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Revenge is a black racoon with white tufts around his eyes. His belly fur, stripes, his palms, and muzzle are dark grey. His right iris is yellow with a white sclera as his left sclera is black with a white iris and a crosshair as a pupil.


The mercenary wears a weapon strap across his torso to store the various weapons he has collected throughout the years. He wears specialized gloves and shoes that can be used to crawl on walls and to grab his opponents with little difficulty. This also allows him to hold onto his weapons easily without them being knocked out of his grip.

Concept and creation

Revenge is based on the Yatjua (Predator) and Batman. Lil Draco wanted a character that was a deadly vigilante/mercenary that didn't sit idly by while an event played out. 


The mercenary is a serious individual that carries himself in a strict, astute manner, which tends to make him a killjoy when he isn't on missions. He believes that if he acts any other way, his enemies would find a weakness or flaw in him. He acts similar to Shadow is some ways but is not as "violent" and angry as he is. Revenge is calm and collected, always surveying his surroundings to single out his opponents and to take advantage of the terrain.



Born to Blitz and Riot Racoon on Frozen Peak, Rache was noticeably not like his other siblings. He would frequently use a slingshot to fire at predators likes arctic wolves and polar bears to keep them away from his home nestled inside a cave in the seemingly desolate, chilling wasteland.


Powers, abilities, and skills

Revenge is an expert marksman, being able to shoot as far as 4 miles away from his position. This ranged is doubled or tripled when he is using his sniper rifles.


He has a sand-colored weapon strap that stores the weapons he has collected throughout the years.


His primary weapon, Shifter, which has the base appearance of a metallic box with a button on the side and is the size of a large phone. The weapon can shift between a large axe, an assault rifle,a pistol, and a machine gun.. He crafted Shifter himself along with Niikki's assistance. Due to this weapon utilizing the air around it to manifest bullets, it can theoretically

His secondary weapon, Godslayer, lives up to its name. It used to belong a modern war god that is only known by certain individuals, including his family bloodline. Revenge was bestowed Godslayer by this war god because of his strong drive to avenge Chaos's death by the hands of Silas the Thylacine. The grey sniper rifle has a powerful scope that has a red dot attachment to pinpoint enemies from very far away. The bullets can pierce the toughest of armor but causes the Godslayer to have a long recoil time, which is usually 20 seconds. This weapon is semi-automatic,

His other weapons consist of a submachine gun, an AK-47, several grenades (including C4), a compact RPG, several throwing knives, and many more.


If Revenge is stripped of his weapons, he becomes almost purely defenseless.


"Never give up on me! -to Mayhem, Anarchy, and Riot while on a difficult mission


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Anarchy the Racoon

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