Ricky the Wisp: Dark Spirits Unleashed is a fan made game starring Ricky the Wisp.


The game starts with Ricky watching reruns of Full House in Eric the Hedgehog's apartment, when a siren goes off outside! He sticks his head out the window to see dark spirits and robots ravaging the city! He decides that it's time to finally show the Emperor of Dark Spirits who's boss! Eric comes along saying that Metal Eric is in cahoots with the demon, and is the reason why there are robots. Mighty and Warp decide to come along to help Ricky since he's a friend of Eric. Fuzzy and Cloud, two hedgehogs who have a vendetta against the Dark Spirits, tag along. But before they can get too excited, Ricky knows that he must first visit the Kaonashi Monks to see if he and his companions are strong enough to take down the Emperor!



The training level. The Monks give Ricky, Eric, Mighty, Warp, Fuzzy, and Cloud a few lessons in combat.

The City

You return to the city to take down the Dark Spirits and the robots. Hazards include Egg-Bombs, mines, falling debris, Dark Spirits, and Robots.

Boss 1: Egg-Robo

You meet up with Egg-Robo, who decides to take you on. Weaknesses: Eric's Super Peel Out, and Ricky's Ninja Stars.

The Tinga-Tanga Jungle

The explosion from the battle launches you into a jungle. Hazards include Carnivorous Plants, Quicksand, Poison Barbs, Dark Spirits, and Robots.

Boss 2: Quill Troll

You arrive at the ruined city of Tanga-Tanga-Ting-Tang to fight the Quill Troll. This Dark Spirit has a bunch of quills which come in handy for either sticking you or attracting Lightning. Weaknesses: Mighty's Lightning Strike and Ricky's Katana.

The Desert

You now leave the jungle and find yourself in a hot, hot desert. Hazards include Giant Sidewinders, Pitfalls, Jackals, Dark Spirits, and Robots.

Boss 3: Flame Jackal

You arrive at an oasis in the desert to fight Flame Jackal. This creature is a Dark Spirit/Robot Hybrid who takes on the appearance of a Jackal who can launch fire. Weaknesses: Warp's Fast Reaction and Ricky's Nunchaku.

The Dark Pit

You arrive at the Dark Pit in the Desert, which is underneath a supernatural storm. Hazards include Micro-Black Holes, Char-Lizards, Laser-Cannons, Dark Spirits, and Robots.

Boss 4: Metal Eric

Eric's robot counterpart guards the Entrance to The Emperor of Dark Spirits' Lair. Weaknesses: Ricky's Cosmic Zoom and Fuzzy's Telekinesis.

FINAL BOSS: The Emperor of Dark Spirits

You finally arrive at the Lair to take down the Emperor. Ricky turns into Ninja Ricky, Eric becomes Super Eric (Mighty and Warp become surrounded by Super Shields), Fuzzy becomes Super Fuzzy, and they band together to defeat Ol' Lockjaw Lips. Weaknesses: Cosmic Ninja Zoom and Super Team Blast

Voice Actors

Sonic Characters Voiced By
Ricky Nicky Jones
Eric the Hedgehog Nathan Kress
Mighty the Hedgefox Cole Sprouse
Warp the Hedgehog Justin Bieber
The Dark Spirits Dan Green
The Emperor of Dark Spirits Sean Schemmel
Metal Eric Ryan Drummond
Fuzzy the Hedgehog Sean Patrick Flanery
Cloud the Hedgehog Andy Serkis
Quill Troll Ernie Fosselius

Theme Songs

His World (Sonic 06' Version) - Zebrahead (Theme of Ricky)

So Much More - Bentley Jones (Theme of Eric)

Endless Possibility- Jaret Reddick (the theme of Mighty and Warp)

Shigoto wa Tsuraize (It's Hard Work) - Joe Hisaishi (Theme of the Kaonashi Monks)

Sokonashi Ana (The Bottomless Pit) - Joe Hisaishi (Theme of the Dark Spirits)

One Winged Angel (Advent Children) - Nobuo Uematsu (Theme of the Emperor of Dark Spirits)

Cass' Crest - Krome Studios (Theme of Metal Eric)

Ryu no Shonen (Dragon Boy) - Joe Hisaishi (Ninja Theme)

What I'm Made Of... - Crush 40 (Super theme)

Dear My Friend - Brent Cash (Ending theme)

Headstrong - Trapt (Theme of Fuzzy)



  • The fact that the Emperor of Dark Spirits was born after Mephiles and Iblis became Solaris again is hinted when the Emperor says "Dad would never let this happen... he would just shoot his opposer, like he did with that blue hedgehog..." during the final boss battle, Round 1.
  • The name of the ruined city and jungle is derived from 2 things:

1. How The Three Stooges once called an orangutan: Orangutanga-tanga-ting. 2.The chorus line from the song "Witch Doctor": Ooh Ee, Ooh Ah Ah, Ting Tang, Walla Walla Bing Bang. (also the inclusion of gray langurs in this game refers to a part from "The Rugrats Movie" in which there was a scene where escaped circus monkeys dance around to a monkey-oriented version of Witch Doctor)

  • The vendetta that Cloud and Fuzzy have is never revealed, although it's hinted that it's because of the demise of a friend or family member.

Easter eggs

  • In the ruined city of Tanga-Tanga-Ting-Tang, there is a relief of Distructor riding Volt above a battlefield.
  • In Ricky's apartment there is an can of Coke Zero on a coffee table.
  • The events of Mighty the Hedgefox2012 are hinted in a mural in the ruined city of Tanga-Tanga-Ting-Tang.
  • In the city there is a Toyota speeding out of control for no reason, referencing the recent accounts of brake failures on Toyotas.
  • A fox and a raccoon watch Ricky and co. fly back to the city at the end of the game. They are characters Koichi the Tanuki and Taro the Kitsune. They are a duo created by Needlemouse.
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