Richtofen the Foxolf

Biographical Information
  • The Butcher
  • The Doc
  • Assisstant
Romantic Interests None
Physical Description
  • Height: 4'5"
  • Weight: 73 lbs
  • Fur: Dark silver fur with white muzzle
  • Hair: Black/Gray
  • Eyes: Light Brown
  • NZ hat/overall clothes
  • Black gloves
  • Belt wrapped around his shirt
  • Black boots
  • Black pants
Political Alignment and Abilities
Affiliations None
Weaponry Various (including the Ray Gun)
Abilities Various
Other Information
American V.A.Nolan North
Japanese V.A.???
Theme Song(s)
Appearances None so far

Richtofen the Foxolf is both a major general soldier and a mad scientist. He is based upon the character Edward Richtofen from Call of Duty: World at War and Call of Duty: Black Ops.

Physical Description

Like the actual Richtofen, he wears black gloves, pants and boots, NZ clothes and a hat, including his red belt strapped around his right shoulder. He also has a black/gray hair, with his eyes being light brown.


A little known fact about Richtofen is that he was experimenting zombies with his assisstant. The experiment went awry as the zombies had attempted to kill him and his assisstant known as Dr. Max. He used to join the army and watch his victims die slowly, much to Richtofen's enjoyment. After this, he later used the teleporter to send victims inside, but they end up coming back as zombies. With little effort, he makes a hasty mistake, leaving Dr. Max for dead.


Richtofen is skilled in firearms, although he has fair combat abilities. He also has good reflexes, despite his age, as well as average speed. One of his unusual traits is that he can instantly reload his weapon he is wielding if he has consumed an energy drink known as "Speed Cola", which can last up to two hours (four, if he drinks another "Speed Cola"). So far, it is unclear on what type of kinetic powers he wields.


Drinking the Speed Cola perk ability numerous times can cause him to overload, which results in overdosing drinks, making him difficult to control his emotions, as well as having difficulties on maintaining his insanity. Also, his reload time would be completely out of timing and he constantly ends up reloading incorrectly or ends up throwing away his ammunition due to the unpredictable speed that renders too unstable for Richtofen to handle, making it difficult to kill enemies (or zombies) nearby.


Even as both a doctor and a soldier, Richtofen is insane, sociopathic, violent, cruel, and maniacal. At first when meeting up with a random person, he introduces them with a calm tone, followed by a final sentence in a sadistic manner. He is also extremely trigger-happy on every villain he encounters, or, in his case, zombies, as he would shoot them without having second thoughts, although this would increase his enjoyment in attacking and possibly killing them, despite his slightly reduced intelligence.

It is advisable to take exercise caution when approaching towards him, as he is known for his volatile behavior from his past times, although he will not attack unless he is provoked, due to his destructive and violent nature. It is revealed that Samantha Maxis is still alive and has somehow gotten ahold of Richtofen's body, thus making his personality radically different than his normal self.


While Richtofen has numerous notable quotes, there are, however, several of them, such as:

I am Dr. Edward Ritchofen.

*insane laughter* The screams bring me such joy!

Don't be afraid of death... be afraid of ze DOCTOR!

Do not vorry, little one. I'm not here to take your kidneys... yet.

I swallow your heart!

I shall use your body parts to feed mein minions. *chuckles insanely*

Where did you go?

Oh my poor little accidents... STAY AWAY! (referring to Hellhounds)

Ah it hurts, doesn't it? GOOD!

Likes and Dislikes


  • "Experimenting" victims
  • Killing
  • Minions (zombies, actually)
  • Hellhounds (which is unusual, since they do attack him)


  • Unknown (although it is hinted that he hates his sister's teddy bear)

Biggest Fears

  • Unknown

Friends and Foes


  • Discord, Carnage and Ruin - Because of his insane nature of using the Trolls as "experiments", he took interest in seeing the three wolves, although he takes less interest to Dempsey for unknown reasons.


  • Nikolai the Hamster- While he is an ally to killing hordes of zombies, or "minions", Richtofen sometimes gets annoyed by the way Nikolai acts while he is drinking his vodka.
  • Takeo the Ferret- Sometimes, he views Takeo as a "Monkey Bomb", but isn't annoyed much when he's with him.


  • Dempsey the Tiger- To an extent, much to his disgust on Dempsey's appearance and his voice.


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