Richard Bloodson is a character by Monk the Cat.

He is a twenty-three year old snow leopard with the ability to manipulate blood. He is from a long line of guardians which is how he got his power.

Richard Bloodson
Richard Bloodson
Bulk, Ricky(if someone is trying to annoy him) Traitor (by his father)
23 Physically 423 Chronologically
Snow Leopard
He is a 5' 1" tall muscular snow leopard with very light gray fur with black rosettes and spots, with white fur on his stomach and muzzle, and a thickly furred long tail, he has no gloves on his six- fingered hands, he wears no shoes on his six0toed feet, he has golden eyes, and has a thin tall red crystal in his forehead, and twelve smaller red crystals hidden under the bandages on his arms
Heavy bandages on his forearms, A large homemade cloth sack (much larger then Aspen's), A Monk's Robe (occasionally)
Magnus (Father), Janice (Mother)(deceased), Rebecca (Sister) (deceased), Valerie (Wife)(deceased), Benjamin (Son), Marrow the Raccoon(Unknown Half-Brother)
Romantic Interest
Hero (most of the time)
His Family(what's left of it), his friends, Sonic and co., Exercise, making weapons and tools.
His father's "army methods", slavery, the Red Fox Kingdom(formerly)


He is usually a calm, level-headed, friendly and wise snow leopard. He is very polite almost always keeping his manners. He can make friends easily, although he will observe the person for a while before they can become true friends. He is proud of his lineage. When he is fighting 1 on 1 he will go for strong hits against his opponents, wanting to revive them after the battle is over. He is very patient and is able to take a lot of abuse. He rarely (only once so far, and that was someone killed most of his friends and threw the body of his son to him calling it a "gift") snaps, but if he does RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!!! He becomes like a feral monster, decimating anything in his path to kill the person who caused the horrible offense.


Richard has the ability to manipulate a faction of the element blood(My version): "light blood" to heal or revive someone or himself, to give defensive buffs to his allies. And he is able to cure most diseases and statuses, including undead diseases.But there is a catch to his curing/reviving abilities: if the target had been affected within the week: he can cure it just fine; after a month: he has about a 1 in 3 chance of succeeding; if it has been over a year: should probably forget about it.  He also has a unique ability to move the crystals on his arms to merge with his claws to make them much stronger and sharper, to form a small shield out of them, etc..


He is very strong, being able to lift a few times his weight, and wield his heavy weapons with ease. From a young age he has shown skill with blacksmithing, being able to forge weapons out of many materials. He is surprisingly fast considering his size.


Soon... I am trying to get my other characters pages done, so I can write the long history of them.

Items in Possession

  • 13 Blood Rubies: they are technically not rubies buy crystallized blood that are almost as hard as diamond, and are part of him.
  • His smithing hammer: Just a large metal hammer that he uses to make other weapons.
  • A large sack: it contains a cage(for "misbehaving" people), supplies(food, tools, etc.) and extra space to store weapons.
  • The "Gaia Blade": so named because of its sheer size (it has a 9 in. wide, three foot long blade that comes to a flat point at the edge on a two foot long leather wrapped handle) and its weight(rumored to be able to cause earthquakes)
  • Seven Healer Chao: as the name implies, they are Chao with the ability to heal people, the look like regular chao with white bases and crimson highlights.

Relationships with Other Characters

Official Characters:

Cream and Vanilla the Rabbits and Cheese: Richard and his son are close friends with Cream, Cheese and Vanilla, and are impressed with their manners.

My Characters:

Magnus Bloodson: Richard hates his father for controlling an army that does his every bidding. He used to love his father deeply, but the "incident" happened and he didn't see his father again for 400 years.

Isaac Lowder: Richard and Isaac are good friends.

Gabriel ???: They are not very close friends, but are great allies.


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