Rhyme the Cat is a character created by LuckysixFroggy based on the characters and concepts of the Sonic the Hedgehog Series by Sega. 


Rhyme is a 4 FT 2-inch tall female cat. She has red fur a white muzzle, if ears, blue eyes with white phones in them. she wears a dark red jacket with a white cord running down to her left pocket. She has fingerless gloves so her claws are still useable, and dark red sneakers with white laces and black bottoms.


Rhyme is incredibly into music she is almost always listening to something on her iPod. She usually is pretty chill, not taking much too seriously, not talking much and usually leaning on a wall. The only thing that can really fire her up is rock music. When she plays that she is far more active.

Unknown to many people Rhyme takes great pride in keeping up her Health. She follows a strict Exercise routine to keep up her strength. Of course, she has to do this while listening to montage music.

Of course as someone that deeply loves music, when she finds bad music she goes so what crazy in order to stop it from playing.


Since Rhyme was young she had a great love for music, as it seemed to make her feel the most alive. At some point in school while still, young Rhyme met Ash The Bat and helped him through music class. During that time the two would become good friends, continuing to be friends for many years. 

Rhyme would also meet Ash’s little sister Lily the Bat, Rhyme would enjoy the young lady’s great determination and Curiosity causing her to become friends with Lily as well. Sometime later Rhyme would also meet the adventurer Chase the Wolf. Though not as interested in his adventuring tales as her friends Rhyme would get alone with Chase through their shared love of music through Chase‘s Love for music wasn’t in the same way as Rhyme‘s. 

Why Chase went back to hunting Melvin Rhyme, like for most other things was pretty chill about it,


Rhyme as a cat she has the abilities one would expect her to have. She has good night vision, good sense of smell, and better hearing than the average Mobian.


Rhyme has incredible strength due to her strict training. She also knows the Rindo-Kan style of karate, this style focuses on powerful,fast and prec strikes. It is meant to take out the opponent in as little strikes as possible. Though Rhyme is no grandmaster it’s more than enough for school bullies and possible muggers.


Rhyme has two weaknesses, for one without Rock music she has a hard time focusing on a fight. Second, she goes somewhat ballistic over bad music so that could be used to her enemies advantage or she could accidentally ruin a party.


  • Rhyme has a battle playlist in case she gets into a fight, one of the songs is Guile’s theme. 
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