Rex the Rabbit is the older step-brother of Sarah Seawall, the presumed deceased husband of Vanilla the Rabbit, and the father of Cream the Rabbit.


Early Life

Rex was born to an unnamed father, and an unknown mother. It is unknown whether his father is widowed or divorced but she was not present in his life not long after he was born. His father later married a woman with a daughter named Sarah, and the two became step-siblings. Rex's father was also a partner of Joseph T. Marley, a man with four children, DylanVectorAnna, and Emma, and he had another partner, a woman with two daughters, Sugar and Vanilla. As a result, he and Sarah would often play with the other children while their parents discussed business matters, since they were close in age.

When he was old enough, he attended Springsdale school, a school that supported elementary, secondary, and high-school levels.


Not long after Queen Aleena went missing, his step-sister and his two friends Dylan and Vector formed the Marley and Seawall Detective Agency. They offered for Rex to join, though he declined, but promised to remain an ally. Soon after that, he was secretly the boyfriend of Vanilla the Rabbit.

Sarah had caught an unknown disease a few months after the Marley and Sewall agency had formed. During that time, she and the rest of the group tried to help take care of Sarah the best she could, but she had eventually died, because the cure was not found in time, leaving them devastated. Not long after, the Marley and Seawall agency disbanded, having losing thier tracker, and at the time unable to find someone to match her skills.

Not long after Sarah's death, he had eloped with Vanilla at a young age (even though they had lied about their age to do so), and they were soon expecting a child. It also turns out that Vanilla's older sister, Sugar, and her boyfriend, Dylan were also expecting a child, but it was outside of wedlock. Rex's father and step-mother, as well as Vanilla's mother were horrified by this, but had no choice but allow the two to be together, since they were legitimately married, and refused to leave each other.

Sugar had delivered her child three months early, a girl she and Dylan they agreed to name LaRae, but had died an hour after she was born, due to a premature birth. Because of this, Rex and Vanilla allowed them to help out with their child once in a while, since they felt bad for what happened. Thier child later happened to be a girl, which they named Cream.

Two years after Cream was born, Rex had mysteriously gone missing, and despite the police's best attempts to find him, he could not be located, and was presumed to be deceased. Vanilla then raised her daughter as a single mother.

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Appearances in Chapters 1-5

The first part of Chapter 4 is taken from Rex's POV in 2nd person narration, though he goes unnamed throughout the chapter. He is led down a dark hallway on a leash by Bocoe and Decoe. His leash is then tied up in front of a cell, so he could stand guard of Tails, being held prisoner. After suspecting that Tails is up to escaping, he opens the door, breaking his leash in the process, and goes to see what Tails is up to.

Tails tells him something he does not understand, and touches him gently on the head. Startled by this, Rex backs away, frightened, since he is not used to gentle touches. He soon gets the urge to talk to Tails, though he is not sure he remembers how. He is able to do so with a bit of effort, and can understand bits and pieces of what Tails is saying in turn. When Tails asks what his name is, Rex states honestly that he does not remember, and tries to stand guard again.

When he thinks hard enough, he remembers something from when he was a child; that he and a crocodile friend were playing in the leaves together, noting that the other child looks like his Master, but younger. Trying not to cry, he wishes he remembers who his friend was, and wants his memories back. If he cannot have his memories back, at the very least, he wishes someone would at least tell him his real name. Thinking he hears someone coming, he tries to stop crying, and thinking about the cold floor until he cannot remember why he was crying. He goes back to being an guard after that.

In the second part of Chapter 4, Tails wonders what could have reduced someone like him to have the mindset of a non-anthropomorphic dog, thinking it may be brain damage, drugs, or both. He then decides it is nothing he needs to worry about at the moment. Rex is briefly seen again when Tails comes back from the missing supply room, seemingly hearing him come in, but not doing anything about it. He prods Tails' arm when he is knocked unconscious from the electrical blast after he tries to reactivate Scratch and Grounder. Relieved Tails is not dead, he goes back to standing guard.

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So far, Rex seems to have the mindset of a guard dog, possibly due to frequent physical abuse and possibly being drugged often. Despite not liking his "Master", he seems to listen to him, probably due to not having a choice. He has amnesia to the point of not remembering his name, and only remembers bits and pieces of his life before working for Joseph Marley, and wants his memory back.

He might be kind, shown when he was nice to Tails after Tails showed kindness in turn.

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Rex is a white rabbit with white fur, light-colored skin, brown eyes and hair.

His usual attire consists of a black button shirt, a black tie, blue jeans, black-and-white sneakers, and black, fingerless gloves.



Current Relatives

  • Unnamed Father
  • Unidentified Mother
  • Unnamed Step-mother
  • LaRae (Niece, through marrying Vanilla, deceased)

Future Relatives

  • Flour the Rabbit (Granddaughter)
  • Bokkun (Son-in-law)



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