Rick Moranis the Cat
Cat(formerly a moose)
Fur: invisible

Hair: Dark Brown Eyes: Hazel (changes depending on if he is possessed)

Skin: fair
A neat, black suit, burgundy tie, and white undershirt. Thick rimmed glasses.
Shrink ray, proton pack, ghost trap
Repair, inventing, sabotage

During the filming of Brother Bear, Rutt the Moose came into contact with a corrupted chaos emerald which teleported him to the Sonic universe. He woke to find himself trapped in an alien universe, facing a mirror image of that was not his own, and driven by an unknown force to change this world for the better. His only guide on this journey is John Candy the horse, an observer from his own world, who appears in the form of a hologram that only Rick can see and hear. Rick the cat finds himself leaping through this world, striving to put right all that is wrong, hoping that in each new place he will find his way home.

Personal Information

  • Name: Rick Moranis
  • Species: Cat (formerly a moose)
  • Age 59
  • Residence: none (he wanders around)
  • Gender: Male
  • Status: In a relationship with John Candy.
  • Height, Weight: Twice as tall as Sonic. weighs about 160 pounds.
  • Birthplace: Subspace Canada
  • Family: Bill Murray, Dan Akyroyd, Harold Ramis, Ernie Hudson
  • Alignment: Hero (lawful good)

Weapons and Items

With enough time Rick can invent almost anything for any situation. The downside to his inventive genius is that he always manages to leave a few big flaws in the things he makes which sends him on wacky adventures. If he has no preperation time he relies on a shrink ray (which also has a grow function), a proton pack, and a ghost trap. He can also improvise, but it has a much greater rate of failure than his planned inventions.


  • Rick can repair most of the broken machines he finds, but some are difficult with him being unfamiliar with this world's technology.
  • He can also invent most of anything he needs for almost any situation.
  • Along with being a great creator, Rick is really good with breaking things and rigging traps.
  • He also has the ability to become the keymaster on a full moon due to him being a champion of Zuul.


  • Rick has a tendency to get locked out of rooms and kicked out of parties because of his nerdiness.
  • He often forgets to wear a helmet when going at ludicrous speeds and therefore suffers massive head injuries that makes him see ghosts that aren't actually there.
  • Rick is afraid of ghosts that don't exist.


Rick has a slender cat body although he lacks a tail, fur, and his ears and facial features are more humanlike. His hair is dark brown and always neatly combed. He wears thick glasses which gives him an incompetent yet knowledgable look to him. Rick usually wears a black suit, white undershirt, and a burgundy tie.

On a full moon he becomes the keymaster although the only significant change is that his eyes become red with power and knowledge.


Rick is a naive nerd with a tendency to flaunt his brilliance when he can. He uses over confidence to hide his bumbling nature. He is clumsy and will often stumble into trouble if he isn't held back. This does not mean Rick is courageous. He is mostly cowardly and does anything he can to make the odds go his way including shrinking groups of enemies and sweeping them into a jar. He works well in groups as support and prefers to help where he can.


  • shrinking things
  • glasses
  • calculators
  • helmets
  • combs
  • cleanliness


  • ghosts
  • pollen
  • evil
  • being possessed
  • ghosts with hats
  • ghosts without hats
  • ghosts that try to kick him, but instead phase through him
  • ectoplasm


"Gee, I hope you don't mind if I shrink you."

"I am the key master. Are you the gate keeper?"


  • When he sees a ghost he runs
  • If he sees a piece of technology he runs toward it
  • If he sees a ghost with a helmet he feels conflicted


John Candy

Back in their own world John and Rick worked closely together trying to solve the conundrum of who shrunk the kids. John is trying desperately to find out what Rick's revelation was just before he got corrupted by the corrupted emrald. John only remembers him saying "Honey, I..." before the explosion. They dated on the side before the accident. Rick doesn't remember any of this.

Sonic the Hedgehog

Rick is Sonic's best and only friend.

Really Really Big Man

Really Really Big Man has been Rick's mortal enemy for as long as he can remember.They used to be best friends before Eggman brainwashed him into being a bad guy. Since then he has super amnesia.


Honey, I Shrunk Angel Island

Honey, I, Don't Know What I'm Doing With My Life

Honey, I Just Can't Stop Shrinking Things

Hot to Trot (uncredited)

Ghost Busters 2

Sonic 3 & Rick Moranis

Saturday Night Live: The Best of Rick Moranis Vol. 1

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