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Rhianna the Hedgehog


Vital Information

Rhianna the Hedgehog

Shadows Sister, Rhi-Rhi, Gothic Chick(By Amy)
Fur Color
82.0 lbs
3'5" but she can grow up to 10'
Shadow the hedgehog
Romantic Interests
Silver the hedgehog
Can Grow in height, Skilled Fighing, Spin Dash, Super Transformation, Good aim, Chaos Control, Chaos Spear, Chaos Blast
Super Rhianna, Rhianna the Werehog
Shadow, The Chaos Emeralds, Silver, Hurting Cream, Threatening others, Her collar, Purple(Color), Neon Green(Color), Halloween,
Amy, Going Insane, Too much talking, Being told about non-important things,
Theme Song



Now, Rhianna is a black hedgehog with purple in certian spots. She wears a blue dress with "Fish Net" tights. She wears red sneakers that can transform into rollor blades. Rhianna also has chest fur and fangs.  


Shadow's first meeting

Dr.Eggman (the age of 25 at the time) decided to finally show Shadow his sister, which Shadow didn't belive was true. Eggman let Shadow into the labrotory; leaving Shadow in the room by himself, expecting him to be disciplined. After leaving, Shadow took a quick glance around and then set his eyes on Rhianna, like a stone statue in water. Shadow didn't want to see this anymore so he clicked on release. That is the exact time Eggman came in. Eggman screamed and yelled at Shadow. Rhianna had no idea what was going on because she wasn't taught anything. She figured it was an arguement and used Chaos Spear which at the moment she had a high level of Chaos Energy. So the whole place exploded. Everyone in the Lab House at the time was proclaimed "dead". The exact place is now a ruin.


Rhianna is has a very playful character. She likes imatating other people, especially Shadow. She can act serious at times but that status is pretty rare for her.

Rhianna also likes to have alot of fun. What she considers that is scaring people by changing her height.

She seems to be a shy person. When she is put in a room with someone she doesn't know (or haven't met them in person) she will stay quiet and still as a statue.

Powers and Abilities

  • Chaos Control
  • Chaos Spear
  • Chaos Blast
  • Changing height
  • Spin Dash

Some Quotes

"Bring it on!"

"Something's missing in this picture...YOUR FEAR!" One of the things she says before she scares someone.

" 'Who am I?' you ask. I am Shadow's sister, the much more adveanced of Eggmans creations! And if you wish to know more, come and follow.."

"I was sent here for my own dutys. Why? Because your face bothers some people." Making fun of Amy

Sonic Riders Series

"Great!" Ranks S landing

"Nice!" Ranks A landing

"Okay~" Rank B landing

"Oomf!" Rank C landing

"See ya!" Passes A racer

"No fair!" Being passed.

"Here I....Come!" When she uses Meteor Dive

"Alright! Lets do this!" When she gets the Attack power


Theme Song



Shadow the Hedgehog

Dr. Eggman




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