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Ricky's more unhinged side showing itself

A lot of people say that Ricky Carraway has a couple of screws loose. However, he is likely to disagree more often than not. With his past being a complete mystery to him, no one knows where he came from or how he even came to be. Just about the closest thing he has to any leads is his supposed mother, Emily...

Ricky is a supporting character in The Huntstonian Chronicles as a member of Team Von Fang, helping the Von Fang sisters and Voltage solve the truth behind the deaths of the sisters' parents. However, fate seems to have other plans for him...


Ricky is a Mobian tiger standing at roughly around five feet, one inch and sporting a respectably well-toned physical build. He sports bright, orange-red fur around much of his body with white stripes visible around his arms, legs, back, and forehead, and a matching head of hair that is mostly slicked back, save for two large bangs covering the sides of his face. He also sports a white muzzle with small tufts of fur on each side, a pair of rounded ears with white insides on his head, and a long tail - also bearing white stripes. His eyes also sport irises with any icy blue coloration to them.

Ricky’s outfit is a relatively simple one, as it primarily consists of a white, leather jacket, underneath which lies a dark red, plain undershirt. On his lower legs are a pair of dark blue, slim cut, denim pants held up by a brown leather belt with a silver buckle, and a pair of black boots. He also dons a simple pair of black, leather gloves on his hands.


Ricky is normally seen as a rather timid and shy young lad, but quite the sweetheart as well. He is usually seen barely interacting with other people, if not at all, and is quick to stammering and bungling his words when forced to commit himself to extended social interaction. Regardless, Ricky is almost always friendly and cordial with everyone he meets, with fellow Elite Hunter Glacier Von Fang being a particularly important mention.

Meanwhile, Ricky is also actually a bit of klutz, prone to running into things just as he turns the other way. Less hilariously, that same clumsiness led him to accidentally burn the entire book containing the complete history of Huntstonia to cinders by accident shortly before the events of The Huntstonian Chronicles. He also happens to make fun of himself a lot, something that even Glacier wishes he would stop.

Unfortunately, his social awkwardness isn’t simply just that. In truth, his grip on his own mental capacity, is actually quite loose and, as such, is prone to a sort of streak that only really comes out and lets loose in situations where he finds himself under pressure. Should he snap, the shy kid who normally wouldn’t hurt a fly quickly turns into a frenzied madman that will almost never hesitate to go in for the kill, making him as dangerous as he is unpredictable. The knowledge of this mental instability is what causes most people to distrust him and usually turn the other way when running into him.


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  • Emily Carraway - his supposed mother since his early years, Ricky cares for Emily just as much as she cares for him, having been his only family for as long as he could remember. There seems to be something about her that other people know about, yet Ricky doesn’t...


  • Glacier Von Fang - just about the only real friend he has, Ricky holds Glacier in incredibly high regard, as she had consistently been the one to help him through tough times when Emily couldn’t. It's gone to the point that he holds some particularly strong feelings for her...
  • Aqua Von Fang
  • Windy Von Fang
  • Voltage Bouncealot


  • Aloe Vera Mackintosh - Ricky is one of the few people he actively dislikes, as he isn't appreciative of how antagonistic Aloe often acts with Glacier, among other people. In addition, he finds her haughtiness and arrogance to be simply aggravating.
  • Rocky Mackintosh

Powers and Abilities

As a Hunter, Ricky is perfectly adept at casting Huntstonian Magic spells and controlling the mana required to use those spells. With the blessing from the Huntstone of Fire, Ricky sports a strong affinity for the element of Fire and the spells pertaining to that element. He also sports some level of pyrokinesis thanks to this affinity, allowing him to control any flame within range.

Ricky also happens to be an accomplished marksman, sporting a killer aim that - given enough practice - may potentially rival even that of Aloe Vera Mackintosh, a Specialist Hunter highly-regard for her skill with the bow. Meanwhile, he also sports an impressive level of dexterity, and is more than capable of maintaining his aim even while moving around.

That’s not to say that Ricky is far from defenseless in close-quarters combat, as he is able to throw a mean punch, thanks to his respectable physical strength, as well as take quite a beating due to his above-average level of physical durability. Needless to say, Ricky can indeed hold his own when fighting solo.


  • Hunter Staff - As an official Hunter, this staff serves as his primary armament. While normally used as a medium to cast his spells, he can have the staff morph from its default form into a pair of twin handguns that fire projectiles made of mana.


  • Stats are based from 1-10. 1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest.

Attack: 8 - Ricky is notably strong for a young lad of his age. While having a preference for ranged combat, given his weapon of choice, he is more than capable of fighting hand-to-hand with little difficulty.

Defense: 7 - He is also quite tough, able to tank a fair number of hits at once. In addition, he is perfectly capable of fighting defensively.

Speed: 7 - Ricky is quite the fleet-footed sprinter, able to cover as much distance as he needs in barely over a moment’s notice. Not to mention, he has quite the trigger finger as well.

Magic: 6 - His spellcasting prowess is not to be underestimated, as his innate magic ability is actually above average of the average Huntstonian. That said, his mental instability sort of prevents him from actually keeping a consistent lid on it, and his power can quickly spiral out of control.

Evasion: 7 - On top of being quite fast, Ricky is respectably agile and can easily evade most incoming offensives, though he has had some close calls.

Intelligence: 6 - While far from being illiterate and plain stupid, and being quite an adept strategist and spellcaster, his loose grip on his own mental faculties does take a toll on his intelligence in certain situations.

Skills: 7 - Marksmanship, spellcasting, and hand-to-hand combat. It’s safe to say that Ricky has a fairly well-rounded skill set as a combatant.

Accuracy: 8 - Ricky’s aim with his twin handguns is quite remarkable to say the least. Even marksmanship specialist Aloe feels the need to admit to his talent, and the possibility of him surpassing her in this regard.

Stamina: 7 - He sports a physical condition that just about lets him stay in the fight for as long as it can possibly allow him.

Tolerance: 8 - Ricky can handle just a little more physical pain than either Glacier or Voltage can.

Overall: 71%


As with all Hunters, Ricky has a limited pool of mana from which he can use to cast his magic spells, and running low on mana means he'll have to resort to other methods of attack in the meantime. His affinity for the element of Fire also means that he is especially vulnerable to Huntstonian magic spells pertaining to the element of Water, such as those used by Aqua Von Fang. On top of that, while he may possibly be one of the most powerful Hunters in recent history, he unfortunately has almost no control over much of his latent power and is prone to going out of control should he break far beyond his limits.

He also sports a degree of mental instability, in which he occasionally hears sinister voices in his head that can sometimes influence his course of action. In addition, as mentioned earlier, being exposed to extremely dire situations can cause him to snap and lose all sense of self-restraint, leading him to become incredibly reckless at best and turn into a frenzied killer with an insatiable bloodlust for an uncertain amount of time.


  • Ricky is the first character created by Blaze Sol to feature a mental disability. In this case, Ricky appears to suffer from what may be schizophrenia.
    • In relation to this, Ricky’s white stripes is a parallel to real-life tigers sporting white stripes usually as sign of having a disability due to a genetic mutation.
  • His outfit happens to be primarily based upon Kyo Kusanagi, particularly his appearance in The King of Fighters XIV.
  • Ricky is voiced by Quinton Flynn, who also happens to be the previous voice actor of Silver the Hedgehog and has also voiced Lea, as well as his Nobody, in the Kingdom Hearts series, among others.
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