full Shiva Form

Rik in full Shiva Form.

Rik's icy aura appears and increases around him and brightens slightly as his forehead reveals a third eye. His two normal eyes and irises turn pitch black while his pupils become pitch white that leave fading trails as his eyes move around. He illudes two forearms from his elbows as well as a second tail from his back. Shiva boosts Rik's power enormously and increases his overall speed. Rik also gains supernatural observations by sensing individuals a yard away. He even gains an extremely large boost in stamina, power, speed along with the abilities to temporarily repair and reinforce injuries in a battle and lower his pain tolerance drastically.

Rik's Shiva Form

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Superhuman Strength

Rik has also shown a good placement of strength as he is capable of holding a boulder over his head or his greatest feat of strength being to hold a 6,000 ton Weight.

Sharp Instinct and Super Hearing

Rik has a keen sense of awareness and always prepares for anything or anyone coming toward him. Most people (Mostly Karin) highly believe is due to the fact of his ears being exposed more than others. This brings extreme Irony of Rik's above average hearing.

Rik is capable of using his tail as a fifth limb such as punching, kicking, grabbing and catching himself.


As a spider monkey, Rik's Agility and Reflexes are above average. He is also capable of adapting with most nearly environment that he's in and pushes it to his advantages. At some points, Rik uses it as a means to using the move forge faster than directly using the move.

Durability and Resiliency

Rik has extreme durability from surviving or overcoming certain characters that have proven to be too much for him. He has survived nearly being crushed under a 100,000 PSI press and taking high level blows to vital areas and pressure points. Rik has also taken on numerous explosions from any distance from being 14 feet away while there could be an explosion hitting his body directly.

Fighting Style

In offense, Rik boasts close combat with his combination of Krav Maga & Judo. he also uses his tail as a third arm or leg. He specializes in disarming weapons, defensive strikes and reacting to opposing attacks rather than slugging.

Sword Mastery

Tailored to his move Forge Rik is extremely skilled in using multiple weapons and using them at any certain time.


As a glaciokinetic, Fire is the element that successfully cancels out Ice based attacks which gives Rik a disadvantage. As such, Rik's abilities weaken in a very high temperature environment though he has trained to minimize this drastically, with his base form attacks dealing less damage. Also while Rik can change the density of certain ice based weapons using Forge, his ice can be broken or shattered by heavy attacks strong enough. Ice Land can be able to enhance the usage of his ice based moves and attacks and weaken other elemental based moves However, Ice Land along with several other attacks take a certain amount of time to create or generate. And Ice transmutation is powerful though it has limitations. It is very temporary and can be irreversible albeit Rik would be unaffected if reversed.

Rik is also vulnerable to heavy vibration and sonic based attacks. This causes Rik to close his ears as he is suffering under serious pain and discomfort and his ice abilities to quickly shatter. And while Rik is a very evasive and fast character, he tends to fight a portion of a battle in a very stationary matter. this causes Rik to be heavily vulnerable and open to any method of attacks. Rik's strength and prowess have extremely great limits as lifting large and heavy objects cause him to struggle a bit.

Also while Rik is shown to be a very well rounded fighter, he is somewhat naive. This causes him to lose track of the battle at hand or form a strategy in certain or rare situations. He's also cocky at times from the abilities that he bares and will usually believe that a certain few of his attacks would end up being the final blow and quickly lower his guard. He's also shown to have Inertia problems and fails in traction in very heated areas.

Despite Shiva having a large pool of internal energy, It is still a finite source of power for Rik to draw from and he hard time conserving albeit going into his second or third forms. Also in base form Shiva and Full Shiva, Rik can preform only one move at a time.

Finally, while Rik's defenses are incredible, this does a number on his overall speed when he increases the stats of his defenses and power.


Base Stats
Stats Level
Stamina 9
Attack 6
Spcl. Atk 5
Defense 10
Spcl. Def 8
Speed 6
Reflexes 8
Spcl. Ref 9
Psyche 5
Intellect 6
Total 83/100
Other Stats
Eyesight Above-Average
Hearing Above-Average

This character's fourstat code is 7497

Other Appearances

Rik made his Sonic Fanon Wiki debut in Summer Beach Party and since has taken part of various other roleplays such as Users Royale, Flash of the Zombies and Dragon Hunt. Aside from literature, Rik will also appear as a MUGEN character in an upcoming fighting game as well as appearing in Battle Cross Fever as a playable character.


  • No... the thing is, I don't think like the heroes you see on television, I just think about doing what feels right to me. If there's a woman that needs help, I'll rescue her, if there is a fire that needs to be put out, I'll freeze it solid. And this is kind of how I ended bounty hunting: I ran myself out of employment so it's my duty to make it up to Karin, my team... and myself. - to Oestra
  • "Well... now that all of this is over, I guess I'll spend another hour writing down what happened."
  • "Wait... are you serious..??" - Common quote

Theme Song

"Devil's Level" - A Song Mashup


Kenny Omega x Roderick Strong Theme Mashup - "Devil's Level"

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