Ricky the Wisp (リッキー Rikki) is a wisp who lives with Eric the Hedgehog and looks up to him.

Life With the Monks

Ricky was raised by The Kaonashi Monks as a child and they taught him every move a ninja can do and one day, they gave him a black jumpsuit, telling him he could leave the Faceless Mountains. And so he left.

Eric the Hedgehog

One day at a meeting of "The Fast and the Furious", he met a blue and red hedgehog named Eric whom he quickly be came friends with when they saw how fast they both were. When Eric said "You got a place to crash?", Ricky answered that he hadn't. Then Eric offered him a spot at his apartment, and Ricky was quick to accept.

The Emperor of Dark Spirits

One night, Ricky had a dream that the Kaonashi Monks took him to the Faceless Mountains to tell him that the evil Emperor of Dark Spirits had escaped from the dark pit he was banished to and that he must try to stop him. Ricky awoke and said to Eric that he MUST try to defeat the evil beast. Eric then said "Hey! You're not leavin' me behind, 'cause I'm coming with you!" Ricky, knowing that there was a chance that extra help could be of use, he allowed him to follow along.

Lost cartoon

One day, Eric found a floppy disk labeled "The Adventures of SockWorm and Orb" in Ricky's Ninja Chest. He watched it and found out that it was a cartoon that Ricky made when he was 8. The cartoon had only one episode: a pilot episode called "SockWorm and Orb Get in the Groove", which was in turn, a music videofor "Everybody Dance Now". Ricky saw Eric watching this and said "Where did you find my old cartoon?" and Eric replied "In your chest of ninja junk." and Ricky said, "Oh yeah!"

Xtra Stuff



Kaonashi Monks

Eric the Hedgehog


Fuzzy the Hedgehog (one of Super Guy's fancharacters)

Mighty the Hedgefox

Warp the Hedgehog

Volt the Black Hawk




Metal Sonic

The Emperor of Dark Spirits (arch-nemesis)


Rouge (former crush)

Kumi (girlfriend)

Theme Songs:

His World (Sonic's Theme) - Sonic '06 - Zebrahead

Ryu no Shonen (Dragon Boy) -Spirited Away Soundtrack - Joe Hisaishi (Ninja Theme)

Toot Toot Sonic Warrior (You Can Do Anything) - Japanese Opening - Masafumi Ogata (Super-to-Hyper theme)

Kaze no Torimichi (The Path of Wind)- Tonari no Totoro - Joe Hisaishi (Theme of Future Ricky)

Two Up - Ty the Tasmanian Tiger - Krome Studios (Theme of Spuds)

His World

His World

Spirited away-The Dragon boy

Spirited away-The Dragon boy

Sonic CD JP OST - Toot Toot Sonic Warrior

Sonic CD JP OST - Toot Toot Sonic Warrior

龍貓:The Path of Wind (Instrumental)

龍貓:The Path of Wind (Instrumental)

Ty The Tasmanian Tiger OST - Track 4

Ty The Tasmanian Tiger OST - Track 4. Two Up


  • At one point, it was revealed that Ricky has a leech.
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