Rigger Smith is a mechanic, who works for pilot by repairing vehicles.

Rigger Smith

Rigger's current design

Biographical Information
AliasDimentrol (His nickname used on races)
Romantic InterestsDiana Smith (wife)
Physical Description
  • Fur: Red, w/ white over his muzzle & on the tip of his tail
  • Hair: Blonde
  • Eyes: Green
  • Gold t-shirt
  • Black jeans
  • Black sneakers
Political Alignment and Abilities
  • Possesses the genetic ability Dimension Transfer
  • Practiced electrokinetic
  • Some Nihlic techniques
  • Advanced hand-to-hand combat
  • Advanced combat w/ blunt weapons
  • Skilled driver
  • Trained mechanic
'VehiclesModified gold cart
Other Information
American V.A.
Japanese V.A.
Theme Song(s)Stig-

 Roy Orbison.

AppearancesNone so far
Original CreatorFlashfire212


A tall, lanky fox with a mischievous glint in his green eyes, Rigger has red fur parted with white around his muzzle and the tip of his tail, and a mess of blonde hair atop his head.


Typically, Rigger doesn't dress to be in the background, but instead wears a gold t-shirt, black jeans and sneakers for comfort. He has blue scarf and glasses to show his attraction to engineering and cars.


RIgger was once known as Dimentrol, car racer on MSRWC (Mobius Speed Racer World Cup) and he has won 4 championships. When Rigger was 18, he decided to retire from his racing life. With his modified gold cart, he was racing on highways, until he met Diana the Hedgedragon. Although the relationship started occuring, they found love and got married. Rigger is currently working as engineer for Pilot the Blot


While it isn't endemic to the large Smith family, Rigger has inherited the genetic ability Dimension Transfer, which allows him to access an alternate dimension. This is believed to be the Realm of the Erased, the Nihlic storage realm, since he has shown the ability to erase items from Mobius through use of a specific attack. Normally, he uses this for fast travel and evasion, transporting himself in and out of the realm to dodge and weave through attacks and shorten the distances he has to walk.

A trained bodyguard, Rigger carries a form of mace called a dorje, and uses it in collaboration with his hand-to-hand skills. He has also shown skill with electrokinesis, which he uses more often in combat than any nihlic ability.

The fox is also noted for his ability to drive almost any motor vehicle with ease, and his skill at repairing, modifying and maintaining almost any vehicle. This has earned him the ire of the traffic police, considering his choice of personal vehicle.

Electric Abilities

Elementless Abilities

Nihlic Abilities


The pride and joy of Rigger's mechanical engineering skill, and a traffic police officer's worse nightmare, his personal vehicle is often regarded as a joke amongst most serious mechanics. Rigger took a golf cart and removed the electric motor, batteries and reinforced the frame and axles before mounting a four-cylinder petrol engine out of an old hatchback to the rear of the cart, and mounted the fuel tank under the rear passenger's seat. Both portions were then sealed with metal paneling. The cart is capable of highway speeds, but is so fear-inspiring for everyone but Rigger himself, he never drives it when working, and rarely with passengers.


Rigger believes for victory and can sometimes fly off the head from exciting situations. He is still clear thinker, who has also ability to plan the upcoming things. He is perfectionist, who have thought about retirement from races and move in with his wife, Diana the hedgedragon.



Pilot the Blot (Works as engineer for him)


Diana Smith (Wife)

Julius Peter Smith (Son. Goes also with own name Jupiter Lucetius)

Arnold Ajuloputus (Racing friend




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